Cedar Estates boards come down [video]

Cedar sign

True to its word, Cedar Estates – the agent with the most boards on West End Lane – has been removing them today. Four other estate agents as of writing (Paramount, Vita, Parkheath and Dutch & Dutch) have also pledged to remove their boards. If you want to ensure none of them creep back, and that other agents are forced to follow suit, sign the petition. Camden council needs your signatures in order to apply for the ban. Once West End Lane is resolved, we may be able to tackle other streets.

Boards coming down. Photo via @guglee_tweet

Boards coming down. Photo via @guglee_tweet

  • Adrian D

    A great initiative – just a shame these agents won’t do the same across the whole of West Hampstead and Kilburn.

    • Never say never! It’s a case of one step at a time here. Still need to get the West End Lane ban made permanent. Then we can start on the other streets.

  • Jane L

    Big thank you to all involved, I have signed the petition and hope it sticks. It will make a difference to the look of our high street.