What have you missed since April 24th?

The Conservatives chose their candidate, setting up all female fight for H&K. (More election news below).

Father Andrew is stepping down as vicar of St. James Church citing the Church of England as being ’institutional homophobic”.

There was a ‘clock up’ at West Hampstead Square. Some liked it , while others thought it looked like a guillotine or or didn’t like the patination (i.e. it’s rusty).

And the clock is up. As seen by @VHaberdashery

And the clock is up. As seen by @VHaberdashery

Election news …

  • The Greens have chosen John Mansook as their candidate for H&K. There is talk of collaboration with other parties (ie, Labour).
  • Unsurprisingly, given the tight battle ahead, both Tories and Labour fear “leakage to the Lib Dems” [paywall].
  • Andy Burnham said there was “too much Hampstead and not enough Hull” in today’s Labour Party. Tulip’s just hoping there is still enough Labour Party in Hampstead & Kilburn.
  • Former local Labour councillor Mike Katz is seeking selection as Labour’s PPC in Hendon.
  • There’s a straw in the wind this week with the Gospel Oak by-election.
  • It’s all getting a bit Game of Thrones.

West Hampstead’s favourite stall at the farmers’ market is officially Brinkworth Dairy. We got the lowdown on its success.

Our historian uncovered the strange story of a local diamond broker. And he will be at the Library on Tuesday with tales of WW1 spies in Camden.

Nazanin’s appeal to the Iranian High court was turned down – and reported from the Wall Street Journal to the China Daily.

Fire fighter Dave Allen left West Hampstead after 30 years of service. Good bye!

But what’s 30 years? A Broadhurst Gardens couple celebrated 71 years of marriage.

Police are looking for a man who exposed himself on the Thameslink. And are also asking for any information after a man exposed himself on the Black Path (back in December).

So – glad to see that progress is being made of clearing up the Black Path.

Camden’s new garden waste contract is still causing confusion. You can sign up on Camden’s website (and see who in your postcode has signed up). You can club together with a neighbour informally to share a collection – rather than just dumping your waste in their bags, not just dump in their waste in your bags as some are doing.

Time Out reported 14 things to do West End Lane, and its annual round up of top coffee shops included the Sanctuary Café in the Sherriff Centre and Loft (at the top of Greencroft Gardens) but missed Wired. Pah!

Rosa’s Thai opened to a good start.

A husband and wife team opened a new Osteopathy/Psychology practice at 322 West End Lane.

The Londonist took a nostalgic look at Kilburn, no longer Ireland’s 33rd County.

Local artist Zoe Grace, who has an up and down life, is taking part in an exhibition in Fitzrovia.

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