European elections: The candidates

Voters in London will elect 9 MEPs on May 22nd, who between them will represent the whole city.

Unlike other UK elections, in the European elections you vote for a party (or an independent candidate) and the party decides which candidates get any seats it wins based on a list system. For more about the voting system, read this.

Here’s the full list as it stands per party in list order. I’ve put the more, how can I put it, “plausible” parties at the top, the rest are in alphabetical order.  * = existing MEP. Click each party’s name for a link to its European policies.

Conservatives: Syed Kamall*, Charles Tannock*, Marina Yannakoudakis*, Caroline Attfield, Lynne Hack, Sheila Lawlor, Glyn Chambers, Annesley Abercorn

Labour: Claude Moraes*, Mary Honeyball*, Lucy Anderson, Seb Dance, Ivana Bartoletti, Kamaljeet Jandu, Sanchia Alasia, Andrea Bondi

Liberal Democrats: Sarah Ludford*, Jonathan Fryer, Richard Davis, Anuja Prashar, Rosina Robson, Turhan Ozen, Simon James, Matt McLaren

Green: Jean Lambert*, Caroline Allen, Haroon Saad, Shahrar Ali, Danny Bates, Tracey Hague, Violeta Vajda, Amelia Womack

UKIP: Gerard Batten*, Paul Oakley, Elizabeth Jones, Lawrence Webb, Alastair McFarlane, Anthony Brown, Andrew McNeilis, Peter Whittle

National Health Action: Louise Irvine, Chidi Ejimofo, Marcus Chown, Kathryn Anderson, Rufus Hound, Jessica Omerod, Andrew Sharp, Alex Ashman

English Democrats: Jenny Knight, Matthew Roberts, Maggi Young, Graham Clipperton, Gary Butler, Nick Capp, Louise Dutton, Natalie Smith

BNP: Stephen Squire, Donna Treanor, Paul Sturdy, John Clarke, David Furness, Cliff Le May, Ray Underwood, Kevin Lazell

4 Freedoms Party: Dirk Hazell, NoelleAnne O’Sullivan, Geoff Gibas, Aline Doussin, Andrew Bell, Deborah Phillips, Royston Flude, Brendan Donelly

An Independence from Europe: Patrick Burns, Marlene Daniel, Gareth Griffiths, Munpreet Bhathal, Sharon Greenfield, Eddie Yeoman, Fred Atkins, Jean Atkins

Animal Welfare Party: Vanessa Hudson, Alexander Bourke, Kirsteen-Williamson-Guinn, Andrew Knight, Dimple Patel, Meg Mathews, Guy Dessoy, Ranjan Joshi

Christian People’s Alliance: Sid Cordle, Yemi Awolola, Ashley Dickenson, Sharmilla Swarna, Laurence Williams, Ethel Odiete, Kevin Nichols, Stephen Hammond

Communities United Party: Kamran Malik, Humera Kamran, Cydatty Bogie, Mary Coleman-Daniels, Idris Ali, Reuben Edokpayi, Sunita Singh, Joanne Flanders [wins award for oddest and least European logo ever, still as @simbassi said, “That eagle would get shit done”].

Europeans Party: Tommy Tomescu, Andrzej Rygielski, Vanessa Rodriguez, Robin Ashenden, Emil Rusanov, Georgios Papagrigorakis

Harmony Party: David Vincent

National Liberal Party: Graham Williamson, Jagdeesh Singh, Sockalingam Yogalingam, Doris Jones, Upkar Rai, Yussef Anwar, Araz Yurdseven, Bernard Dube

No2EU: Edward Dempsey, Alexander Gordon, April Ashley, Annie Ngemi, Mary Davis, Paula Mitchell, Natasha Hoarau, Michael Carty

For more about the voting system, read our “The Basics” page.

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