What have I missed since April 2nd

Two weeks of local news to catch up on, so we’ll dive straight in.

Camden Development Control Committee voted in favour of the Abbey Area development and the Hampstead Cricket Club/South Hampstead Girls School temporary relocation. Full details on the website this week.

The application for the Kilburn Feis festival during the Olympics was completely withdrawn (the annual Kilburn Festival goes ahead as planned on July 8).

A local couple admitted selling goods stolen from the Met.

Kilburn Gaels player Cathal Forde died suddenly during training.

Walnut has closed, to be replaced by Feng Sushi. Bon Express has also closed.

Emmanuel School will add an extra 30-child reception class this coming year.

A woman fell between the carriages of a tube train at Swiss Cottage station, but was fortunately not seriously injured.

“Professor Whitestick” gave us a guide to changing stations in West Hampstead from a visually impaired person’s perspective.

West Hampstead hockey team clinched a second straight promotion.

Local sixth-former Arthur Gallimore is running 12 marathons in 20 days for charity.

Oscars Den and The Wet Fish Café both launched new websites.

The South Kilburn regeneration scheme has taken its next step.

Do you want to donate to the Kilburn Plaque scheme? The next one is for George Orwell

Whampreview at Guglee was a success – full write up this week.

April 12th’s Rush Hour Crush in the Metro featured West Hampstead.

Local estate agents Martin & Wright stumbled across a guy behaving oddly at West Cottages – turned out he was wanted by the police for burglary.

Not registered to vote in the Mayoral elections? Do so by April 18th. More Mayoral and London Assembly coverage on the website this week.

Kodak Kilburn posted a nice colour photo of Kilburn High Road ca 1905, and there were also historic photos of St Cuthbert’s on Fordwych Road and West End Lane in 1959.

The West Hampstead breakfast blog tackled Mill Lane Bistro and Brioche.

The Railway now serves Costa coffee.

The Mill Apartments on Mill Lane will apparently sell for between £383,000 and £1.4 million.

In a week where horse racing made the news for good and bad reasons, here’s a photo of our favourite race horse Kilburn.

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