NW6 Film Club June 1st – Jimmy’s Hall

After the mega-budget monster mayhem of Godzilla, NW6 returns to its usual home of the Tricycle for an all-together smaller scale drama – Jimmy’s Hall (not to be confused with Jimmy Hall – the harmonica player from Alabama). This is the latest film from veteran British director Ken Loach – with rumours that this might be his last. Loach has made almost two dozen films – including Kes, The Wind That Shakes the Barley and, my personal favourite, Land and Freedom.

Jimmy's Hall

His films are often political and Jimmy’s Hall is no exception. It’s based on a true story and deals with the tension between politics and religion in 1930s Ireland. But don’t let the politics put you off; Loach always seeks out the human stories behind the issues and whilst his films often deal the brutal realities of life, The Independent has called this one of his “sunniest, most optimistic films“.

The film is on at the Tricycle Cinema on Sunday 1st June at 8.15pm.

As usual, we’ll meet in the bar from 7.45pm. Everyone is welcome, and you can book in advance or turn up on the day (it very rarely sells out on a Sunday night). Book Row G if you want to sit with the rest of us (you don’t have to).

Afterwards we’ll head to The Black Lion across the road for a drink and discussion.

See you there,

Nathan, Mark and Jonathan