Farmers’ market – it’s official

London Farmers’ Markets has added West Hampstead to its list of markets. The market, which will be outside the new Thameslink station, opens on September 22nd and every Saturday after that. There isn’t much detail yet on what the stalls will be.

UPDATE Aug 7th : the West Hampstead page has been removed from LFM’s website. Find out why:

London Farmers’ Market is the organisation that operates the only accredited farmers’ markets in London (they are accredited by the National Farmers’ Retail & Markets Association (FARMA)). Its producers come from within 100 miles of the M25 and they must raise, grow or bake everything they sell.

I’ve been reporting on the evolution of this market for a few months now. The response has generally been positive, with a few sceptics and grumblers thrown in for good measure. Interestingly, LFM claims that farmers markets increase footfall and increase trade for local businesses by as much as 20–30 percent.

  • Jamie B

    Fantastic news – a really great (and much needed) addition to the area.

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree – Our Village Feel area is missing a market – What a great addition to the area..

  • Anonymous

    VERY HAPPY about this NEWS! – Word on the street expressed Reasonably priced affordable market or it wont be a success here.. So happy its all been taken on board and its finally coming – Looking forward to the village feel of West Hampstead and doing my weekly shop here local and putting my cash in the RIGHT pockets.. Happy Smiles here today – GREAT NEWS!

  • Anonymous

    Ominously removed from their website!

    • Have contacted LFM to try and find out why! Was told to ring back later in the week, have also tweeted the head of the org.