Firemen “got everyone out” of West End Lane blaze

Around 10.15 last night, a fire broke out in a house near the corner of West End Lane and Messina Avenue, right by the northbound Woodchurch Road bus stop.

Photo via Simon Ashman

The property has had scaffolding up for a while.

photo via Laura Douglas

According to one local, who spoke to the fire crew after the fire was out, everyone inside the building got out safely.

@WHampstead I spoke to the firemen as they were packing up. Apparently they got everyone out & all were.ok. Big thanks to the crews.
— dali_llama (@dali_llama) November 23, 2013

Photo via Anthony Roberts

This morning, the damage is clearly visible, although is perhaps not as bad as the first images might have suggested. The fire appears to have been contained to the one building, and the clean-up and repair operation is already underway.


There’s no news yet on the cause of the fire.