Whampdinner: The Movie!

Ever wondered what West Hampstead Life events are really like? Or maybe you’ve already been to a few and want to relive those heady evenings?

Either way, now’s your chance. We teamed up with talented amateur filmmaker – and West Hampstead local – Helen Carrie, who has put together this brilliant short film of the last whampdinner, held a couple of weeks ago at Mamako.

As you can see, mouthwatering food and scintillating chat with new local friends were the order of the day, as 25 of us took over the restaurant for a fun evening getting to know our West Hampstead neighbours. Helen’s really captured the friendly, relaxed vibe of the evening so if you’ve always wondered whether these events are for you, check it out for a good flavour of what to expect!

If you do fancy coming along to future events, get yourself on the mailing list, if you aren’t already, for advance notice of dinners and other one-off meetups.

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  • Anthony Brincat

    Great video. I get the emails and have always been tempted to attend, but what puts me off is the splitting of the bill in terms of alcohol. I actually don’t drink alcohol and am reluctant to pay for something I didn’t have.

    • Hi Anthony, the table hosts should be aware if someone’s not drinking and that is having a material impact on their share of the bill. We do specifically mention this in the e-mail that goes out each time. It’s certainly not the case that everyone drinks

      The reason we prefer to have the equal split as the underlying principle is just that it gets too complex with tables of 8 to start dividing up everything, especially as there’s often lots of sharing of starters, for example, and prices of menu items can vary quite widely. Nor are the alcohol drinkers necessarily always spending big. One person having a couple of Cokes and a coffee will spend about the same as a person paying their 1/7th share of three bottles of house wine. Of course if there are two people ordering expensive wine and everyone else is on something much cheaper, I would expect them to pay a bit more assuming the food spend was roughly equal.

      As I say, the table host should be aware of the situation but it’s also up to each person to say if they really feel they should be paying a bit less.

      I’d encourage you to put your name in the hat for the next one. Most people find that they’re generally happy with the final bill because they’ve had such a good time.