One Show visits Wired

Turn on BBC1 tonight for early evening magazine programme The One Show to see West End Lane’s very own Wired make an appearance.

A One Show researcher contacted me yesterday trying to track down a number for Wired (hint: you need a website guys!), and the crew and a reporter turned up this morning at 9 o’clock to chat to co-owner Tom about whether the recent adverse publicity surrounding Starbucks has had any impact on business.

Watch (or iPlayer) the show from 7pm tonight to find out what Tom had to say about independent coffee shops.

Photo via @cyberdonkey
Photo via @cyberdonkey
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  • Not only a website, but some signs outside the shop, cleaner windows and better internal lighting so people can see inside from out.

    I walked past twice last week trying to find the place.

  • While it's still available, here's the link to the segment:

  • SAM

    I would do anything possible to avoid paying corporation or any other taxes to an insane, absurd government that not only wastes its revenue but borrows countless millions from Chinese banks to fulfil their impossible election promises. Don’t be fooled by the BBC’s left wing propaganda against successful companies who DON’T protect practising paedophiles. Remember, before Starbucks cups of coffee were served in greasy spoon caffs in dirty mugs with dissolved instant powder.