School to move in to Alfred Court?

Abercorn School is a three-site private school based in St John’s Wood and Marylebone that takes children from 2 1/2 to 13. Each site takes a different age group.

Now, the school is seeking to open a school for 7-13 year-olds in the vacant unit of Alfred Court (also known locally as the Sager Building) on Fortune Green Road. It’s always been an oddity that this unit hasn’t been sold, but I don’t think many people would have predicted a school to try and move in.

Alfred Court from across Fortune Green
Photo via CZWG architects

The school would need to apply for a change of use from Camden and it’s likely that residents in the area will have questions about the implications for traffic, parking, and noise.

The High Mistress (which sounds more a title you’d find at Hogwarts rather than Grange Hill) Andrea Greystoke has already been in touch with the Neighbourhood Development Forum, and there will be a public exhibition on the site on December 17th and 18th that locals will be able to attend.

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  • Anonymous

    Terrible news if approval is given for this

  • Anonymous

    I think it is a great idea! It would be fantastic not having the transport system or car involved when getting my child to school (since I'm a local WH resident). Just a shame it can't be for a more exetended age group, so more of the school could be in one place

    • Anonymous

      Great idea if you do not live above it… It is also a private school – which i presume you are willing to pay for?

    • Anonymous

      the building is designed as a shop with windows to look in on the children, ZERO outside space, limited toilet facilities, poor transport. terrible idea. do you really want your child there??? and pay for it??

  • Anonymous

    Ridiculous. Heavy surges of traffic from Yummy Mummy drop-off and pick-ups into private drive from a very congested narrow street with competition from Tesco lorries+ others parked illegally against the double yellow, full sized buses (3) competing for space in the larger Fortune Green bus stop bay for student drop off at morning rush hour and afternoon pickup. 180 days a year. Extra load of parent vehicles trying to access road with limited visibility plus few chances=accidents. School facilities: what school facilities? No physical education space, campus is physically split – students and staff required to continually parade across common area of residential building, student population meeting/interactive space negligible to non-existent, limited natural light into classrooms… what student would enjoy that experience? what parent would think that constitutes quality education?

  • Anonymous

    Bad idea, traffic would be a nightmare!