Tuesday 17th: Kebabs are on Adam

Need a break from all the planning and politics? Want to get back to those heady days of food and meet-up? Have I got a meat treat for you.

Next Tuesday, the 17th, Adam’s Grill – they of the flashing sign by the tube station – are offering #whampers some free tasters. Yes, free. They are offered for “all the followers of your blog”, which would be about 12,000 people, so lets just hope they’re braced.

From 7-8pm, there’ll be trays of tasters for people who wish to mingle and socialise inside, and “goody bags” for those who want to sample grilled delights on the move. They’ve got a photographer coming apparently so no dribbling hot sauce down your best frock.

No need to let anyone know if you’re coming, though do please come along. They’ve volunteered this off their own bat as they felt that that they hadn’t met the standards they expect of themselves when Dan went for a mystery diner review a little while back. It’s very kind of them to offer, so why not check it out. Mine’s a lamb shish wrap no sauce, extra chillies.