What have I missed since September 16th?

The parents campaigning for a new secondary chool in West Hampstead set out their stall, and the responsible Camden cabinet member responded. Debate then ensued!

Barclays’ Swiss Cottage branch hit the headlines when it was the source of a cyber security attack that cost the bank £1.3m.

Kingsgate primary school is expanding – almost certainly to Liddell Road in the heart of West Hampstead, where 100 homes will be built and sold to pay for it.

Granny Drippen’s stairway to heaven (via Nicola Rosetti)

The NW2 Garden Friends have run into multiple dead-ends in their laudable attempts to salvage useful material from the old Hampstead Garden Centre site on Iverson Road.

Ballymore officially launched the sales for West Hampstead Square – people remain a little gobsmacked by the prices (studios start at £405k), 2-beds in the £750k+ range. Service charge is ~£2,800 for 2-beds (and even ground rent is £750!).

The sixth draft of the Neighbourhood Development Plan is online and waiting your comments. If you’d really like to get involved then come to one of this Saturday’s 2hr workshops. The NDF is very keen for new faces to come along, so it’s not just the usual suspects making all the decisions.

The ever-brilliant Kilburn History blog posted a lengthy article on music recording and production in West Hampstead and Kilburn.

The Sherriff Centre (the non-profit group that will run the post office in the church) is in talks with London Mutual regarding launching a credit union.

The BBC’s Watchdog programme uncovered some very dodgy dealings from Grattan Estates, a property rental company that operates partly around NW6. The story is in three parts: 1, 2, 3. Or just look at their “mugshots” here.

The owners of Golden Balls – a clothes shop that used to be where Shaketastic was most recently – won their lengthy battle with Fifa, which was sueing them for trademark infringement.

Meanwhile, the Shaketastic site now has a “sold” sign up – am still hearing it’s going to be a barber’s (which was what it used to be some years ago).

First Capital Connect was fined £75,000 for the incident in 2011 when 800 passengers were stranded between Kentish Town and St Pancras in stifling heat.

Hampstead & Kilburn has the UK’s second highest number of people paying income tax (67,000), paying the fifth-highest amount of income tax per head (£21,300).

New life is breathed into an old campaign: stop the 139 bus travelling empty down Mill Lane.

The Salt House on Abbey Road has been taken over by Metropolitan Pubs/Greene King (the same group that runs the North London Tavern and West End Lane’s Black Lion). It’s closed for a full refurb until the end of October.

The farmers’ market celebrated its first anniversary (with cake, of course).

Bill Nighy’s Q&A at the Tricycle was NxNW6’s Film of the Week (but was on Saturday!). All the films still to come are here. The area’s newest cinema – the screen at JW3 – launches with free screenings next Sunday and Monday.

Ciaran Kenny is visiting every station in London – and he’s already been to West Hampstead (downhill from here, Ciaran).

The Blue graffiti that’s broken out in a rash on local streets of late, hit Fortune Green.

Read more about the Jubilee Line’s operation and how the trains are maintained.

Tom enjoyed some “potatoey” chips at the Black Lion in Kilburn.

If you’ve not seen them – there are some great 1920s aerial photos of the north-eastern part of West Hampstead online.

Powers, which closed a few weeks ago, is to become “Kilburn Ironworks”, a “prime eating and drinking establishment” (I think that means “bar/restaurant”).

The “kid from Kilburn”, Sir Bradley Wiggins, won the Tour of Britain. I tell you this purely to link to this blurry photo I took of him riding to victory on Sunday afternoon.

Tweet of the Week

If you’re the lady who took a cab from Mill Lane to Maida Vale, the turnip you forgot on the back seat is now back at George’s Fruit & Veg
— Mark Marfe (@TibuDelMar) September 21, 2013