What have I missed since September 26?

All the local news that’s happened while you were wondering whether Ed or David would lead Labour, and why Wales in October was ever a good idea for golf.

Brotherly Love
Talking of the Milibands – they are local boys of course.
Why did Glenda vote under her married name of Hodges?

Kilburn Love
Blog postings by me on the opening night of The Betsy Smith and on Kilburn’s music scene past and present.
OxjamKilburn is coming very soon with a comedy festival from Oct10-13, and the music happening on Oct 23rd.
Kilburn’s status as a world city was confirmed.
Kilburn library (in Queens Park) will host writers workshops.

Camden Love
Details on Camden pop-up shops.
Share your views on the local voluntary sector.
Free swimming for U16s and over-60s.
Grants for cavity wall insulation.
And more on recycling.
Camden is getting 2,000 street shovels for residents’ use in snow, plus more grit.

Celebrity Love
Local celeb Robert Webb announced he was moving, but thankfully not too far.

Love exercise?
The Gym Group FINALLY opened this week. People seem to like it.
Could there be a 2012 gold medal for a whamper?

Shop Love
Whamp-based online gift shop Funky Honey went live. *Whampers can get 10% discount until the end of the year using code FUNKYNW6 at checkout*
Achillea Flowers opened this week.
So did patisserie/café Chez Chantal (although the refit’s not finished).
SenseS (replacing Seagull Travels) bills itself as an Art-Boutique-Café.
Rings is being ripped out from the inside.

WHampstead Love
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I’m Outta Love
The next tube strike starts Sunday evening and runs through Monday.
A tunnel fire on Friday afternoon shut down the Met Line.

Story of the week
The big story of the week was the fatal accident in Belsize Park in the early hours of Thursday morning. Details remain unclear, but it seems that the Singaporean Cambridge medical student was killed by a bus – the driver may not have know he had hit her.

Police, Twitter, Action
A second Hampstead jeweller’s was targeted by thieves.
£10,000 was swiped from a security guard in Belsize Park.
Should the police be more visible on Twitter? You can follow @metpoliceuk and @CO11MetPolice (the Event Planning Team) but no separate boroughs have accounts. 
Here is a list of all police officers and forces on Twitter.

Tweet of the week