What have I missed since August 12th?

It’s not clear whether Abercorn School wants to move into Fortune Green or not – what is clear is that a large number of locals are opposed to the idea.

Camden’s Kilburn ward will be getting support and funding as part of an initiative to bridge the digital divide.

You’re all getting bored of the lengthy roadworks on West End Lane to repair the sewer. The end is nigh (until the next time).

The Scots descended on West Hampstead for a football match>
Photo via @adam_m_phillips

We’re only a couple of weeks away from the arrival of students in West Hampstead – I crowdsourced some tips for them (and took some photos of the expensive flats they’ll be moving into).

Mamacita and Wired are both looking for baristas. Mamacita requires “excellent milk work” , while Wired needs someone who can “demonstrate milk control and texturing ability“. Someone who can manage not to burn an Americano would suit me.

Property News turned its attention to the rental market, with a look at the shift in the balance of power between landlords and tenants (and you can vote in a poll too) [sponsored].

Fancy getting fit and raising money for The Winch? We’re trying to put together a Team Whamp for next year’s Ride London event.

The Kilburn History blog looked at artists the Detmold twins, who worked at the Sherriff Road Studios between 1902 and 1905.

A woman was robbed of her £15,000 Rolex in Kilburn.

Check out all the new film releases and full cinema listings in the area.

Eriki, the Indian restaurant on Finchley Road, is becoming “India Per Se” Same owners but new “casual dining concept” apparently.

There’s a rumour that the short-lived pizzeria Picasso on West End Lane is going to become… yes, a pizzeria. It’s only a rumour.

It was the 31st anniversary of a brutal unsolved West Hampstead murder. “The case is not cold.”

La Brocca hosted the first whampdinner, which was a great success. There’ll be another in September – remember that mailing list subscribers get priority.

Tom’s Diner gave the lowdown on Hidden Treasure.

Rouge Lounge is trying to get its licence changed so it can open after 8pm, and serve alcohol and hot food.

Hampstead Ladies cricket team won the North London Women’s League.

Tweet of the Week

Girl wearing crash helmet, no bike in sight, strolling down west end lane. Whampstead has become more perilous than I thought.
— Lisa Goll (@LisasShare) August 15, 2013