Summertime and the whamping is easy

It’s the summer. At least legally. And it’s been a while since the excitement of Whampgather III. So, I thought that for the next installment of hyperlocal get togethers we should have a picnic. If you’re relatively new to the whole #whamp thing, whampgather is the local tweet-up (although non-tweeters are welcome). We’ve had around 50 people at the last couple.

I know that Saturdays in August can be booked up months if not years in advance, so not sure that there’ll be 50 people this time round, but I wanted a daytime event that those of you with kids (young and old) could bring the whole family to if you wanted.

To that end, this coming Saturday – August 21st – will see Whampgather IV: The Picnic taking place on Hampstead Heath from 3pm. Specifically it will be on Parliament Hill, just down towards Highgate No.1 Pond – as shown by the flower on this map (click for larger version).

This is going to be a very casual affair. I’m going to bring along a small amount of food/drink, but please do feel free to contribute something (especially beverages!) – even if just for yourselves. I also have five Green Tomato Kits to give away. These are worth £7.99 and contain various things to help you kickstart a greener lifestyle.
“But hang on Mr WHampstead,” you’re thinking, “what if it rains?”.
If the forecast looks dismal on Friday then I’ll kill the picnic idea and we’ll do a very informal meet-up at The Lion on West End Lane. Please please follow the #whampgather hashtag for the latest news. If the weather is mixed we’ll try and have the picnic, but if rain stops play then we’ll retreat to the Freemasons Arms on Downshire Hill as the nearest pub (that’s the wineglass on the map).
Any questions, drop me a mail or a tweet. And if you’re definitely coming, please let me know so I have some idea of numbers. Look forward to seeing you on Saturday.