What have I missed since November 25th?

Boris Johnson came to West Hampstead to talk to local businesses. Read the full story.

Robert Webb led a tirade against Tesco for the shocking stock levels in its Fortune Green branch.

West End Green’s Christmas tree is bigger than usual, but the high street ones remain somewhat, er, vertically challenged (or “tasteful” as Cllr Keith Moffitt described them).

It’s beginning to look a lot like autumn.
Photo via @CleaSR

Police are warning people to be vigilant after a spate of aggressive robberies targeting women as they get out of their cars at night.

The West Hampstead Christmas market was a success, and local businesses that took part on West End Lane threw themselves into the occasion admirably.

Next weekend it’s the Emmanuel School Christmas Fair (with some unusual raffle prizes), and another Christmas Fair on West End Green.

The Alexandra & Ainsworth estate made it into the Guardian’s Top 10 council estates as voted by readers, having surprisingly missed out on the “official list” published the week before.

Emmanuel School’s new building on Mill Lane is up for a Camden Design Award.

JW3 is going to have an ice rink from December 8th-January 12th

Share your views on local planning and development issues, with a new interactive map-based website.

The controversial proposal for Avenue Road in Swiss Cottage has a website.

Blackburn Road was resurfaced and cleared of roadworks, making access to the student block much better.

Kilburn has a new financial health centre run by the Kilburn Fair Credit Campaign.

La Secret Boutique, once of the basement of LoveFood, then of Fortune Green, is now moving into the former Shaketastic outlet on West End Lane on December 4th.

Saving Mr Banks is this week’s Film of the Week. Full local listings and details of next Sunday’s Film Club event here.

After having the collection box swiped a couple of weeks ago, locals have generously given £130 to West End Lane Books’ Epilepsy Action fundraising efforts.

Christmas trees are available outside Waitrose, from Homebase and from the Mill Lane Garden Centre, where all proceeds go to charity.

Tweet of the Week

Police on horse back through the middle of west Hampstead, Nice to see but a pain if you’re trying to get somewhere and some what medieval!
— Ollie Rayner (@Ollie2rayner) November 29, 2013