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NW6 Film Club July: Amy

There has been an equal amount of buzz and controversy about the new documentary from Asif Kapadia (creator of the remarkable Senna). Amy promises to tell the story of Amy Winehouse in her own words, featuring unseen archival footage and unheard tracks. It is also the holder of a 100% ‘fresh’ rating on Rotten Tomatoes […]

NW6 Film Club May: Mad Max Fury Road

Thirty six years ago (yes really!) – Australian ex-doctor George Miller made his astonishing first feature, Mad Max.This low budget post apocalyptic cost less than half a million dollars to make but grossed more than 100 million – making it one of the most successful movies (dollar for dollar) of all time. Not surprisingly it […]

NW6 Film Club April 22nd: Force Majeure

For a while it’s seemed like you can’t turn on the TV without coming across yet another high quality Scandinavian drama series. It’s a remarkable achievement for a relatively small population a long way from the resources of Hollywood. The Nordic Noir phenomenon has also had some success in the cinema and now we have […]

NW6 Film Club March 22nd: Still Alice

We’re now in that delicious post-Oscars season when the award-winning films we’ve heard so much about finally get a UK release and we get to see what all the fuss is about. This month we’re going to see Still Alice, which won Julianne Moore a Best Actress Oscar. Perhaps surprisingly, this is her first despite […]

NW6 Film Club February 8th: Selma

With awards season in full swing we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to high quality movies. After the superb Birdman, Film Club is going to see another Best Picture Oscar nominee. Selma is a film about Martin Luther King Jr and his fight for equal voting rights. MLK is a towering figure in American […]

NW6 Film Club November 17th: The Imitation Game

Few people’s lives seem more deserving of the cinematic treatment than Alan Turing’s. His achievements are astonishing: laying the mathematical foundations for all modern computers and helping the Allies win the Second World War by breaking the Enigma code. But his life encompassed tragedy as well as triumph – he was persecuted by the state […]

NW6 Film Club October 19th: ’71

After the last month’s Film Club movie – the wonderful Pride – we are going to see another British film dealing with a troubled period of recent British history. The movie is ’71 and whilst it’s probably not going to have the feel-good factor of Pride, it’s getting spectacular reviews (97% on Rotten Tomatoes) and […]

NW6 Film Club September 14th: Pride

As the dark nights and drizzle approach there’s something to look forward to: NW6 Film club is back! Our next film is Pride, a British movie that some are calling the new Full Monty. It’s not always easy to predict a Brit Hit – who would have thought a movie about speech therapy would be […]

NW6 Film Club June 1st – Jimmy’s Hall

After the mega-budget monster mayhem of Godzilla, NW6 returns to its usual home of the Tricycle for an all-together smaller scale drama – Jimmy’s Hall (not to be confused with Jimmy Hall – the harmonica player from Alabama). This is the latest film from veteran British director Ken Loach – with rumours that this might […]

Film Club April 6: The Double

What do you get if you cross Dostoyevsky with The IT Crowd? Possibly The Double, a movie from Richard Ayoade (star of TV comedies and director of the impressive debut Submarine) based on a novella by the giant of Russian literature. It’s not a pairing you might expect but, judging by the reviews so far, […]

Film Club March 9: Grand Budapest Hotel

Wes Anderson is one of those directors whose films you can spot without even a glance at the credits. His trademark elements: meticulously detailed perfectly composed shots, a timeless retro ambiance, quirky characters and dialogue, and Bill Murray. If you check all those boxes you’ve got a Wes Anderson film. What his films don’t necessarily […]

Film Club: Dallas Buyers Club Feb 9th

The envelope has been opened and the award for February’s NW6 film club offering has been decided. And the winner is… Dallas Buyers Club on February 9th at The Tricycle. Yes, it’s awards season and so our screens are packed with high quality offerings. The next of the main Oscar contenders to get a UK […]

Mandela for NW6 Film Club Jan 5th

If you’ve been super organised and got your 2014 diary already then here’s a date for it: NW6 Film Club on Sunday 5th Jan. We’re kicking off the New Year with what should be a great start: the biopic Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. There couldn’t be a more appropriate time to look back at […]

Whampfilm Review 2013

It’s been a fantastic year in local film with the opening of a new cinema, some great one-off events and the introduction of the NW6 Film Club. We continue to be spoilt in NW6 and NW3 with the sheer abundance of places to watch films. If you haven’t had the chance to check out the […]

NW6 Film Club is back!

December 8th 5.30pm – Blue is the Warmest Colour – JW3 by Nathan Williams After a slightly extended break (sorry about that!), the film club returns with a special event: an epic romance that’s received rave reviews at a stunning new venue. The film is Blue Is the Warmest Colour – the story of a […]

JW3 cinema: comfortable and eclectic

As keen readers of this website, you will have of course know about JW3, the brand spanking new Jewish community centre that has opened on the corner of Finchley Road and Lymington Road. But had you caught up yet with the fact that it has its very own cinema? Clearly, I had to investigate. The […]

NW6 Film Club: The Bling Ring on July 14th

It’s nearly time for the next instalment of NW6 Film Club, and this month’s offering is not only a great pick, but also one of the most eagerly awaited films of the year. Sofia Coppola’s films have fallen into two distinct camps: either they focus on the reality of celebrity, especially its claustrophobic qualities (Lost […]

NW6 Film Club: Trance on April 7

It’s nearly time for the third instalment of the monthly NW6 Film Club, and this month’s offering is a great pick! Trance is Danny Boyle’s (Trainspotting, Slumdog Millionaire, 28 Days Later) first film since his legendary Olympic opening ceremony last summer and looks set to be another rollercoaster ride. Simon (James McAvoy), a fine art […]

NW6 Film Club: Zero Dark Thirty review

On the last Sunday of January, more than 20 people turned up to the Tricycle for the first ever NW6 Film Club night. We saw Kathryn Bigelow’s controversial film Zero Dark Thirty. Nathan has collated some of the audience’s reaction: [View the story “NW6 Verdict on Zero Dark Thirty” on Storify]

NW6 Film Club launches

This month we’re launching the imaginatively named NW6 Film Club – an informal meetup of local film buffs. It’s basically like a book club only with a screen instead of pages! Or is that what book clubs will be like anyway in a couple of years? Enough biting satirical commentary. You need details: When?The first […]

NxNW6 Film Review of 2012

I have been writing this column for eight months and have been blown away by the local appreciation and passion for film. North-west London is a genuine oddity in cinema terms. How many other neighbourhoods (outside of the West End)  can boast seven cinemas (five independent) all within walking distance of each other? I also […]

Cinema listings Dec 13th-20th: Hobbit Special

The Tricycle ¦ Everyman Belsize Park ¦ Everyman Hampstead ¦ Everyman Maida ValeFinchley Road Vue ¦ Swiss Cottage Odeon There’s only one game in town this week: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is released on Thursday and is showing in five of our six local cinemas in a mind boggling four different formats. As well […]

Outdoor film bonanza in NW6

An extra post for you from @NxNW6 (aka Mark, the Tommy Lee Jones of NW6) There are an unprecedented five outdoor screenings scheduled locally in September. I thought it would be worth quickly looking at all of them, and where and when you can catch them. The Kilburn Grange Pop-Up Cinema Weekender Sep 7-9 Located […]