West Hampstead Square

Today marks the end of an era.

The building site where 187-199 West End Lane stood must, I think, be now known as West Hampstead Square. The marketing suite is being dropped into place, and the development’s website whsquare.com is live so you can register your interest in the flats. No word on pricing yet, but when you register your interest, the site asks which price bracket you are interested in in increments of £250k with a £1m+ option.

The images on the website thus far focus much more on the square element of the development and less on the enormo-tower blocks behind.

And here’s what it looked like at around 10.45 this morning

Initial reaction on Twitter was mixed

  • Simon B

    Great they've cleared the site, but when are the horrible old signs (car parking etc) going to be taken down?!

    • Good question. Am a bit surprised they've lasted this long.

  • Anonymous

    Have the developers factored in the vibrations from passing trains, or does nobody care because the flats are going to be rented out to mugs at £500 per week in any case?

    • well, yes, they have. And if you go to the planning application you can find the incredibly detailed soundproofing documentation. Think it'll be every prospective buyer's first question!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    mmm not very chic.. a little bit too "city" style… I like WH because it still has that village feel to it…I wonder if this will change things..

  • Orb

    I like the idea of a new square; it will provide a contrast both visually, and positionally, to West End Lane, adding to the character and appeal of the area. Squares can obviously be rather generic and a little soulless; there should be a scheme allowing at least one allocation a vast discount in rates, for independents only. I know that can't / wouldn't happen though.

  • Anonymous

    There is going to be so much noise being next to the underground and overground lines. The only selling point I see is it is near the tube station. It is not even near the nice part of West Hampstead which is up the hill.