What have I missed since June 11th?

Cameron at Leveson, Caroll in Kiev, and more Greek news than there’s been since the Trojan wars. But what’s been happening in West Hampstead this week?

Hampstead Heath was briefly Occupied, largely to hoots of derision from the Twittersphere.

A man had a fatal heart attack on the platform at Finchley Road station.

The Wet Fish Cafe had a starring role at the very start of Silk.

Read about Camden’s Place Shaping document for West Hampstead and what it means for locals.

There was a sad story about Elish’s hair salon in Fortune Green.

An Olympic theme is unveiled for the Kilburn Festival (though surely not actually involving any Olympic logos!).

However, the Olympic Torch won’t be passing through West Hampstead. Apparently, Lately’s isn’t deemed enough of an iconic London landmark.

The bus driver accused of killing a Singaporean student last year is in court.

Karahi Master has become a Peri Peri chicken place. Not sure Nando’s needs to worry just yet.

We learned that Engels owned property in Kilburn that he rented out.

The Film of the Week locally is Cosmopolis.

Tweet of the Week
Amid all the bad news about libraries in recent months, it’s good to see that staff can still deliver customer service.