Whamp feels like chicken tonight

Rumours surfaced on Twitter this morning of strange goings-on outside West Hampstead library.

“What’s up at the library on WEL? Film crew loitering. Multiple cameras. Road sweeper involved” (@CAMarks1)

Then a man in a chicken suit appeared.

Photograph by Charles Marks

Photograph by Charles Marks

It sounded like more than the latest Nando’s stunt, so I went to investigate.

I caught up with the film crew and digital marketing agency IMO at the Alice House where they’d based themselves for the day. Understandably, they didn’t want to reveal too many details about the video at this stage, but have promised to share it with us when it goes live. What they did tell us was that it’s an online video for a bathroom company called Bristan.

I can also reveal that the giant chicken was actually a nice man called Andy in a big furry suit, taking a well-earned break between takes and being quizzed by curious passers-by.

chicken unmasked

What has all this got to do with taps and bathroom suites? Watch this space…

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  • MrFrisbee

    I think this is a cover up! According to the IMO twitter account, they had a crew of 50 that day. You can make a BIG movie for that. Anyway, lets see what comes out over the next few weeks.

  • Nadia

    Id ask the cucumbers…..