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Mobile hair & beauty provider swishes into West Hampstead

At this time of year, when it’s grey and freezing cold, any excuse to stay inside is a good one. We all indulge a little more in the convenience of just being at home – ordering a delivery from a favourite restaurant, doing a yoga class at home not the studio, or curling up on […]

Train to teach in West Hampstead

With excellent employment prospects, good starting salaries and highly rewarding work, becoming a teacher is a viable option for those with degrees either looking to go back to work or changing careers. LDBS SCITT, one of the UK’s most dedicated teacher training institutions, has recently relocated to West End Lane. Providing a highly personalised teaching […]

Expectant parents bond over balls of wool

As a regular reader of West Hampstead Life, I’ve become a big fan of it. And one of the things I find most interesting and impressive is its ability to bring people together, in person. The legendary whampgathers are so popular they sell out within hours. But these ‘not geeky, not cliquey’ nights out aren’t […]

Free tasting at Finchley Road’s newest coffee house

Set along the Finchley Road heading towards the O2 Centre is Remon, a little artisan bread and pastry bakery and coffee house that specialises in rare hard-to-find coffees and fine teas, authentic Sicilian Cannoli – traditional sweet ricotta cream pastries – and Arancini (risotto rice balls). The shop has a mostly rustic appearance, yet you […]

Favourite Christmas scenes from TV this year

Sponsored post It may be too early to think about Christmas for a lot of you, but we’ve already chosen our favourite festive scenes for 2013. That’s right, we’ve watched them all a few times, shed a tear, laughed out loud, got choked up, and totally got hyped up for Christmas. The Christmas TV scene […]

Connecting parents-to-be at JW3

by Alex Kohansky I have never appreciated my local community more than during the few months following the birth of my first baby. At a time when it’s a struggle to leave the house, and often the biggest adventure of the day is a walk down the road, it really matters where you live, and […]