The Lion’s future

There seemed to be some confusion as to what was happening to West End Lane pub The Lion, so I wrote to Greene King, the owners. Here’s the response:

“We are planning to close the Lion in West Hampstead temporarily for an exciting refurbishment. The plans and timings for the refurbishment have not yet been finalised but we will keep the local community updated. We apologise for any inconvenience the short-term closure may cause.”

Not adding huge amounts of info, but it does seem to suggest that the pub hasn’t been sold, but is being revamped – so the gastropub rumours may be correct.

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  • I hope it gets a proper overhaul. I believe there's still good business for a pub to be had, gastro or not, on WEL. Hate to say it but staff training needs to addressed too – I've had too many awful pints there, I'm guessing due to the lack of line cleaning. For that reason I never ventured into the food stuffs there.
    I reckon we'll see an overall improvement.

  • Anonymous

    The bar manager mentioned first weekend of march is the date for the refurb! Should be interesting! Toby

  • Tom O’Ghoulery

    There's been a bit of slackness at times, wines out of stock, display cabinets displaying wines no longer available etc., but I still saw a half-full glass with The Lion as it's friendly (like most of West Hampstead), quiet enough to chat, but quite busy also. If they make it a gastropub I hope it retains enough space to just be there and drink, like the North London Tavern or something.

  • Anonymous

    would be nice if they started to get some craft beers in as well

  • Anonymous

    Nostalgia takes me back to times of old. Dark, juke box, plenty of local "characters". It was a real dive but I sort of miss it. "Craft beers" ……oh dear.

  • Anonymous

    It’d be nice to see a pub in that was a bit more atmospheric, less generic, and had some nice ales in stock. The last time we went in, my husband ordered the only ale they had on tap — a Greene King IPA — and it was disgusting and vinegary. Old, with uncleaned lines I’m guessing. And the woman who poured it obviously had no idea about ale.

    Anyway, I’m not a crusty old man. I’m 30 y.o, female, and not unattractive. I just happen to like pubs with character, and with ale. The Lion never really ticked those boxes.

  • Anonymous

    I really hope they don't make it too gastro, I hear they are going to include table service, I don't think west end lane needs more of this, the Alliance on Mill Lane is working out nicely for me in the absence of the Lion, good honest relaxing pub atmosphere!