What have I missed since March 3rd?

Colour Division, West End Lane’s print shop, celebrated its 40th anniversary.

Property News: Is the housing market in West Hampstead “bonkers”, or ultimately good for London? Comments already coming in!

What’s the connection between London Zoo’s first hippo and West End Lane?

Wonderful "helicopter view" of West Hampstead on this glorious day via Keith Moffitt

Wonderful “helicopter view” of West Hampstead via Keith Moffitt

There’s a new whampevent – #whampsocial – it’s a casual drinks evening that we’ll try and run every couple of weeks. First one is this Wednesday. See you there.

If you want to look round Kilburn’s famous State building, it’s now open to the public every Wednesday from midday to 2pm.

Camden agreed to freeze council tax for another year as it passed its budget in a full council meeting.

A care centre on Shoot Up Hill is seeking a reprieve from Camden, which will pull its funding from next autumn.

If you remember the man in the chicken suit from a few weeks ago… here’s the final advert made for Bristan.

Tom went to Guglee and Whampreview went to Mamacita.

Brinkworth Dairy was voted Customers’ Favourite Stall at the farmers’ market.

The Grand Budapest Hotel is Film of the Week. Check out all the local listings, including Mark’s “Must-See Movies”.

There’s regular comedy improv night every other Tuesday in the Lower Ground Bar – we spoke to Andrew, the man behind it.

Fin City, a new fish & chips shop, has opened in Kilburn to a raptorous welcome.

Local author Susie Steiner’s latest book came out in paperback. We reviewed it.

Facts of the week

  • Kilburn is the only London Underground station without any of the letters of “West Hampstead” in it.
  • You can get to exactly 100 destinations from West Hampstead’s three stations.

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