What have you missed since July 31st?

We are entering the summer doldrums, but no silly season here at WHL.

There was an acid attack – in West Hampstead. We hope the victim is OK and the perpetrators are caught.

Goodbye, Father Andrew. With much sadness West Hampstead is ‘rid of that turbulent priest’ (in the opinion of some, but not us). Praise for his farewell sermon and a good turnout for his goodbye event.

It’s the summer holidays, but there is still plenty to do in (and around) West Hampstead. We did a round up of our top ten.

RIP Naz - gone three years, but not forgotten. Image: Naz & Matt foundation

RIP Naz – gone three years, but not forgotten. Image: Naz & Matt foundation

Glad to see the FO Minister paid a visit to Nazanin’s daughter, Gabriella.

Want to chill out and keep fit? There was a sponsored post from Yoga London Club, grab a free class to see what’s on offer.

And opening this week on Fortune Green is Studio Society –  fully immersive exercise, with spin, yoga, zumba you name it. All with surrounding images.

NW6 – we have our own song! You can hear it for yourself here.

A handy round up of West Hampstead restaurants, but WHL would humbly suggest, with a couple of omissions.

Nearly choked on my cornflakes this morning as local author Susie Steiner was on Broadcasting House as one of the newspaper reviewer . After I heard the stories she picked out; dead body farms (to see how bodies decompose in different situations)  and germ-infested sponges (in the Daily Mail) I really was choking on them.

The Cumberland Tennis Club’s women’s team have made it to the Aegon National finals in Bournemouth in September.