What have I missed since December 3rd?

It was a bad week for First Capital Connect with some horrendous delays that forced several commuter trains to terminate at West Hampstead. From this week, there are timetable changes. There’s also a “Meet the Director” online forum at 1pm on Friday 14th  December.

Meanwhile, locals who live along the train line are in for sleepless nights this week as foliage is cleared from the embankments.

West Hampstead largely avoided the snow that lightly covered other parts of London, but there was a brief moment of winter wonderland on West End Lane.

West Hampstead Farmers’ Market recevied planning permission after Camden received a staggering 284 letters in support (and 4 against). Meanwhile, estate agents battle to be your preferred Bag for Life, with Paramount, Chelsea Square and Alexanders all getting in on the act.

The Christmas market was a success on Saturday as it went from empty to full.

Read how new correspondent @ZENW6 got on at the Yi Dao clinic on Mill Lane with a Tui Na massage.

House prices in West Hampstead are up, so why are all players in the property market so stressed?

West Hampstead featured twice on the BBC this week. First Wired was on the One Show (watch here), and then Flowerstalk was on This Week. And if all that wasn’t enough, a rom-com was being filmed at The Private Space.

Developers Linden Wates are to appeal their second Gondar Gardens proposal, even though their first proposal has been given the all clear.

Byron Hamburger joint is opening in the O2 where Fine Burger Co. was.

Fortune Green may achieve a royal designation, while a school might be moving in to Alfred Court, overlooking the Green.

Amy Werner, the American student badly injured in the car crash a month ago, finally flew back to the US this week. She has also taken her first steps and continues to recover.

Is Camden serving West Hampstead entrepreneurs well?

Check out the full local cinema listings for the week.

Dick Barton – beloved of schoolkids from a bygone age – had a West Hampstead connection.

A new café has opened in Kingsgate Community Centre.

Learn more about the Marquis, Mrs Peters and Kilburn Grange.

There’s a lovely Christmas tree outside Buckingham Mansions.

Coming Up
All week: a Winter Print exhibition at Kingsgate Studios.
Wednesday: The Movers & Shapers Xmas Party (6-9pm)
Thursday: #whampxmasdrinks downstairs at The Gallery – just turn up!
Friday: live webchat with Kilburn councillor Mike Katz

Tweet of the Week
One of the survivors of Tuesday’s FCC debacle gets the nod this week