What have you missed since November 27th?

Tulip entered into a bit of a spat with Channel Four news; they questioned her at the recent Nazanin rally on West End Green about a Bangladeshi QC who has disappeared. She got flustered and made what she later said was an “ill-judged” comment to a producer, although still reported the episode to the police; Channel 4 in turn complained to Labour about her comment and publicised the footage.

There’s increased competition on the Christmas tree market here in West Hampstead. We took a closer look at the options. Where will you buy yours from? And will your spend over £600 for the full service?!

The killers of of Yasir Bashir (the guy who was shot in Kilburn this time last year) received long prison sentences. It also appears that the kid who pulled the trigger (still unnamed due to his age) had a traumatic upbringing.

West End Lane was out of action this week due to a water main that burst on Wednesday morning. Any hopes of a speedy repair were dashed. Latest is that is may be re-opened by Monday. (Why do they burst over winter?)

Repairs underway on West End Lane, as seen by Michael Hilton

The tube station was closed on Monday due to a passenger incident. Apparently, it was a young lady who fell onto the tracks but was rescued.

And it was crunchtime on Mill Lane

It was the West Hampstead Christmas market, and Emmanuel School AND Beckford School Christmas Fairs on the same day.

The Lib Dems picked their candidates for Fortune Green ward; Cllr Flick Rea (the last Lib Dem standing) will stand again. She is joined on the ticket by local mum Tracey Shackle, who helped improve Maygrove Peace Park and by another local Adrian Bridge, who is a travel writer for the Telegraph.

RIP Jean Smith. This former West Hampstead librarian was a popular figure in the area and as Cllr Flick Rea said “Jean was for many years, a loved and respected member of West Hampstead’s community”.

Nazanin continued to be in the news – there was moving interview with her three year daughter Gabriella (in the Sun of all papers). Supporters for Nazanin’s release will be outside 10 Downing Street singing carols on Tues 5th. Here’s hoping Nazanin IS home for Christmas.

It’s the West Hampstead NDP meeting this week (Mon 4th) and the nascent Kilburn NDP meets on the 5th.

It’s taking joint chairs AND a secretary to fill the boots of James Earl as chair of the Fordwych RA! (We will miss you James).

The Sherriff centre is proving inspirational. Not just here but to the Knox United Church in … Calgary!

A new sushi place is opening up, down on Broadhurst Gardens!

And a new ‘eatery’ is opening at 32 Mill Lane called Mon Way; with a vegan buffet over Sunday.

It was the Whampsocial at the Gallery – I know I’m biased but I really can’t recommend these highly enough. It was another really pleasant event and great to meet more new people.

Coming up this week

Mon 4th – West Hampstead NDF meeting 7:30pm

Tues 5th – Carol singing for Nazanin at 10 Downing Street

Tues 5th – Kilburn NDF 6:30pm
Tues 5th – Derek Jacobi @ West Hampstead Library (fully booked)
Sat 9th – UCS Chorus concert
Wed 13th – Sidings AGM
Thurs 14th – Christmas Concert at Emmanuel church.