What have I missed since Christmas Eve?

Well, you missed Christmas for one thing. I thought I’d sneak in one last weekly round-up before the New Year.

Gerry Anderson died. The creator of Thunderbirds grew up in West Hampstead and Kilburn. There’s talk of a plaque already.

On Christmas Day, Camden had to take down the disused footbridge that links the Abbey estate across the railway lines.

Are the new Legible London street signs a good thing or a waste of money?

A murder investigation was launched in Kilburn after a man was found dead in a flat.

Apparently some people don’t realise Sherriff Road is one-way. The council is going to adjust a few signs and add road markings to clarify.

Jack Reacher is NxW6’s Film of the Week.

ZENW6 reviewed Gloves Boxing Club.

Tom got festive at Spiga.

Votes are pouring in for Tweet of the Year – make sure you vote if you haven’t already.

Here’s a full review of all the local news this year – some good, some sad, some funny and some downright odd.

And here are the ten most-read stories.

And finally – a round-up of the events we’ve held over the past 12 months.

Whampreview is back – you’ve got a couple of days left to put your name in the hat for January 17th at Mill Lane Bistro.

Coming up
New Year’s Eve – lots of activity in West Hampstead on Monday night.

Tweet of the Week
In honour of the Kilburn Kid’s knighthood (you knew it had to crop up somewhere)