What have I missed since August 8th?

Not sure whether you heard about this, but there was some rioting and a lot of looting on the streets of England this week. There may have been other news in places like… ooh, I don’t know, Syria and East Africa, for example. But mostly the news was about stolen PS3s and a “visible police presence”. But what happened in and around West Hampstead this week?

Monday night saw some damage in Kilburn and West Hampstead.

On Tuesday night, there was trouble in St John’s Wood, although arrests were later made.

Reactions came from the leader of Camden council, local MPs, and Paul Perkins of youth charity The Winch. And from local (apparently) Camila Batmanghelidjh of Kids Company on Question Time.

And, on Monday morning before things really deteriorated across London, from me on the Londonist Out Loud podcast. I also penned a few words about the experience.

Away from the riots and general tension, there was other news. The Jewish Community Centre on Finchley Road is starting to take shape.

There was a “Brooms and Lollipops Protest” planned for Saturday in Kilburn.

The planning application to knock down the historic Ebenezer Chapel on Kilburn Vale was withdrawn.
A steam train stopped at West Hampstead overground.

An inquest heard how a West Hampstead man fell to his death from a flat window.

There was a car accident outside The Priory Tavern on Sunday evening. No-one was hurt.

The horses from St John’s Wood barracks caused some disruption on West End Lane.

Mill Lane store Dass has started Sunday morning bread/pain au chocolat deliveries.

Tweet of the Week
Almost impossible to choose this week, especially given the volume of tweets on Monday and Tuesday. In the end I liked this one from SJ, sent on Tuesday around the time I think we all realised we would probably have a calmer night than many had feared.