Local Election 2014: What the parties say

I asked all the parties putting up council candidates in the four wards of West Hampstead, Fortune Green, Kilburn and Swiss Cottage to write 150 words on why you should vote for them. Each will be published when I receive it, and the final order will reflect the 2010 vote across the four wards based on elected councillors (Lib Dems (6), Conservatives (3), Labour (3), Green (0), UKIP (0)).

Liberal Democrats

We think the Council should respect and involve residents and businesses. It should be on your side – not take you for granted or make life difficult. We’ll make sure you get maximum value from dwindling Council resources and see that all parts of the Borough have equal access to Council services. At present, NW6 and NW2 often seem to be losing out, with the closure of the West End Lane Council offices and loss of Kilburn CAB without proper local replacement facilities. Specifically, we would:

  • Sort out traffic and parking
  • Provide an extra police officer for every ward
  • Improve Camden’s appalling customer service
  • Make sure housing repairs are done properly and on time
  • Give Camden’s leaseholders a better deal
  • Reverse many Labour street cleaning cuts
  • Ensure NW6 has enough school places
  • Restore a housing & advice service in NW6
  • Encourage business, especially creative industries, across the borough

[Camden Liberal Democrats manifesto]


In West Hampstead and Fortune Green its clear that there are many issues that local residents care about. We all know that our streets aren’t clean enough, with fly-tipping a real problem, and the traffic on West End Lane is a nightmare. Parking is also a real challenge in our area as there aren’t enough spaces and too often the Council doesn’t tackle those who park without permits. There are also genuine concerns about the level of development in NW6.

The Conservatives want to tackle these issues head-on and if elected we will:

  • Re-instate weekend street cleaning;
  • Allow 20 minutes free parking on Mill Lane to support local businesses;
  • Freeze parking fees for a year;
  • Maintain existing libraries and extend their opening hours;
  • Support the NDF to ensure developments are appropriate for the area.

On 22 May vote for a Council that will put residents’ needs first – Vote Conservative.

[Camden Conservatives manifesto]


In Camden, Labour is making a difference.

Labour councillors campaigned for 420 new school places for children in West Hampstead, Fortune Green and Kilburn. And now we’re delivering them, despite opposition from the Lib Dems.

It was also this Labour council which introduced 25 hours of free childcare to parents of 3- and 4-year-olds. And it’s Labour councillors campaigning for action to be taken against unscrupulous landlords and for a fair deal for tenants in the private rental sector.

The Lib Dems’ Coalition Government wants councils to force residents to pay extra for their bin collections. Camden Labour has refused to introduce these charges. Instead, we’ve kept weekly bin collections and increased how much recycling we do in the borough whilst reducing how much taxpayers’ money is spent on the service.

How you vote in May will make a difference. At this election, you have a choice – please vote Labour.

[Camden Labour’s manifesto]


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I think the Council should be there to represent its residents first and the businesses in the area. This means working for you. Cuts to funding are having a drastic effect on spending that has disproportionately affected Camden. Services have been cut to meet this budget and we have lost valuable services as a result. TUSC is anti cuts to services, and pro-fair treatment of the public. Locally in West Hampstead we also have other issues that we need to fight for.

  • Improve our streets for pedestrians, the disabled, cyclists and motorists. Including: street cleaning/ rubbish collection/suitable development of the area.
  • Improve our tenant services including renovations, maintenance and advice
  • Working to ensure enough school places (one study has shown West Hampstead may need 2-3 within the next 20 years).
  • Work with local businesses to encourage newstarts and growth to provide more jobs
  • Fight for adequate fire/police/health provision


What now? Why not check out the candidates in each ward (not sure which ward you’re in – use our handy map)
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