What have I missed since January 26th?

The Alliance’s appeal to raise money to send the body of staffmember Natalia Czekaj back to her mother in Poland exceeded its target, allowing the pub to also pay for the funeral. Thank you to everyone who donated.

Flooding at Farringdon at the start of the week and planned engineering this weekend has meant chaos for Thameslink passengers, crowded tube platforms for everyone, and no farmers’ market. Predictably, there’s a petition about Govia’s performance.

Of the responses received so far, locals are overwhelmingly objecting to the council’s Liddell Road planning applications. Meanwhile, confusion reigns over the admissions point for the expanded Kingsgate/Liddell Road school with “any other options” being considered by the council some two years after first proposing the original idea.

A train of Ford vehicles rolling through West Hampstead Overground station via Mark Amies

A train of Ford vehicles rolling through West Hampstead Overground station via Mark Amies

The West Hampstead Life Forum launched – sign-ups have been very healthy all week and there’s been plenty of discussion. We now have more than 75 members, so why not join in. Thanks to Paramount for sponsoring it.
Hot topics this week:

Recent OBE Liz Bingham describes West Hampstead as Hampstead’s “funky relation“.

Whampsocial is back for 2015 – the first one is this Thursday (yes, Thursday not Wednesday) from 7.30pm at Frida’s bar at Mamacita. Here’s what some people said about it last year. Whether you’re a noob or a regular, come along and make some local friends.

Saturday was the 100th anniversary of the opening of Kilburn Park tube station.

Tom made a New Year’s Resolution – could he keep it throughout January?

The tallest West Hampstead Square block will reach its maximum height around the end of the month, the back two blocks are already at full height and the first crane will leave the site in 8-9 weeks.

Culture Hub: Hello/Goodbye at Hampstead Theatre is our top tip this week. Check out all the cultural highlights in and around West Hampstead this week.

This month’s NW6 Film Club screening is Selma, the Martin Luther King biopic, at the Tricycle on February 8th. Come and join us.

An appeal court reduced Geoffry Lederman’s sentence for the death of Desreen Brooks in 2012 from 18 months to 12. His lifetime driving ban stands.

West End Lane newcomer restaurant The Petite Corée and Kilburn’s newest Thai restaurant, Jasmine Thai (formerly Fin City) have both had plaudits heaped on them this week.

There’s now a wine called NW6. It’s made by Boris Johnson’s brother!

Fortune Green has been declared processionary oak moth free! I knew you’d be pleased.

City Swish is offering a 20% discount for West Hampstead Life readers on its at-home massage and beauty treatments.

The plan to trial rescheduled Tesco deliveries on West End Lane has been postponed (again) until February.

Tube station ticket offices start to close this week, however West Hampstead and Finchley Road are both in the last phase of this programme and won’t shut until at least October. Staff will still be present in the ticket hall after the counters are closed.

Police have renewed an appeal to find a missing Kilburn man after two years.

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What have I missed since January 19th

Thameslink services will not run between St Pancras and Farringdon Monday due to the flooding. Here’s a train going through the standing water.

Camden released its viability report on the controversial Liddell Road development. The NDF chairman called it “an insult to the local community“. There’s yet another (though probably final) chance to discuss the Liddell Road scheme with Camden officers 11am-1.30pm at Sidings Community Centre on Tuesday 27th.

A rather macabre incident on Hemstal Road involved criminal damge to a car involving a pig’s trotter and some hearts. The police are appealing for witnesses but do not suspect a religious motivation at the moment.

Frozen Angel at Hampstead Cemetery this morning via Natasha Back

Frozen Angel at Hampstead Cemetery this morning via Natasha Back

The Alliance is raising money to repatriate the body of staffmember Natalia Czekaj to Poland after she was found dead earlier this month at her home.

The West Hampstead Life Forum launched. Sign up, join in the conversation and start your own discussions. If you’re not sure how to start, here’s a how-to guide to get you going.

All five main parties have now announced their election candidates; we take a look at the candidates and the latest thinking on the outcome. Put March 31st in your diaries for the West Hampstead Life hustings in association with the Sherriff Centre.

The Benham & Reeves property of the month is a 1-bed in West Hampstead Square that’s come back on the market.

There will be no farmers’ market this coming Saturday Jan 31st due to major engineering works that mean southbound Thameslink trains will be terminating at West Hampstead.

Police are searching for a man in connection with West Hampstead burglaries

The Culture Hub pick of the week is Aisling Bea’s stand-up at the Good Ship this Monday. See our other top culture choices this week.

We reviewed Sonia Jalaly’s one-woman show at the Tricycle Theatre.

Clothing shop Social is up for sale, with a sign outside the shop saying it’s moving to a new location (though not where that location is!).

Geoffery Lederman, the driver convicted of causing the death of Desreen Brooks, is appealing his sentence (18 months custodial and lifetime driving ban).

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What have I missed since January 12th

What appears to have been an electrical fault caused the O2 centre to be evacuated early Sunday evening and it will reopen Monday. Cinema-goers, shoppers and gym members were all turfed out in the cold.

The Neighbourhood Forum passed its exam and got a £6,000 lottery grant. The referendum is likely to be in the summer. Monday night’s NDF meeting to discuss the Overground plans and the latest on Liddell Road was a bit fractious with TfL taking some stick for a poor consultation on the former, and frustration and anger over the Liddell Road school admissions point.

A barmaid who worked at The Alliance was found dead at her home in Edgware earlier in the month. A man has been charged with her murder.

Frosty leaves by Dilys Hoffman

Frosty leaves by Dilys Hoffman

We reviewed the Tricycle’s latest play, A Series of Increasingly Impossible Acts; and you can WIN tickets to Thursday’s performance.

A revamp of our Culture Hub means we select the picks of the week for you across the arts. This week’s top tip is Le Passé, screening by the Belsize Park Film Society. See what else has made the list this week.

T.S. Eliot lived for a couple of years in Compayne Gardnes, during the time that Prufrock was published. Here’s a short film about Eliot’s West Hampstead stay.

In 1945, loitering in West Hampstead was a serious offence.

In the mid 19th century, there was a laundry school opposite where the Thameslink station is today. It struggled financially and soon folded.

Election news
Tory blogger Iain Dale surprised many by including Hampstead & Kilburn in his list of 100 seats that would change hands at the election. Ladbrokes currently have Labour at 2/9 and the Conservatives at 5/1 (lengthening slightly from 9/2 a week or so ago). Dale claimed to have “a lot of new info” on the seat, but declined to say what it was.

William Hague joined Conservative candidate Simon Marcus at JW3. Neither man looked especially excited despite the best efforts of JW3 boss Raymond Simonson.

Tweet of the Week

What have I missed since January 5th?

The West Hampstead & Fortune Green Neighbourhood Development Plan passed its independent examination and will now go to a referendum. More on this later in the week.

New Year means gym memberships sky rocket, but what’s the right deal for you? We crunched the numbers, weighed up the pros and cons, and cut through the spin to round-up all the local offerings.

The full responses to the West Hampstead NDF Liddell Road survey were released. The bottom line: plenty of support in principle from locals, but the details please very few.


#JeSuisCharlie support of sorts in @WHampstead via Simon Benson

Tweet of the Year was announced… and the winner was Freddie Gavita.

West Hampstead resident Liz Bingham was awarded an OBE for promoting equality in the workplace.

An initial visit to The Petite Corée suggests West Hampstead’s newest restaurant could do well.

To many people’s dismay, it seems that election season is already upon us. In this week’s news, Tulip Siddiq opened her office on the Kilburn High Road with Alan Davies in attendance, Simon Marcus took some stick on Twitter for a mansion tax flyer mocked up to look like an official council letter, and Maajid Nawaz was all over the media talking about Islam.

Thursday was the 70th anniversary of the V2 rocket landing on Iverson Road. Amazingly only three people died, but hundreds were affected by the attack, with many forced out of their homes.

We learned that actress Kristin Scott Thomas used to live above a fish & chip shop on West End Lane.

Gig of the Week is something very different – Vuong10 at JW3 is a contemporary dance piece, but if you don’t think that’s your thing… think again!

Foxcatcher is our Film of the Week, and there was a great turnout for the Film Club screening of Birdman.

For anyone who still doesn’t know.. your Christmas trees need to be recycle. Until the 15th, you can take them to Fortune Green or Kilburn Grange park. The council won’t collect them from the street.

(NB: the website is undergoing a bit of maintenance, apologies for any glitches you see over the next 24 hours or so)

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What have I missed since December 22nd?

Happy New Year!
It’s a bumper fortnight round-up this week

The plan was submitted for the major overhaul of the Overground station, enabling it to cope with the increasing number of passengers passing through.

More than 125 people responded to the NDF’s survey on Liddell Road and there is overwhelming opposition to the council’s scheme.

Recycle your Christmas tree. Camden will collect them from various points around the borough including Fortune Green (see photo below) and Kilburn Grange Park until January 15th. Do NOT leave them on the street, they will not be collected.

Fortune Green Christmas tree collection

Wow the tree grave got slightly inundated….! via @fleurchaffe

It was unusually “lively” on West End Lane on New Year’s Eve, with a fight breaking out in the street and enough unrest to bring the police helicopter out.

We looked back over 2014 month by month to see what were the biggest stories of the year in West Hampstead. They spanned the post office, new shops, and the appearance of Sachin Tendulkar.

We also collected the best sunset and sunrise photos of the year; and there are some stunners in this set of 16 photos.

Elsie, 13, reviewed the Tricycle’s Lionboy, which runs until January 10th

NW6 Film Club is off to see Hollywood satire Birdman on Sunday January 11th. Come and join us for the first Film Club of 2015.

The 85-year-old man found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving on West End Lane in late 2012 was given an 18 month jail sentence and banned from driving for life. Ben Brooks-Dutton, whose wife died in the incident, took the opportunity to encourage everyone to tell someone who should give up driving that now is the time to stop.

Londonist spoke to Ross, a West Hampstead firefighter, about working on Christmas Day

There’s yet another proposal for developing Gondar Gardens

Fortune Green’s resident blogger looked at canine fashion. With pictures.

It looks like Adam’s Grill is on the market already.

As of Monday January 5th, Thameslink trains from Bedford will no longer call at London Bridge due to the major works there.

Sodi Cookey is our Gig of the Week at The Good Ship as local live music cranks back into gear after the holidays.

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West Hampstead Life Review of the Year

West Hampstead is changing fast (too fast perhaps for some). Lets take a look back at the stories that made the news in 2014 (click the images to go to the full story)

“The driver didn’t get out, but reversed half a metre and tried again, hitting the building again, and then did the same. It took three or four attempts to get through, doing more damage each time.”

12 months later, the building still hasn’t been repaired. The year began with a violent storm that ripped down the tube station sign and a brewing pharmacy war in Mill Lane.

Estate agents have to remove boards no more than 14 days after the advertised property has been let or sold. In reality they are often left for months or even years. In fact, some have been there so long they are rotting away with just the frame left attached to the buildings.

West Hampstead made the news over some pebbledash and some street “art”. We also featured on Location, Location, Location, though an important detail was omitted from the programme.

The trees were controversially felled in February, construction began in March, and the cranes went up in September. West Hampstead Square is due for completion mid-2015

Thankfully everyone got out of a Broadhurst Gardens house fire, though one woman jumped and broke her leg. Smokehouse One Sixty opened its doors, and we contrasted the sale of Stephen Fry’s former house with the cheapest flat for sale in the area.

Where possible, produce at West Hampstead Fruit & Veg is sourced from the UK, so expect to find apples from Kent and UK-grown mushrooms, as well as other local fruit and vegetable varieties in season.

There was a false security alarm at JW3 that closed the Finchley Road, West End Lane Books celebrated its 20th anniversary, and an eviction on Lymington Road drew protestors and police.

Labour managed the clean sweep in West Hampstead (something residents will hope they can do to the streets as well), with the shock being the removal of Keith Moffitt.

The elections dominated May’s news, as Labour won five of the six seats across West Hampstead and Fortune Green from the Lib Dems. At the pre-election hustings, it was UKIP who predictably stole the headlines after its candidate questioned whether women should have the vote.

As well as doing pieces to camera, Sachin Tendulkar also spent time with Hampstead Cricket Club’s colts batting and bowling with them. Although some of the younger players may not have been aware of Tendulkar’s prowess, their parents were suitably bowled over.

Local vicar Father Andrew Cain married his partner Steve Foreshew. The Church of England grumbled, but for many the surprise was less that the local vicar was gay and more that his new husband was an atheist.

Most of the early arrivals to the post office / café/ shop/ playarea / church seemed impressed. For many, it was their first sight of the transformed space. It is believed to be the first full-time post office located in a functioning church and certainly the first in London.

The first of two tetchy Liddell Road development meetings conveyed locals’ displeasure with the plans as they stood. Vintage jewellery shop Passionate About Vintage opened on Mill Lane.

The Tricycle, Kilburn’s highly regarded theatre and cinema, found itself embroiled in controversy after announcing that it would no longer be part of the UK Jewish Film Festival.

Three men were found guilty of murdering Sabrina Moss last year.

September Having been a West Hampstead commuter, Alexandra Gee noticed that “I’m always tired and hungry after a long day at work, and end up going to Tesco for the same old pasta. I thought it would be great to be able to pick up something different and tasty on the way home.”

It was a quiet month!

Local resident and early-riser Mandira Bhimjiyani was excited by the new store. “I love a good Waitrose,” she said. “Any supermarket that thinks tiramisu is essential is ok with me.”

The Railway closed until March 2015 as the upper floors are converted into self-contained flats. A spate of burglaries started with a break-in at Toomai. Foxtons got permission to open in the former post office building in West End Lane. Kilburn made it into the Financial Times and The Economist. Capital City motorbike shop failed to comply with an enforcement order (and has since been evicted from its Fortune Green premises). Oh, and the Hoff turned up to the Kilburn Nando’s.

Love & Liquor is so keen not to be in Kilburn - depsite the fact that Kilburn is surely edgier and more "street" than posh residential Maida Vale - that it gives its address as "34 High Road, Maida Vale". That would be 34 Kilburn High Road to the postman

After years of clamouring, a butcher finally opened in West Hampstead. A rail replacement bus caused some major damage to parked cars in Broadhurst Gardens, and a snake was spotted (and captured) in Parsifal Road. The portacabin classrooms were finally rmoved from Lymington Road ater two years.

Locals have objected to the height of the Liddell Road tower block and the lack of affordable housing (which was initially zero), when the council is expecting to make a £3m surplus from the development

Liddell Road wasn’t the only major planning application to go in over Christmas; the Overground station plans were also submitted. Posh frozen food shop Cook opened, and the air ambulance came twice to NW6 within an hour. The 85-year-old driver convicted of killing Desreen Brooks on West End Lane in November 2012 was given an 18 month jail sentence and was banned for driving for life.

Photos via West Hampstead Life, Mark Amies (Ballymore cranes), Richard Clegg (Waitrose), Dan Hiral (Travis Perkins lorry), John Mennis (Sachin Tendulkar), John Oris (Tricycle)

What have I missed since December 15th?

Camden’s application to redevelop Liddell Road was finally submitted: a school (420 pupils), 106 flats (4 affordable), and a 5-storey workspace building. More details and pictures.

A new bar opened in Kilburn (no ambiguity over its location). It looks very promising.

Cook – the frozen ready meals business that cooks its meals on the premises – opened on Wednesday. One particular photo of it got more traction than others.

Tube train waits as sun sets  via @WHampstead

The sun goes down on 2014 as 2015 is built before our eyes, via @WHampstead

The O2 centre and Camden have teamed up again to encourage shoppers to give a foster child an extra small gift this year.

Aldred Road once again turned on the style with the most coordinated Christmas lights in town.

Two estate agents did good: Paramount staff helped out at a kitchen for the homeless over two weeks, while Chelsea Square are the official “Housing for Heroes” partner locally.

What did we make of the menu and service at the revamped North London Tavern?

Has much changed in 27 years? Flick Rea is still campaigning and it’s still a pain walking between the stations at rush hour.

On Sunday, the Air Ambulance landed twice in NW6 within the hour.

The flagstones outside Little Waitrose are already being replaced, but as that’s where delivery lorries park it’s hard to see how it won’t keep on happpening.

Schnitzel wins Chanukah on West End Lane!

The streetfood market battled wind and cold temperatures in its last week of operation until March next year.

There was outspoken criticism of the defence team’s attempts to delay the trial of Geoffery Lederman, the driver convicted of killing Desreen Brooks in 2012.

We looked back at the Films of the Year – but what came out on top?

There’s not a tonne of live music on over Christmas week (though of course The Good Ship manages to pull out a gig on the 27th). Look out next week for our round-up of local New Year’s Eve events.

Finally, don’t forget our Christmas survival guide!

No Tweet of the Week this week – all the best ones are linked above – but look out for the illustrious Tweet of the Year competition over the holidays, along with a round-up of this year’s biggest stories, and a West Hampstead “census” kicking off before the New Year.

What have I missed since December 8th?

The 85-year-old driver who caused the death of Desreen Brooks on West End Lane in 2012 was found guilty of death by dangerous driving, but cleared of grievous bodily harm against US student Amy Werner, apparently due to a lack of concrete evidence. He will be sentenced before Christmas.

A lorry apparently drove into the traffic lights on West End Lane/Iverson Road on Saturday evening.

Got a question about West Hampstead at Christmas? We’ve probably answered it in our Survival Guide!

Caught my cutey back garden fox having a casual nose around the patio via @damawa42

Caught my cutey back garden fox having a casual nose around the patio via @damawa42

West Hampstead Life Christmas drinks is this Thursday, and there’s food and live music first at the West Hampstead Christmas Food Fest.

This is the last week of the streetfood market until March 2015, so why not drop by and give them a good send off.

Posh frozen food shop COOK opens on West End Lane on Wednesday.

West Hampstead councillor Angela Pober failed to secure the Labour nomination to replace Frank Dobson as the party’s candidate for Holborn & St Pancras. The seat will be contested by Sir Keir Starmer.

Contract publishers Ink Global moved its global headquarters to West Hampstead.

The final Film Club screening of the year was St Vincent with a great turnout. Film Club will return in 2015.

The Petite Corée, a Modern European/Korean fusion restaurant has opened where Elephant Walk was.

The lease for Mamacita is up for sale, though Mamacita claims that it’s merely considering relocation.

Here’s the view from the top of West Hampstead Square at the moment.

Leviathan is our Film of the Week. All the local listings here.

Alongside the carol concerts this week there’s also a Battle of the Tribute Bands this week. All the local music this week is here.

There are two more trains an hour from West Hampstead Thameslink starting this week.

Camden’s primary schools have been ranked. Of the local three, Emmanuel just comes ahead of Kingsgate, with Beckford a little further behind. All three are squarely in the middle of Camden’s primary schools overall.

Kilburn Ironworks, the bar that’s replacing Powers, finally opens officially on January 1st.

West Hampstead author Simon Inglis’s latest book Played in London topped the Londonist’s best London books of 2014 list.

Another estate agent (yes) is opening in West Hampstead – this one on Mill Lane (No. 84).

Tweet of the Week

What have I missed since December 1st?

A fight broke out on Maygrove Road on Wednesday; the police stopped some men all of whom denied involvement “even the one with minor injury”, according to Sgt Ian Hutton.

The trial began of the 83-year-old man charged with causing death by dangerous driving in the accident two years ago that killed Desreen Brooks and left American student Amy Werner in a critical condition in hospital.

An inquest into the death of Dr Nazim Mahmood, who fell from his balcony above Barclays Bank on Fawley Road in June this year, found that he took his own life after telling his mother that he was gay.

Acker Bilk evening at La Brocca via Tony Penfold

Acker Bilk evening at La Brocca via Tony Penfold

The West Hampstead Life 2014 Christmas Gift Guide is out – shop local for presents for all your loved ones.

We always get asked about carol concerts… so here’s the round-up of who’s decking which halls on what days (as well, of course, as the latest on all the other music offerings in the neighbourhood).

The West Hampstead Christmas Market enjoyed glorious winter sunshine on Saturday.

Several local businesses also embraced Small Business Saturday, and one even got to go to Downing Street as a result!

NW6 Film Club is off tonight (Monday) to see St Vincent at the Tricycle.

Citizenfour is Film of the Week, but I’m afraid you’ve already missed the two screenings; there’s still time for the second screening of 2001: A Space Odyssey though – well worth seeing this classic on the big screen. Check out that and all the local film news.

December’s Property of the Month is a 2-bedroom flat on Lyncroft Gardens.

Commuters rejoice: Bond Street station is now open again for entry, exit and interchange.

Tweet of the Week

What have I missed since November 24th?

A man in his early 30s died on Sunday morning after collapsing outside the North London Tavern in Kilburn. There has been no official statement by the police, but it appears he had a heart attack.

A passer-by spotted a corn snake in Parsifal Road and helped it into a recycling box before alerting the homeowner.

West Hampstead ward councillor Angela Pober has made the shortlist for Labour’s candidate for Holborn & St Pancras. The CNJ published an interview with her that’s already ruffled a few feathers.

Happy Monday! Sunrise and condensed window  via Mauro Murgia

Happy Monday! Sunrise and condensed window via Mauro Murgia

Australian batmsan Phil Hughes, who died earlier this week after having been hit by a cricket ball during a match, lived briefly in West Hampstead with his then Middlesex team mate Nick Compton.

The streetfood market is turning into a Christmas mini-market for December, opening Wed-Fri 4-8pm. Opening night is December 3rd and look out for a special event on December 18th, combining the market with West Hampstead Life Christmas Drinks.

Next Saturday is the West Hampstead Christmas Market (and Small Business Saturday), so there’s no excuse not to shop local.

The West Hampstead Business Association is holding its Christmas social on Tuesday evening at the Sherriff Centre. Come along and find out more about what the WHBA does.

Finchley Road has been added to a list of possible terrorist targets.

The Jubilee Line is stopping at Bond Street again, but it’s interchange and exit only still.

Burgh House’s World War I “Fellowship & Sacrifice” is our exhibition of the month – and ends in mid-December. Check out all the other local art exhibitions.

There’s an eclectic mix of local gigs this week, including a tribute to Acker Bilk and a laser harp!

Everyone’s starting to ask about Christmas trees! The Mill Lane Garden Centre is one option. They are also being sold by the Sherriff Centre, at Homebase, and on Kilburn High Road.

Our “Hot Ticket” is for Lemony Snicket’s The Latke Who Couldn’t Stop Screaming – a JW3 theatre production. There is an amazing array of plays out at the moment locally.

Paddington is our Film of the Week, but there’s plenty else on locally if the bear with the hard stare isn’t your marmalade sandwich.

The final NW6 Film Club of the year is on December 8th. Join the gang to watch Bill Murray in St Vincent at the Tricycle, with drinks and food at The Black Lion in Kilburn first.

Kilburn ward councillor Maryam Eslamdoust was punched in Bloomsbury as she walked her blind brother home.

It looks like the Pizza Express on Finchley Road is moving into the O2 centre. Direct competition for Rossopomodoro!

There will be a 24-hour post box outside the Sherriff Centre so locals won’t have to wait until the post office is open. There is no word as to whether a post box will return near the former post office, which would be convenient for more people.

This Tuesday there’s an exhibition on the proposals for the Overground station at the Synagogue Hall.

The Friends of Fortune Green have launched a Flickr group and are looking for submissions.

Hayes Camera shop on Mill Lane, which seems to have been there for ever, has closed. The rumour is that it’s being replaced by yet another hairdressers.

Tweet of the Week

What have I missed since November 17?

A rail replacement bus hit parked cars on Broadhurst Gardens on Sunday morning causing considerable damage and blocking the road for some time. This was the worst incident in a terrible weekend for local transport as both the Jubilee and Met lines were closed, there were two sets of roadworks on West End Lane, Belsize Road was partially closed to remove the Abbey estate bridge, and serious flooding at the Brent Cross end of Finchley Road all combined to cause gridlock.

A swathe of West Hampstead BT customers have been without a phone line for most of the week. If you’ve been affected, contact who is trying to put together a collective call for compensation.

Capital City Motorcycles (which we wrote about last month), was evicted from its premises by bailiffs.

I'm in love with this street via Katherine Penfold

I’m in love with this street via Katherine Penfold

Two years after the fatal West End Lane accident, an 84-year-old man pleaded not guilty to dangerous driving. The trial is due to start on December 1st.

Whampreview gave its verdict on Toomai.

Tube and bus fares go up again in January – what will this mean for most West Hampstead residents?

West Hampstead’s newest residents association is almost up and running.

There was a great turnout for NW6 Film Club on Monday for the Alan Turing film The Imitation Game. Meanwhile, Film of the Week is another biopic: Get on Up.

Posh frozen food retailer Cook is moving into the former Axminster store on West End Lane, due to open in a couple of weeks.

The council has replaced trees on Fortune Green that were either dying or were ripped up by St Jude’s storm.

A local is kickstarting a helmet for style-conscious cyclists.

The West Hampstead Business Association’s Christmas social is on December 2nd. All businesses – members and non-members welcome.

Check out all the local gigs and concerts in and around West Hampstead this week, including our Gig of the Week.

Camden apologised after a judge demanded the council repaired some West Hampstead flats in a terrible condition.

Saturday December 6th Small Business Saturday (and the local Christmas market). The WHBA explains how to get involved.

There was the usual mix of old faces and new friends at the last Whampsocial of 2014. Look out for news of the WHamp Christmas Drinks though!

In case you missed it a few weeks ago, Dr Rebecca Johnson is the Green Party candidate for Hampstead & Kilburn at next May’s election.

We’re on a mission to get Manuel and Renata together.

Tweet of the Week

What have I missed since November 10th?

Camden “deselected” the developer for 156 West End Lane (the Travis Perkins building), but insists it’s still seeking 50% affordable housing there.

Talking of affordable housing, what will the West Hampstead property market look like next year?

The portacabin classrooms at Hampstead Cricket Club were being dismantled as the girls school returns to its permanent building.

Stunning sunrise over Mill Lane this morning. Feeling blessed, via @dalzette

Stunning sunrise over Mill Lane this morning. Feeling blessed, via @dalzette

Tom, long sceptical about Sarracino, finally went for a proper meal.

The site of Elephant Walk on West End Lane is becoming a new restaurant. It appears to be another pizza place.

The Acol Bridge Club raised £8,000 for a breast cancer campaign.

Film of the Week and Monday’s Film Club screening is The Imitation Game.

This Wednesday is the last Whampsocial of the year. See you there!

Whampdinner at One Sixty was a great success. There won’t be a December whampdinner, but look out for news of our informal Christmas Drinks.

Residents of a West Hampstead street bemoaned the loss of neighbourly love.

WHAT published the minutes of its meeting about the local rubbish problems.

A fourth polling station has been restored in West Hampstead ward – at Brondesbury Christian Centre, 9 Iverson Road.

It appears Jerry Sadowitz will be at the O2 on Finchley Road, though quite why is hard to decipher from this video.

A newsagent in Kilburn was forced to close after becoming infested with mice.

There’s a wide range of musical talent on show this week in the local area – our Gig of the Week is Judith Owen at the JW3 on Sunday.

West Hampstead councillor Angela Pober’s hat is officially in the ring for Labour’s Holborn & St Pancras parliamentary candidate. Here’s her personal statement. She was also the only councillor to abstain in a council vote regarding the mansion tax.

An update from Ballymore: the tallest West Hampstead Square tower block will reach its final height by the end of February.

Bake-a-boo, West End Lane Books, Little Bay, One Sixty, The Wet Fish Café, the North London Tavern and B&J Fisheries either won or were runners up in the Time Out Love London awards for NW6.

A woman was killed after being hit by a tube train at Swiss Cottage. Police are not treating the death as suspicious.

Tweet of the Week

What have I missed since November 3rd?

The rash of commercial burglaries in the area continued unabated with Remix salon among the latest victims. The number of businesses hit over the past few weeks has hit double figures.

The Hampstead Butcher & Providore opened its West Hampstead branch on Saturday.

Govia, Thameslink’s new operator, has got off to a very shaky start. We looked at the statistics to see just how bad it has been.

Bloody cold but beautifully fresh morning in West Hampstead via Steve Lowy

Bloody cold but beautifully fresh morning in West Hampstead via Steve Lowy

Love & Liquor got into a Twitter debate over whether it was in Kilburn or Maida Vale. Par for the course… apart from the amazing coincidence of a relevant Wikipedia article being edited at the same time. We tracked the story.

WHAT’s public meeting about our local rubbish problem was well attended. No immediate solutions beyond the issues that need to be addressed when the waste collection contract with Veolia is renegotiated, and that Camden will be asking central government for the ability to spot fine fly tippers.

The Neighbourhood Development Forum wants your views on the controversial Liddell Road development. It is hoping as many people as possible contribute, so whether you’re fully in favour, totally against, or somewhere in the middle, do take two minutes to fill in the questionnaire. There’s also an NDF meeting on Tuesday evening. All welcome.

We delved into the history of the West End Lane school that’s now a teacher training college.

The JW3 ice rink opens for a month from December 7th. You can buy tickets already

When the Dallas Cowboys took on the Jacksonville Jaguars at Wembley on Sunday, in the last of this season’s NFL games, one Cowboy was Kilburn’s very own Jack Crawford. He made the most of his trip home.

Property of the Month is a £2 million doer-upper in Pandora Road.

West Hampstead councillor Angela Pober has launched her campaign to be the Labour candidate to replace Frank Dobson in Holborn & St Pancras. This appears to be her fourth attempt to stand for parliament after failing to make the shortlist in Salford & Eccles or Hampstead & Kilburn, and making the shortlist but not getting the nomination in Reading East.

Whampbooks at West End Lane Books on Thursday night was another great event. There’ll be a pre-Christmas sale there too towards the end of the month.

TfL’s plans to make the Swiss Cottage gyratory system properly bike friendly were described as “radical” (in a good way) by local councillors.

Paramount is holding its annual collection for your unwanted winter coats, which go to a deserving home via charity Wrap Up London.

Interstellar is our Film of the Week and on the 17th, the film club is off to see Alan Turing film The Imitation Game with Benedict Cumberbatch.

A filmmaker is trying to crowdsource the finances for a film about Sabrina Moss, the young mother who was fatally shot in Kilburn last year.

F-IRE Collective Rhythm & Jews is our Gig of the Week at JW3 on Saturday. Check out all the local music listings.

Tweet of the Week

What have I missed since October 27th?

Waitrose opened on West End Lane. Barely anyone noticed. It was all Twitter could talk about all day. But by the end of the week the backlash had begun.

Last Sunday night, Toomai was burgled – thieves took cash, alcohol and prawns! West End Lane Books was also burgled on Friday night and La Brocca was also broken into that night. Brocca also suffered a broken window earlier in the week allegedly caused by some people it had thrown out earlier. They were charged by the police.

This Tuesday WHAT is holding a public meeting in the library (7.30pm) to discuss the rubbish/litter situation with Cllr Sally Gimson. This is the place to come if you want to find out how Camden is (or isn’t) tackling the problem.

Photo via @WHampstead

Photo via @WHampstead

Organised public firework displays are in short supply around here. Roundwood Park and the Queens Park open space (not Queens Park itself) just north of the Harrow Road are your best options on the 5th.

The Sherriff Centre, not content with café, shop, post office, soft play area and, er, church, is hosting a silent disco on Nov 15th as well!

Cream guitarist and singer Jack Bruce, who died on October 25th, lived in and around West Hampstead in the 1960s and played Klooks Kleek.

Mamako on Broadhurst Gardens is on the market.

This Thursday is #whampbooks at West End Lane Books. 20% off everything, free wine, and loads of lovely locals. It’s a surefire winner (and a great way to cheer them up after the burglary).

Thursday is also the scheduled opening date for Hammpstead Butcher & Providore on West End Lane (next to the Wet Fish Café).

Kilburn’s art installation You Are Here, ran all week. The Kilburn Literary Festival also started and runs through to Tuesday.

The Diamond Age and The Episodes at The Good Ship on Friday is our Gig of the Week. Check out all the other local music listings.

WHalloween Food Fest at the streetfood market took advantage of the balmy temperatures as well over 100 people came for some food, some music and some chat.

Mill Lane Bistro has reopened after a refurb, with a new chef and a new menu.

More people around here are native French speakers than any other non-English language.

Nightcrawler is the Film of the Week. Check out NxNW6’s thoughts on other local offerings.

TimeOut made it to the Sanctuary Café in the church, and liked what it saw.

Tweet of the Week

What have I missed since October 20th?

A fire at the Brondesbury Medical Centre on Kilburn High Road on Tuesday night caused the Tricycle Cinema to be evacuated. Although some damage was done to the upper floor of the GP practice, no-one was hurt and the surgery reopened on the Thursday.

Camden granted estate agent Foxtons the change of use permission it needed to open in the former post office on West End Lane. This prompted a flurry of interest in a 2013 piece that sought to find the collective noun for estate agents.

The Area Action Group meeting (the first public meeting since the council election) was suitably lively, with the usual complaints about council services and mixed reactions to the proposed Overground station. WHL live tweeted proceedings.

Pimp my bins via @HandyAndyNW6

Pimp my bins via @HandyAndyNW6

This Thursday we’re hosting WHalloween Food Fest at the streetfood market. Find all the sign-up details here.

A date was set for the start of the 24hr tube service on Fridays/Saturdays. But what about the noise for people living near stations?

Waitrose opens on Tuesday – having caused considerable excitement among (almost) everyone. The ribbon will be cut at 7am(!) by the chair of trustees of the West Hampstead womens’ centre. The bench outside Waitrose that has been removed during the works is to be replaced.

A former England cricketer cut the ribbon at the official opening of Aqua Pharmacy’s new premises on Mill Lane.

The Gallery’s refit started. And Mill Lane Bistro is closed until Wednesday for a refit.

Kilburn chippy Fin City tweeted a plea for more customers.

Some curiously possessive stickers appeared around the area.

There’s always a petition to sign – the latest one is for a pedestrian crossing on Shoot Up Hill.

The London Review of Breakfasts tried Café Bon.

Police were alerted to a man who exposed himself just off Lymington Road.

A local Labour faction have lambasted the (Labour-dominated) council’s plans for Liddell Road. Much of what they say resonates with some residents’ comments, though completely ignoring the school being built rather weakens their argument.

Meanwhile, a Nora Connell has been writing the same letter to all the local papers (a hard-to-decipher ramble about UKIP). She claims to be a parliamentary candidate for Hampstead & Kilburn representing the “Connell Canto Party”.

Apparently, Hampstead & Kilburn is the 8th most pro-immigrant constituency in the UK and the 12th most pro the EU. Doesn’t bode well for UKIP’s chances here next year. [paywall]

The Wet Fish Café’s wall-mounted guitars are all made my a local luthier. A relaxed gig earlier in the week showcased the instrument.

An inquest heard that a former Broadmoor patient died after slitting his wrist at his Maygrove Road flat in a supported housing block.

It was the 50th anniversary of the Beatles second ever performance at the Kilburn State. They were paid £850.

A new teacher training institution opened at the Kilburn end of West End Lane.

After The Economist looked at Aldi in Kilburn last week, this week the Financial Times covered the High Road’s Afghan restaurant Ariana II.

Fury is our Film of the Week. Read our take on all the local film offerings this week.

REHAB Halloween at Love & Liquor is our Gig of the Week.

Lots of local businesses are in the running for Time Out’s favourite places awards. Click on NW6 (Kilburn) to see the categories and contenders. Monday’s the last day of voting.

The premises that used to be Helena’s Hair Care at 78 Fortune Green Road is apparently destined to be… another salon.

Tweet of the Week

What have I missed since October 13th?

Stained glass windows were broken, but nothing was taken in a “bungled break-in” of St James’ church and post office.

After looking at Kentish Town a few weeks ago, this week’s Economist suggests that the success of Aldi in Kilburn should have the big supermarket chains worried.

Staff at South Hampstead’s Tesco committed a howler, and threw out a blind customer because they didn’t realise her dog was a guide dog. The company has since apologised and offered to make a £5,000 donation to a charity of the customer’s choice.


The Railway pub closed on Wednesday for five months as work is done to convert the upper floors of the building. The Gallery closed Sunday night for two weeks for some less drastic work to take place – it reopens for a Halloween Party.

The tiny Christmas trees went up on West End Lane (a little early thought some), after Camden found external sponsors to cover the costs of Christmas decorations across the borough.

A new delivery service is bringing West Hampstead restaurants’ food to your door.

Keep your eyes peeled over the next couple of days – there’s a new event coming up on October 30th that I’m sure you’ll want to come along to! In the meantime, the next whampsocial is this Wednesday at Frida’s bar in Mamacita from 7.30pm.

Are we heading for an oversupply of rental properties in West Hampstead?

Tom checked out the gnocchi at The Salt House on Abbey Road. Did it meet his exacting standards?

Sirous has a new name and a new chef. El Rocio, as it’s now to be called, will apparently be 100% tapas.

Cyclists should pedal over to Sidings on Monday evening to learn more about proposals for cycling in the area, and London more broadly.

Tuesday’s Area Action Group meeting will be the first since May’s council elections. Come along and catch up on the local news.

Parts of Cholmley Gardens were evacuated on Tuesday after a gas leak.

The Little Waitrose is due to open on October 28th.

A residents association for Maygrove, Iverson, Loveridge, Ariel and Medley Roads came a step nearer to forming after a midweek meeeting.

There’s a petition to install a lift at West Hampstead tube station. Not sure how much good such things do, but it’s free to sign so…

Although a slightly odd petition to get people to stop spitting on the Kilburn High Road has at least encouraged some businesses to start putting signs up.

Kilburn station now has a well-established herb garden.

The Judge is Film of the Week, check out all the latest film news locally.

Lost a Beckford School PE bag? George the greengrocer on Mill Lane has it!

Loud sirens around the Thameslink station once again disrupted residents’ weekends. The noises are believed to be safety sirens alerting crews working on the Midland Main Line when other trains are coming through.

Swedish folk band Thisell is our Gig of the Week (Thursday at the Earl Derby). Check out all the local music listings.

Tweet of the Week

What have I missed since October 6th?

Capital City motorbikes on Fortune Green has failed to comply with Camden enforcement notices regarding parking.

Camden cuts mean no Christmas trees this year in West Hampstead but there’s already a campaign going to raise the money to at least put one on West End Green.

The Railway closes on the 15th, and isn’t due to reopen until March while work goes on to convert the upper floors into self-contained flats.

Burt Reynolds in West Hampstead via Simon Borkin

Burt Reynolds in West Hampstead via Simon Borkin

Tesco’s trial of changing delivery times for its West End Lane branch to help ease traffic flow has been postponed until the New Year.

October’s Property of the Month is a 2-bed flat for rent in Hilltop Road.

David Hasselhoff turned up in Nando’s in Kilburn, much to everyone’s suprise.

Amid much speculation over its opening date, Waitrose put an “opens here soon” sign outside the old Pizza Express building that its currently refitting.

Rouge Lounge appears to be up for sale.

’71 is our Film of the Week. Check out our verdict on that and other new releases in the area. It’s also next Sunday’s NW6 Film Club screening at The Tricycle, it’s on at 5.30pm so plenty of time for a drink later.

A West Hampstead filmmaker has uncovered more details about The Great Train Robbery.

Remote View is at The Good Ship on Friday is our Gig of the Week. Check out all the local music listings.

The West Hampstead Christmas market is on December 6th; there are still some stalls available (£45), visit the website for contact details.

West End Lane Acts dodged the showers and held events for kids and adults on West End Green on Sunday.

There’s a proposal for a snazzy looking new café on the corner of Belsize Road and Kilburn High Road.

On Twitter, @exies posted a photo of her grandparents’ shop on Hemstal Road from the 1950s. Here it is today.

Tweet of the Week

What have I missed since September 29th?

The West Hampstead free school campaign did not receive approval from the Department for Education.

The CNJ reported on the revised plans for Liddell Road (and locals’ discontent) with them.

Whampbooks is back – Books, bargains and booze on November 6th at West End Lane Books.

Sunset at Finchley Road Homebase. Late Turner anyone?  via Sean Patterson

Sunset at Finchley Road Homebase. Late Turner anyone? via Sean Patterson

Maygrove Road residents are looking to set up a residents assocation, also including Iverson, Ariel and Loveridge Road. There’s a meeting on October 15th about it if you’re interested in being part of it.

The planning application for the Iverson Tyres site finally went in. (As always, the Design & Access statements are the best documents to start with).

Tom was cheesed off with a £10 sandwich at The Black Lion in Kilburn.

The overnight Overground work has resumed and will continue for the rest of the year. Meanwhile, the sirens that accompanied the points work on the fast lines by Thameslink were driving many of you crazy.

You’ve certainly passed it on the 328 bus, but do you know the history of Kilburn’s Animal War Memorial Dispensary?

Gone Girl is our Film of the Week. Rather than full listings, we’re trialling a brief round-up of what else is on in the area. Feedback welcome.

Pressure continues to build on the council (and local councillors) to do something about the rubbish problems on the streets of West Hampstead.

Gig of the Week is the Silencio Sessions at Heath Street Church on Tuesday.

The Kilburn Literary Festival announced its programme (from Oct 30th-Nov 4th), including a talk by local historian and former parliamentary candidate Ed Fordham on the history of Kilburn’s authors.

We had another great whampsocial; the next one is Oct 22nd.

JW3 celebrated its first anniversary (and has a stellar season of talks lined up for the rest of the year).

A Sangiovese from Vini Vivi was September’s Wine of the Month.

Sidings Community Centre’s Heritage Fair was a big hit.

Toomai is now operating its full menu.

A combination of transport woes on Wednesday led to some impressive crowds building up at St Pancras station as people tried to get home.

Boris Johnson decided to leave the decision on the Swiss Cottage tower block to Camden, which has already refused it. Campaigners were delighted.

Next Sunday a new event takes place on and around West End Green.

Dominos on Finchley Road has closed. I have it on good authority that the West Hampstead one just isn’t as good…

Some news we missed from earlier in the month, The Garden Friends of NW2 group – responsible for the tree pit gardens on Fordwych Road among other things, was awarded 2nd prize in Camden in Bloom’s Best
Community Project category.

Urban Leisure Group, which owns The Gallery and The Alice House among others, won Caterer.com’s Best Employer in Hospitality 2014 award.

If you think Fortune Green is the bestest Green ever, you can vote for it here (doesn’t work from phones I’m afraid and is a wee bit faffy, but would mean a lot to the Friends of Fortune Green).

Apparently, shisha bar Monte Cristo will be appealing Camden’s decision to refuse it planning permission.

Police are trying to find this man, after a woman was flashed at in Kilburn.

Tweet of the Week

What have I missed since September 15th?

A double-edition this week covering the past fortnight.

There was a second public meeting about the Liddell Road development. Camden has knocked three floors off the height of the tower, bringing it down to 11 storeys, and added (from a base of zero), four affordable units out of the 100 now proposed. Residents at the meeting remained underwhelmed.

The Hampstead Cricket Club celebrity cricket match was another star-studded occasion, and a suitably fun close to the season before next season’s 150th anniversary year kicks off

La Smorfia is up for rent – could be a prime spot given its proximity to the new Waitrose.

Urban ornithology via Morten Schultz

Urban ornithology via Morten Schultz

Did Jack the Ripper live in West Hampstead? Obviously depends on who you think the Rippper was!

The campaign to get a lift installed at West Hampstead tube station intensified.

Property News looked at the impending arrival of Foxtons – how bad could it be?….

Remix opened its new salon/saloon on Broadhurst Gardens – a bar in a hairdressers… what will they think of next!

The weekday market continues to impress – and now even local restaurants are getting in on the act as Ladudu set up stall.

After a bit of dithering about, the new local councillors have decided to continue to hold a joint West Hampstead/Fortune Green wards meeting every few months. The next one will be October 21st – it’s a good chance to meet your new councillors and find out what’s been happening since May.

Tweet of the Week

What have I missed since September 8th?

Three men on trial for the murder of Sabrina Moss in Kilburn just over a year ago each received a life sentence.

There’s a second public meeting on Wednesday about the plans for Liddell Road, at which the council is expected to present a revised proposal.

The Railway will be closing for six months on October 16th and reopening in March while the upper floors are converted into flats.

Dynham Sunset via @damawa42

Dynham Sunset via @damawa42

Camden councillors rejected the plan for a 24-storey tower block at Swiss Cottage despite council planners recommending it for approval. Expect the developer to appeal or submit revised plans.

Tom’s Diner roadtested the menu (most of the menu) at Wagamama’s new Finchley Road restaurant

Some local cooks knocked up a delicious tart from ingredients at the farmers’ market.

More cranes arrived at West Hampstead Square.

We reviewed True West at the Tricycle Theatre

Another week, another whampsocial… If you haven’t come along to one yet, why on earth not? The next one is October 1st.

It looks like a new residents association is forming for Maygrove Road, probably including Iverson, Ariel and Loveridge Roads.

A West Hampstead teenager has won a national volunteering award.

The annual celebrity cricket match takes place this coming Sunday. Well worth going along to.

Tweet of the Week

What have I missed since September 1st?

The Hampstead Butcher & Providore is set to open next month in the unit previously occupied by the greengrocer next to The Wet Fish Café. As owner Philip Matthews said, you asked for it – now use it! Here’s what it’ll look like.

The new daily streetfood market aimed at the evening rush hour opened to acclaim.

The final draft of the Neighbourhood Development Plan has been submitted to Camden. We’ll get the chance to vote on it early next year.

Thameslink sunset by @StevenTart

Thameslink sunset by @StevenTart

Camden’s planning officers are recommending the planning committee votes in favour of the large tower block development at 100 Avenue Road in Swiss Cottage. Protestors are planning a large presence at the Town Hall for the vote on Thursday evening.

Debate continues over whether closing Billy Fury Way makes sense

NW6 Film Club is back from the summer break with Pride on September 14th at The Tricycle.

September’s Property of the Month is a doer-upper in Gondar Gardens.

A professional tennis tournament took place this week at the Cumberland Club. Top seed Dan Evans sadly withdrew during his opening round match.

The Fortune Green Choir’s autumn season starts on September 16th. “Wide-ranging repertoire and no auditions”. All welcome.

Wet Fish Café owner André appeared on London Live answering some deep philosophical questions.

Local author and historian Simon Inglis gave an entertaining talk on his new book Played in London at West End Lane Books. If you’re interested in London history then it’s well worth a read.

The Film on Fortune Green was another success. Well done to all who pedalled their way through it!

Tweet of the Week

What have I missed since August 25th?

Starting this Monday there’s going to be a street food market every weeknight from 4-8pm by the Thameslink station. The aim is to catch the commuter crowd on their way home.

And… a butcher is coming to West Hampstead. The owner is staying tight-lipped about details and West Hampstead Life has been sworn to secrecy, but it is happening.

Residents of Narcissus Road held a street party to celebrate the street’s 125th anniversary.

Narcissus Road 125th anniversary street party via @EugeneRegis

Narcissus Road 125th anniversary street party via Eugene Regis

Brooksby Wines, West End Lane’s independent wine shop, is up for sale as a going concern.

A local councillor is raising the question of whether Billy Fury Way should be closed. Have your say.

What did Tom make of his visit to Bombay Nights? Surely it couldn’t live up to the Tiffin Tin?

Sadly the Film on Fortune Green had to be postponed from this Saturday to next – September 6th. In the meantime, the rest of this week’s cinema listings are here.

The late Doris Lessing’s extensive collection of books is to leave West Hamsptead for the southern hemisphere.

Barclays is closing its tiny Kilburn High Road branch.

The final draft plan of the Neighbourhood Development Plan will be published Monday.

In the never-ending war against the fly-tippers, the local environmental officers are to get warrant cards to help them punish any perpertrators.

Sunday’s African Edutainment Festival in Kilburn Grange Park got a lot of locals’ backs up due to excessive noise levels.

There seems to have been a spate of nails left in roads, and then going into people’s car tyres of late. Not clear whether it’s a result of a lot of careless builders or is deliberate.

Degree of Arc at the Good Ship on Saturday is our Gig of the Week. All the upcoming music listings are here (including a flautist at JW3 and a Hammond organist at La Brocca).

Advance warning that the NLT is closing for a 3-week refurb from the 7th-26th September.

One Sixty’s opening its doors this Monday evening to show off its new internal artwork (and Camden Brewery is providing beer – all welcome).

Tweet of the Week

What have I missed since August 18th?

Foxtons has submitted a change-of-use application for the former post office site on West End Lane.

Three men were found guilty of the murder last year of Sabrina Moss in Kilburn.

Chuka Umunna, Labour’s business spokesperson, visited the Sherriff Centre to talk to local businesses. He described the church/post office/café/shop/play area as an “inspiration”.

Look at these beauties from @WHampstead Farmers Market this morning. Stunning colours! via @k2kfruitharvest

Look at these beauties from @WHampstead Farmers Market this morning. Stunning colours! via @k2kfruitharvest

Paramount provided a round-up of local rental news (and there’s a poll too!).

Skunk Anansie guitarist Ace has become a teacher at Kilburn’s Institute of Contemporary Music Performance.

Another office-to-flats conversion is planned for Kilburn High Road, this time at the junction of Quex Road.

Whampsocial attracted a good crowd – apparently even someone from Edgware! The next one is September 10th.

Two Days, One Night is Film of the Week. Full local listings here.

The flats at 163 Iverson Road (former garden centre site) are starting to rise above the neighbouring station).

Hampstead Women’s Cricket Club beat Harrow Town by 2 wickets.

Thameslink trains won’t be calling at London Bridge for the rest of the month due to the major rebuilding works there.

Free Wifi via O2 is now available at West Hampstead Thameslink.

Tweet of the Week

What have missed since August 11th?

Having come under considerable pressure, the Tricycle appeared to backtrack and resolved its dispute with the UK Jewish Film Festival. Although no films will be screened there in this year’s festival, it’s expected to be part of next year’s event – even if the Israeli embassy remains a sponsor.

After the death of Robin Williams, it emerged that he’d once done an impromptu set in West Hampstead.

A cloudburst on Monday caused flash flooding at the O2 centre and West End Lane. This of course was followed shortly after by a wave of rainbow photos.

West Hampstead meet West Hempstead #Whamp / #Whemp via @west_hampstead

West Hampstead meet West Hempstead #Whamp / #Whemp via @west_hampstead

We finally gave One Sixty a full review.

Monte Cristo has been given three months to stop trading as a shisha bar and to remove its decking and awning.

Our film of the week was Jurassic Park, but it was a one-off screening… check out the full listings for the rest of Mark’s Must See Movies.

A reminder that there’s no access to Kilburn High Road from Iverson Road or Cavendish Road for some weeks.

Our first rental property of the month is a one-bed flat in Crediton Hill.

Local author Simon Inglis will be on the Robert Elms show this Monday at noon (94.9 FM) talking about his new book Played in London.

Tweet of the Week

What have I missed since August 4th?

The Tricycle Theatre has been all over the national headlines this week after it requested that the UK Jewish Film Festival turn down sponsorship from the Israeli embassy, which festival organisers refused to do. The Tricycle then said it would not be part of the festival. There were protests outside the cinema on Thursday.

The Tricycle also had a brief run of its successful youth theatre project, The Kilburn Passion.

Camden has slapped an enforcement notice on Capital City – the motorbike showroom on Fortune Green that has been angering residents with its cavalier approach to parking its bikes.

The WWI Centenary spotlight shone all week. Captured here by @RobertTimothy

The WWI Centenary spotlight shone all week. Captured here by @MrRobertTimothy

We also looked back at the Zeppelin that flew over Kilburn later in the war.

A West Hampstead based police officer was on trial after allegedly letting off an uninsured driver in exchange for his phone number.

There’s a rumour that Tesco on West End Lane might start trialling alternative delivery arrangements soon to help ease congestion.

The Accurist building on Blackburn Road took a step nearer to being converted into flats as a change of use planning application was submitted.

It’s getting to the stage where you can furnish a flat from the fly-tipping around West Hampstead. This week we had a mattress, a toilet and a freezer.

The Friends of Fortune Green announced their photography competition winners.

Gig of the week is Megan Johns at The Good Ship on Saturday.

Wakolda is the Film of the Week – full local listings here.

Two Italian wines from different regions are August’s wines of the month.

Kilburn Ironworks, the bar that’s replacing Powers on Kilburn High Road, said it’s now expecting to open in early October.

Tweet of the Week

What have I missed since July 28th?

Glenda Jackson officially opened West Hampstead’s new post office in St James’ church on Friday – even though her novelty ribbon-cutting scissors didn’t do the trick.

A man died after falling from his Fawley Road balcony on Wednesday during the evening rush hour.

Is West Hampstead’s housing bubble bursting or just deflating?

The era of beautiful sunsets in West Hampstead is over via Luca Bonatti

“The era of beautiful sunsets in West Hampstead is over” via Luca Bonatti

If you think Fordwych Road is smelling a little…er… agricultural, here’s why.

Boris has mooted the idea of London Orbital Railway that would pass through West Hampstead.

Whampsocial was a hit – the next one is August 20th.

The film on Fortune Green on August 30th will be Groundhog Day, as voted for by you.

Mill Lane Bistro is on the market, the owner Cyril said he was looking forward to “our new venture, bigger, better and in NW London.”

The people behind hair salon Remix on Broadhurst Gardens have applied for an alcohol licence at premises across the road, where Eastern European deli Old Bridge was. They’re putting the bar back in barbers!

Jazz singer Elaine Delmar at JW3 next Sunday is our Gig of the Week. Full local music listings here.

Guardians of the Galaxy is Film of the Week. Full local cinema listings here.

Advance warning of a four-week closure of the junction of Iverson Road and Kilburn High Road, starting August 14th. This is part of a traffic light modernisation program.

Tweet of the Week

What have I missed since July 21st?

The Liddell Road development plans were this week’s main story:

"Waitrose nearly ready to open" Clickbait via @bubela

“Waitrose nearly ready to open” Clickbait via @bubela

Also plenty of news from the tower blocks that are already approved at West Hampstead Square

  • The cranes are due to arrive on site on Monday & Tuesday.
  • The first block to be built in the West Hamsptead Square development will be affordable housing. The flats should be available from spring next year via A2 Dominion.
  • The new entrance to the Overground station, which will be part of this development, will be wheelchair and buggy acccessible.
  • With all the open market properties now sold, Ballymore’s marketing suite will be removed within the next few weeks.

A piece of piping fell off the roof above Ladbrokes on Friday, luckily not hitting anyone.

Property of the Month is a 2-bed in Mill Lane.

Whampsocial is back this Wednesday at Frida’s bar – the World Cup is over, so get yourself along for cocktails and chat.

Joe is our Film of the Week. Full local listings here (yes, there’s still time to catch Boyhood!).

Gig of the Week is John Bull & The Bandits on Thursday at The Good Ship. Full local music listings here.

There’s still time to vote for the next Film on Fortune Green, which is on August 30th.

A fire at Swiss Cottage leisure centre caused the pool to close for a time.

Tweet of the Week

What have I missed since July 14th?

The West End Lane post office closed and the Sherriff Centre post office opened in St James’s church alongside a café, shop and soft play area. BBC London covered the opening.

There’s a meeting on Tuesday about what’s fast becoming the very controversial Liddell Road redevelopment scheme.

West Hampstead Cllr Phil Rosenberg raised some of the Liddell Road issues at last Monday’s council meeting.

A new Twitter account has started @noto14storeys – it’s spearheaded by local Conservatives who claim they want cross-party support, although the first “demo” appeared to be have been publicised only to Conservative supporters.

At a council meeting about schools, there was more clarification (if that’s the word) about the demand for school places. You’ll need to read the documents for Agenda point 9.

The Tornado in action at the funfair in Kilburn Grange Park Friday night via ?@UKColin

The Tornado in action at the funfair in Kilburn Grange Park Friday night via ?@UKColin

Tom visited Mill Lane Bistro for brunch – a concept that clearly confused him.

Charles Dickens’ brother lived in West Hampstead for a time.

Finding Vivian Maier is our Film of the Week. Check out that, the new releases and full local listings.

Tonight (Monday) is NW6 Film Club’s trip to The Tricycle to see the acclaimed Boyhood. Why not join us?

You can also now vote for the next Film on Fortune Green. Predictions are for a tight race between Groundhog Day and The Princess Bride.

Fruitful Earth at The Earl Derby on Thursday is this week’s Gig of the Week.

Aldi in Kilburn got the Daily Mail treatment.

A Kilburn Neighbourhood Development Forum is in the offing – ambitiously planning to span the High Road and cover two boroughs.

Kilburn High Road is also to be cleaned twice a day – at least the Brent side is.

There was consternation after a tree was felled on Fortune Green. The sycamore was damaged during the St Jude’s storm last October and is one of a few trees that need to be removed over the next few weeks.

Fortune Green is taking part in Love Parks Week starting Friday. Full details here.

Tweet of the Week

What have I missed since July 7th?

Camden revealed its revised plans for Liddell Road. They include a 14-storey tower block, but still no affordable housing. There’s a public meeting about this on the 22nd July.

The affordable housing will be at 156 West End Lane instead – and WHL investigated what affordable housing actually means.

What makes West Hampstead great? The West Hampstead Business Association has made a short video extolling the virtues of our transport connections. (They’ve also paid for all the hanging baskets).


Just your average residents of #Whampstead via @Seprothia

After Pizza Express closed last Sunday, the builders wasted no time in moving in to start the refit for Waitrose. Still no opening date though.

NW6 Flm Club is back with a Monday night screening of Boyhood on July 21st. The film also remains our Film of the Week. Full local listings here.

The post office moves from West End Lane to St James’s Church this Friday. The post office counters, the café (called The Sanctuary) and the, er…., children’s play area are all almost finished. The church will still be available for private prayer. The old post office sign has already come down.

Local photographer Robert Timothy met – and of course photographed – Glenda Jackson MP, who has less than a year left before she retires.

Whampsocial made a football-related move to Thursday for one week only. It returns to Wednesday nights on July 30th.

New vintage accessories store Passionate About Vintage opened on Mill Lane.

Gig of the Week is at The Priory Tavern on Wednesday, when students from USC in Los Angeles come to Kilburn

In a new feature, we picked a West Hampstead Wine of the Month – a Portuguese red from Oddbins.

The beach at JW3 opened Sunday and is there for the rest of the summer.

A new dessert café is opening on Kilburn High Road.

Hampstead Women’s cricket team won their second consecutive match.

Tweet of the Week
West Hampstead can pick a winner

What have I missed since June 30th?

Pan-Asian restaurant Toomai opened this week with a hectic soft launch night. We published a round-up of this and all the other local food news of late, including Rossopomodoro opening, the new brunch menu at One Sixty and the food stalls at the Sunday market.

Camden will allow portable (but not disposable) barbecues in its parks from July 21st for a trial period of a year.

The weather held for this year’s two-day Jester Festival. West Hampstead’s answer to the village fete had the usual mix of community stalls, a fun fair, food and music. Somehow it made it to ITV’s news website (with a photo that I thought looked familiar).

The pick of the (very many) photos of Sunday evening's full rainbow. Via @BillGlover

The pick of the (very many) photos of Sunday evening’s full rainbow. Via @BillGlover

Tom went to local pop-up restaurant A Sweet Night Out – what was his verdict?

Local resident Monty Wates is cycling the Tour de France route a week ahead of the race to raise money for a charity set up in his brother’s name. The Winch in Swiss Cottage is one of the beneficiaries.

Pizza Express has now closed. Waitrose hasn’t committed to an opening date yet.

Concrete slabs fell from the top of the bulding above KAM Computers on West End Lane. Luckily no-one was hurt.

Former local councillor Russell Eagling married former local parliamentary candidate Ed Fordham on Saturday. Ed, who played a big part in campaigning for gay marriage, is believed to be have been the first person to propose after the relevant bill was passed.

Mill Lane Bistro celebrated its third anniversary.

We revealed the tragic story of a domestic murder in Kilburn back in 1897.

Whampdinner branched out to Bake-a-boo, which hosted a one-off Midsummer Night’s Dream banquet. Unsurprisingly, the desserts were a highlight.

A cyclist was knocked down on Mill Lane on Tuesday. She was conscious after the accident and was taken to hospital.

Tesco proudly posted photos of its refurbed West End Lane store, which had been closed for a week. At initial glance it was hard to see exactly what had changed.

It seems the lease for the two units that were the former Wetherspoons site in the O2 centre are still up for grabs.

Hampstead Ladies beat Chesham by 22 runs this weekend, putting them second in the league.

The owner of the victim of a dog-on-dog attack in Fairhazel Gardens is claiming not enough is being done to track down the perpetator

A preview of the astonishing “Boyhood” is NxNW6’s Film of the Week. All the local film listings are here.

Ziegler Co + Harriet J Willcock at The Good Ship is our Gig of the Week.

Tweet of the Week

What have I missed since June 23rd?

Tesco on West End Lane closed for the week for a refurb… yet this didn’t seem to improve the traffic situation as its lorries blocked Lymington Road instead.

A planning application is in for a 62-flat development by Kilburn Grange park.

The sign is up for West Hampstead’s newest restaurant. Toomai is due to open this week, but may well take a week more.

Toomai - the newest restaurant on West End Lane (via @WHampstead)

Toomai – the newest restaurant on West End Lane (via @WHampstead)

We reviewed David Schneider’s Making Stalin Laugh at JW3.

Rumour is that Brioche is set for a name change and that the final empty unit in the Sager building on Fortune Green Road is to become a bespoke kitchen shop.

The Jester Festival takes place on Fortune Green on July 5th/6th. If you’ve never been, it’s West Hampstead’s village fete, and always draws a big crowd. There’s live music, and The Penny Black Remedy is our Gig of the Week.

Sunday July 6th is also apparently Pizza Express’s last day in West Hampstead before its transformation into a Waitrose.

We’re halfway through Wimbledon, but did you know about West Hampstead’s former (real) tennis champion?

Chef is the Film of the Week. All the local listings here.

Tweet of the Week

What have I missed since June 16th?

Waitrose has (finally) got its planning permission to move into the Pizza Express site. Rumour is that Pizza Express will close in a couple of weeks and Waitrose will start its refit.

Sachin Tendulkar. one of the greatest sportsmen of all time, dropped into Hampstead Cricket Club on Lymington Road on Sunday.

The new West Hampstead councillors are keen to crack the rubbish problem in the area. Please e-mail with subject line “West Hampstead Rubbish Hotspot” with your bugbear locations in the area.

"Umm... okay" via @blakeconnolly

“Umm… okay” via @blakeconnolly

There are new traffic lights (see above) at the Broadhurst Gardens/West End Lane junction, including a pedestrian countdown.

Paramount proposed a “10 Things to Love about West Hampstead” Buzzfeed list

#whampsocial took advantage of the sunshine to go al fresco at Mamacita. The next one is July 9th (and there’s no football on that night).

Local vicar Fr Andrew Cain married his partner Steve Foreshew on Saturday.

The Fire Station open today soared to new heights.

The Black Path finally got a prune as part of Network Rail’s clearing of vegetation along the embankment.

UCL’s excellent Mapping London website tried to determine the “cool” spots in London. Both West Hampstead and Kilburn appeared to qualify – for different reasons.

We learned that former Australian prime minister John Howard used to live in Cholmley Gardens.

England may be out of the World Cup, but West Hampstead is still being proudly represented in São Paulo.

A free school that it seems no-one locally has heard anything about has been given permission to open in September next year. It has no site.

It’s the last week to get your photos in for the Friends of Fortune Green Photography competition. Although the result won’t be announced until later in July, a selection of photos will be shown at the Jester Festival on the weekend of July 5th/6th.

3 Days to Kill is the Film of the Week. All the local film listings here.

The Spin at The Good Ship on Friday is our Gig of the Week. Check all the other local gigs here.

Rossopomodoro has opened in the O2 centre.

Tweet of the Week

What have I missed since June 9th?

Sundays are going to get noisy for those of you living near the Overground station.

There’s more noise to come overnight for residents of Sumatra and Ravenshaw streets as Network Rail plans to spend this week clearing vegetation from the Thameslink embankments.

The Kilburn Festival, due to take place on July 13th, has been cancelled due to lack of funding from Brent council.

The Railway ready for action #whampfootie via @bubela

The Railway ready for action #whampfootie via @bubela

The Sabrina Moss murder trial began at the Old Bailey. Miss Moss was killed by gunmen while out in Kilburn on her birthday.

Camden has chosen Shard contractor Mace as the preferred developer of the Travis Perkins building. Pressure is building on ensuring it meets at least the minimum quota of affordable housing as it looks like the Liddell Road scheme will still fall woefully short.

Been affected by the Maygrove Road development? Here’s a photo of what they’re actually doing at the moment.

World Cup fever may have gripped the nation – but West Hampstead has its own astonishing football connections (and some moustaches to die for).

#whampsocial is back this Wednesday – unfortunately Mexico isn’t playin that night, but we do have Spain vs Chile… no news as to whether Mamacita will have a TV down in Frida’s, but maybe if we ask nicely…

Tom took in jazz and dinner at The Gallery. Was it “nice”?

The Huffington Post is following a group of young Hampstead & Kilburn first-time voters through to next year’s general election.

Work has started in earnest on converting the former Powers Bar on Kilburn High Road into Kilburn Ironworks (another bar).

The asking price for the cheapest flat in West Hampstead that we reported on in March has dropped by £40,000 (it’s still incredibly expensive per square foot).

Jonathan Simpson’s second term as Mayor of Camden came to an end. He raised £70,000 for the Amy Winehouse foundation over the year. He has been replaced by fellow Labour councillor Lazzaro Pietragnoli.

One Sixty is now opening Monday evenings – alongside all the local bars (except The Alice House) it’s showing all the World Cup games. JW3 is also showing football and tennis from June 18th-24th on its outdoor screen.

Beware of bogus callers in the area – a woman was robbed of £45 in Belsize Road after letting someone in posing as a water board official (bear in mind there’s no such thing as the water board).

Belle, set and filmed at Kenwood House, is Film of the Week. All the new releases, Mark’s Must See Movies, and full local listings here.

A new vintage accessories shop is opening soon on Mill Lane.

Local resident Phyllida Law was awarded an OBE in the birthday honours list for services to drama and charitable services.

The only local councillor not active on Twitter has got a new account: @CllrAngelaPober.

Tweet of the Week

What have I missed since June 2nd?

Some West Hampstead streets could be spanned by fishing wire strung between poles if the Brondesbury Eruv gets planning permission.

18 months after the West End Lane accident that killed Desreen Brooks and left American student Amy Werner in a critical condition, an 84-year-old man was charged with causing death by dangerous driving.

The appeal against the third Gondar Gardens development proposal is imminent. There’s a week left to send comments in.


Look! 1960s Table football @foodandflea just in time for the World Cup via @foodandflea

It seems that the New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling will now be moving into Fortune Green (you may recall it ran into some planning problems).

Hanging baskets went up on West End Lane and Mill Lane, paid for by the West Hampstead Business Association and local businesses.

The Sunday Food & Flea Market relaunched (with the Food) by the Thameslink station. First impressions were that it was a definite step up from the previous incarnation.

The Friends of Fortune Green are launching a photography competition with various categories (including for kids).

Also on Fortune Green – pre-season touch rugby every Tuesday from 7pm.

Property of the Month is a two-bed apartment with a large garden on Fawley Road.

Fruitvale Station is the Film of the Week (though I also recommend Big Night on Monday night at JW3). Check out all the local film listings.

Tank Trap is the Gig of the Week and you can see the band and stay for the England v Italy match.

Paramount celebrated its 25th anniversary this week – and wrote a piece about the London Rental Standard.

All the comedy listings for June have been updated – there are some crackers including Mae Martin on June 16th.

The new post office (which will be in St James’ Church in case you didn’t know) is due to open in mid-July.

Rossopomodoro will open in the O2 cetnre in less than two weeks. It’s still not known what’s moving into the space left behind by Wetherspoons, but we did learn that Wetherspoons paid £600,000 to leave the O2 centre!

Tweet of the Week

What have I missed since May 27th?

Short week and short weekly round-up after last week’s epic.

There was a great turnout for the South Hampstead residents association’s AGM. Camden’s head of development control was there to give a Planning 101 introduction and she also answered questions about
basement excavations, the Swiss Cottage tower block development and many other items.

According to Lloyds Bank, NW6 is the 11th most popular postcode in the country for young professionals.

There was a stabbing on Quex Road on Saturday afternoon. The victim is out of hospital and back in his accommodation. A man was arrested at the scene. Police are calling it an isolated incident.

Kilburn High Road gets the boot... er... shoe via @SteveWhamp

Kilburn High Road gets the boot… er… shoe via @SteveWhamp

We looked at a scheme that helps match older people with younger live-in lodgers who also help them out.

Tom tested the breakfast at The Kitchen Table on Mill Lane.

It was a #whampsocial week – the usual mix of new folks and regulars that makes this the most chilled out way to meet some locals. Next one is June 18th.

Neil Zaza at The Good Ship is Gig of the Week. Full music listings here.

Jimmy’s Hall is the Film of the Week (and was Sunday night’s Film Club film – I can recommend it) – check out all the local film listings.

Cllr Flick Rea’s very old cat went missing (presumed dead), but owner and cat were reunited thanks to Twitter.

A man died after being hit by a train at Kilburn tube station on Friday morning.

Depsite overcast skies, there was a good turnout for Up, the first bike-powered Film on Fortune Green of the summer. There are some great photos here, and a time-lapse video.

David’s Deli joined Twitter @DavidsDeliNW6.

Tweet of the Week

What have I missed since May 19th?

Labour swept the Lib Dems out of their north-west Camden stronghold in the local elections on Thursday.

West Hampstead Life was at the count (re-live the night) and, while many seats were relatively straightforward, West Hampstead and especially Fortune Green were close fought battles. See the full results and the swing since 2010.

In the European elections, the main five parties got the following votes in Camden: Lab 23,294, Con 11,343, Green 8,132, Lib Dem 5,568, UKIP 5,337.

First Capital Connect has lost the Thameslink franchise. As of September Govia Thameslink will be the new operator.

This is why it's been a bit noisy lately! Baby foxes in #whampstead via @ONicolaides

This is why it’s been a bit noisy lately! Baby foxes in #whampstead via @ONicolaides

There was final confirmation of the plans to put a lift into the Overground station.

If you’re still not sure what’s going on with school provision in the area, this pre-election summary will help.

Pan-Asian new kid on the block Mamako got the whampreview treatment. After a disastrous opening night, have things picked up?

Everyone knows John Lewis is 150 this year, but did you know about its Kilburn connection?

The Minster Road recycling point has been moved round the corner to Westbere Road. Will be interesting to see whether this helps reduce the flytipping problem. (talking of flytipping – here’s Walm Lane in Willesden Green earlier this week).

The Alexandra & Ainsworth estate features at the start of this trailer for new British film Kingsman.

Wagamama opened on Friday at the O2 and the Wetherspoons there closed on Sunday. The rumour is that the unit will be split into two restaurants.

If you’re concerned about planning issues – especially basement excavations – in South Hampstead, then make sure you go to the CRASH AGM this Tuesday evening.

A sculpture to Bradley Wiggins (though not OF him) was unveiled in South Kilburn.

Whampsocial is back this Wednesday from 7.30pm at Frida’s bar at Mamacita. No need to reserve a place, just turn up!

NW6 Film Club is back too: this Sunday June 1st, we’re off to see Ken Loach’s new film Jimmy’s Hall.

Sadly, the Film(s) of the Week – JW3’s outdoor screenings – were cancelled because of the weather. All the new releases however and full local listings are still here. The JW3 films will now be June 15-17.

This Saturday is another outdoor screening. Pixar classic Up is the Film on Fortune Green. Film starts at 8.45pm, but picnics tend to start from around 7pm.

The Christian Brewer Quartet at The Gallery is Gig of the Week. Check out all the local music listings.

Progress continues apace in turning St James Church into a post office/café/play area (and church). This week we got to see the amazing ceiling.

Regal Homes have posted an update on the Maygrove Road development.

A tree came down on Maygrove Road amazingly falling over, rather than on, a parked car and missing another car driving towards it.

A car crashed into a wall on Fortune Green Road on Sunday morning. Not clear whether anyone was hurt.

One of our newest hairdressers needs a proofreader.

Kilburn High Road went into mini-lockdown on Saturday afternoon before the QPR v Derby match at Wembley as some trouble broke out outside The Black Lion.

Tweet of the Week
A lot of contenders this week, but this one gets the nod for acknowledging the hard work done by departing councillors while laying down the gauntlet for the newly elected.

What have I missed since May 12th?

Election special
A crowded hustings on Monday saw 21 of the 26 local election candidates from West Hampstead & Fortune Green pitch their wares and answer questions from the public (although from the headlines the next day you’d have been forgiven for thinking there was only one candidate present). If you couldn’t make it, here are the snapshot audio/video files:
Pitches for: Lib Dems, Conservatives, Labour, Greens, UKIP, TUSC.
Questions on: Rubbish, schools, mansion tax, Camden complaints, cycling & parking, delivery lorries, support for the NDF, getting the vote out, 156 West End Lane, affordable housing, and fighting for NW Camden in the Town Hall.
Or watch the whole unexpurgated thing.

The election is this Thursday. Go and vote.

We’ve also got an overview of the European elections looking at what MEPs actually do, and all the parties involved (there are a lot).

WHL will be tweeting live from the council election count on Friday so you know where to find the results first.

In other news…
Tom went to Tuttobene on Finchley Road – but was tutto bene?

The JW3 building received a prestigious design award.

The Film on Fortune Green on May 31st will be tear-jerker animation Up. Starts at 8.45pm but come earlier and bring a picnic.

West Hampstead was represented at Wembley on Cup Final day.

Wagamama opens in the O2 this Friday.

Gig of the Week is Andrew Oliver/David Horniblow at La Brocca playing old time jazz & swing classics on Thursday. Full gig roundup here.

Godzilla is Film of the Week – NW6 Film Club went to see it Thursday night. Opinions varied as to at what stage it started to suck. For the rest of the local screenings, check out the listings.

A sculpture dedicated to Sir Bradley Wiggins was unveiled on Friday in South Kilburn.

Tweet of the Week

What have I missed since May 5th?

Tonight: Come and grill the local election candidates at hustings. Emmanuel School Hall (new building) Mill Lane, just off West End Lane. All candidates for West Hampstead & Fortune Green wards invited… and almost every one is coming. Do check out all the candidates for the local wards, and the parties’ statements.

The election is now just 10 days away, and we’re going to look at the parties’ policies on a few big issues. First up: Housing.

The very unscientific bank holiday weekend voting intentions poll results put Labour on 36.8%, Conservatives on 22.2%, Lib Dems on 17.1%, Greens on 12%, UKIP 2.6%, TUSC 1.7% and undecided 7.7%. It is, of course, “just a bit of fun”, but will be interesting to see how closely it correlates with actual votes on May 22nd.


“West Hampstead….always love coming home… ” via Wes Armstrong

After a flurry of tweets, Camden agreed it will install a new bin at the Sumatra Road play area.

The council did, however, fail to collect a fridge that was “parked” on Sandwell Crescent on Monday, and was still there on Saturday.

The eight week closure of Mill Lane at the Kilburn end caused predictable chaos on Tuesday. Councillors have blasted council officials for the lack of advance warning – it’s the second time this has happened recently after the Maygrove Road (now just reopened) fiasco.

Motorcyclists should be pleased to hear that ground anchors for secure parking are to be installed at the junction of Fairhazel Gardens and Broadhurst Gardens.

We looked at three cafés that are putting West Hampstead firmly on the capital’s coffee map.

May’s Property of the Month is a former artist’s studio on Woodchurch Road.

Do attempts to preseve the neighbourhood feel of areas such as West Hampstead mean we’re storing up bigger housing problems down the line? Another controversial Property News!

We still have a few tickets left for the opening night of Godzilla in 3D at the Swiss Cottage IMAX. Meet up beforehand for some complimentary snacks and then settle into the best seats in the house.

Voting closes midnight Tuesday for the May 31st Film on Fortune Green.

A journalist asked to stop breastfeeding her baby in Apostrophe in the O2 centre received an apology from both the cafe and the building owner after tweeting her disgust.

Wednesday’s Whampsocial was popular again – very refreshing to see new people every time. The next one is May 28th – once again at Frida’s bar downstairs in Mamacita.

Frank is NxNW6’s Film of the Week. Check out all the new releases, Mark’s “Must See Movies” and full local cinema listings.

To keep a Eurovision connection, Gig of the Week is Mira Awad  at JW3 on Wednesday. She was the first Arab-Israeli to represent the country in Eurovision back in 2009. All the local music listings are here.

An empty lot on Kilburn High Road could become two buildings with 14 flats.

Just a few months after opening, One Sixty is looking to expand to a second and possibly third site in the near future.

Tweet of the Week

What have I missed since April 28th?

Mill Lane will be partially closed at its western end for eight weeks, but details are annoyingly thin on the ground.

Will Fortune Green shisha bar Monte Cristo get planning permission? There’s lots of local opposition based on traffic and parking, and already another applicant in the area’s been asked to go and improve its traffic management plan.

We’ve got the best seats in the house for the 3D IMAX opening night of the first summer blockbuster Godzilla. First come first served, so don’t delay!

Beautiful old Maserati on Mill Lane, West Hampstead via @Ghoul_of_London

Beautiful old Maserati on Mill Lane, West Hampstead via @Ghoul_of_London

The transformation of St James’ Church into a post office, café and soft play area(!) is progressing well.

Three man were arrested in West Hampstead after the Nat West Bank on Kilburn High Road was robbed.

The Jubilee Line ran a reliable, if less frequent service during the tube strike, though the Overground and Thameslink of course carried some of the burden. A three-day strike is planned for this week starting on Monday evening.

We’re getting closer to the election and all the parties have published manifestos. We’ve filled out more of the election pages with almost all the Green Party candidates, and the TUSC candidate standing in West Hampstead. Conservatives in Kilburn are noticeable by their absence. Check out the page for your ward: West Hampstead, Fortune Green, Kilburn, Swiss Cottage. If you’re not sure sure which ward you’re in, there’s a handy map. Hustings for West Hampstead & Fortune Green are planned for Monday May 12th – check the website and next week’s newsletter for details.

We’re also holding a “just a bit of fun” poll of voting intentions too over the long weekend – on the sidebar of the website, or scroll down on mobile/tablet versions. Results announced Tuesday.

Whampgather XIII was the biggest yet. More than 180 people came to The Gallery to celebrate the 5th anniversary of @WHampstead starting. We had amazing raffle prizes and raised £572 for youth charity The Winch

Whampsocial – whampgather’s calmer little brother – is back this Wednesday at Frida’s bar from about 7.30pm.

Fly tipping is getting worse again – the council is brandishing stats on fines issues for littering, but it doesn’t seem much is being done about the more serious offenders.

MP Glenda Jackson voted in favour of HS2 while her local Labour colleagues opposed it. Here’s what Glenda said in the House of Commons.

What’s a night at The Good Ship like? Music corresponent Jane went to find out.

A sculpture to celebrate Sir Bradley Wiggins will be unveiled in South Kilburn a week on Friday.

“I only meant to stun him”. A 1937 Kilburn robbery went tragically wrong.

Blue Ruin is the Film of the Week but there were loads of new releases this week. Check out all the local cinema listings here.

Camden Cemetery Services apologised after mistakenly strimming a wildflower meadow in Hampstead Cemetery.

Broadhurst Gardens restaurant Mamako has joined Twitter @MamakoLDN.

We went to Seoul on Finchley Road for whampdinner a couple of weeks ago – what did we make of it?

The Swiss Cottage post office, which closed a few weeks ago, looks like it might become an art gallery.

Tweet of the Week

What have I missed since April 22nd?

At the time of writing, a 48-hour tube strike is planned for this week, starting on Monday at about 9.30pm. TfL intends to run a reduced service on many lines, including the Jubilee and Metropolitan. Full details here.

Maygrove Road has reopened to traffic after its three month closure related to the building of new flats by Sidings Estate.

Time is running out to register to vote for the forthcoming local and European elections. You need to be registered by May 6th.

West Hampstead sunrise, seen from Iverson Road on Saturday 26 April

West Hampstead sunrise, seen from Iverson Road on Saturday 26 April via @SteveWhamp

All the local candidate nominations are in – Fortune Green, Kilburn and Swiss Cottage wards have 12 candidates to choose from (three from each of Labour, Lib Dems, Conservatives and Greens), West Hampstead ward has 14 candidates with the addition of UKIP candidate Magnus Nielsen (quoted here in The Guardian) and a Trade Union and Socialist Coalition candidate. Bios for all the candidates for the three largest parties are available on my election pages.

Why is the Acol Bridge Club not on West End Lane, and just how big a contribution has it made to the game of bridge? We delved into its history.

Whampgather is this Thursday. It’s currently sold out, but we do always get cancellations in the last few days, so do check the site if you want to come – and if you have tickets but can’t make, please let me know.

We do recipes now! Check out The Wet Fish Café’s signature salmon salad recipe – tried and tested by West Hampstead Life!

On May 31st, it’s the return of the bike-powered Film on Fortune Green. Once again, you can vote for the film you’d like to see – they’re all animations.

The West Hampstead Business Association confirmed that West End Lane and Mill Lane will be resplendent with hanging baskets as of (we hope!) next month.

As the free school debate rumbles on in West Hampstead, one opponent sets out her arguments against it.

Street artist Pegasus has adorned the wall of the Betsy Smith in Kilburn with his version of Kate Moss’s famous Playboy bunny pose.

Exhibition is Film of the Week. Full local listings here, and keep your eyes peeled for the next in our IMAX Opening Night specials, which is coming up very soon!

Locally Sourced is our Gig of the Week – check out this and all the other musical happenings in the hood.

West End Lane Books celebrated its 20th anniversary in style on Thursday night with a great social event.

The Kilburn Festival is looking for volunteers.

Tweet of the Week

What have I missed since April 14th?

It’s an eight day news special this week!

Regular drinkers at The Railway turned out to protest on Monday afternoon even though most of them seemed unsure what exactly it was they were protesting about.

A student “predator” at the Blackburn Road accommodation has been deported after police arrested him for assault. The police’s account of events and the student accommodation provider’s version do differ though.

Camden has, slightly surprisingly, rejected the New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling’s proposal to move into a vacant unit on Fortune Green. The council cited concerns over the impact on traffic. The school intends to appeal.

Coming soon to a theatre near you, 'Escape from the Nautilus'. via @Tetramesh

Coming soon to a theatre near you, ‘Escape from the Nautilus’. via @Tetramesh

This Thursday is West End Lane Books 20th birthday party (followed by jazz in La Brocca, which is our Gig of the Week (see below))!

Fly tipping and general rubbish problems are resurfacing.

The planning application for Monte Cristo talks a lot about the cultural aspects of shisha smoking but not a lot about the parking situation that has locals riled up.

Hampstead Theatre’s Kinks-based musical Sunny Afternoon is a hit!

A singer who collapsed on Priory Road had to wait two hours for an ambulance.

Whampsocial was another success – the next one is May 7th, but before that… (drum roll)… Whampgather is on May 1st. Very few tickets left now though there may be cancellations nearer the time.

In 1953, a coach trip to Kilburn was all the rage! And in the 1970s the C11 looked very different.

Whampdinner branched out to Finchley Road for a Korean meal at Seoul. We packed the place and barbecued meats to our heart’s content.

The Conservative Party announced its candidates for Kilburn ward in the upcoming elections though sadly none have yet submitted their bio for our Election coverage.

American singer and composer Turner Layton lived in West Hampstead for 40 years. Even if you’ve never heard of him you’ve probably heard of some of his songs.

Sadly, there will be no more jazz at the Lower Ground Bar for the foreseeable future after the owners removed the piano. The Gallery and La Brocca have both expressed an interest in being an alternative venue. Indeed…

West Coast Jazz at La Brocca is our Gig of the Week (right after #whampbooks). See all the local music listings here.

Locke is our Film of the Week. Full local listings here.

Long time local resident Joe Tobin is raising money for Marie Curie. You can support his fundraising here.

Tweet of the Week is taking an Easter break

What have I missed since April 7th?

Plans were approved to convert the upper floors of The Railway into office space and flats – but one employee has other ideas.

The new greengrocers on West End Lane has got pulses racing.

An eviction on Lymington Road on Thursday brought all the boys (in blue) to the yard.

?Police moving in now to forcibly evict tennant via @RiotfromWrong

?Police moving in now to forcibly evict tennant via @RiotfromWrong

Three of the men accused of killing Sabrina Moss appeared in court to plead not guilty. The trial is scheduled to start on June 3rd.

We’re filling out the candidates for May 22nd’s council election.

Nicholas Winton – the “British Schindler” – was born in West Hampstead. He saved more than 600 children. His nephew has clarified some of the facts in the comments.

Tom’s tried old-school Italian Luigi’s on Goldhurst Terrace. What did he make of it?

The Taste of Kilburn festival kicked off this Saturday.

If you’d like a stall at this year’s Jester Festival (July 5th/6th), now’s the time to stick your hand up.

This Wednesday it’s #whampsocial time again – from about 7.30pm at Frida’s, downstairs at Mamacita. Come along, meet some lovely locals and drinks some smokin’ cocktails.

Calvary is Film of the Week. All the local listings and Mark’s recommendations here.

Gig of the Week is Black Lion Courtiers at The Good Ship on Friday. Check out all the local music listings.

Whampgather tickets are now available for May 1st. Mailing list subscribers have already snapped up more than 200 of them (the first 100 went in 40 minutes). If there are any left by tomorrow (Tuesday), they’ll be available for general release.

If, in an idle moment, you’d ever wondered what the signal box at West Hampstead looked like… wonder no more!

Tweet of the Week

What have I missed since March 31st

Finchley Road was closed for about an hour on Thursday after a package sent to the JW3 building was deemed suspect. In fact its contents were anything but sinister.

Ballymore’s chosen authors with a local connection for the names of the first five names of its apartment blocks.

From later this month until early December, it won’t be possible to change between the Jubilee Line and Central Line at Bond Street.

I know we've had a rainy winter & it's now sunny but not sure that explains a sprouting car? Spotted in #whamp via @EllenCPringle

I know we’ve had a rainy winter & it’s now sunny but not sure that explains a sprouting car? Spotted in #whamp via @EllenCPringle

West Hampstead Fruit & Veg opened Saturday to almost universal acclaim. It’ll be open until 9pm apparently.

Our local election coverage started this week – still quite a few weeks to go until May 22nd, but you can start to read up on the issues and candidates.

The eating options at the O2 are changing again as Frankie & Benny’s opens this Monday. But the centre is also supporting start-ups alongside the chains.

Whampbooks is back… April 24th to celebrate 20 years of West End Lane Books.

BBC London News covered the Crediton Hill pebbledash saga.

If you’re after a canalside stroll, WhampWalks meandered from St Pancras to Canary Wharf along the Regents Canal.

One Sixty, which is still struggling on the customer service front, did make it into Londonist’s list of the capital’s best smokehouses.

The Thameslink station will join the tube and Overground and get free Wifi soon.

The Double is Film of the Week. Full listings.

Café Bon (formerly Caffe West) on West End Lane is up for rent.

Kilburn is one of the pilot areas for Camden’s new parking space finder app.

If you’re a South Hampstead resident, do read the excellent update from the residents association CRASH about everything that’s happening.

Hidden Treasure is closing temporarily for a revamp apparently.

India Per Se, which used to be called Eriki, on Finchley Road, has closed permanently after irreperable water damage.

“Just Sew Alteration” appears to be moving into where Jazz Cycles was on Mill Lane.

Remember last October’s hoo-haa about the bench at the top of Hemstal Road? The council’s decided it’s staying.

Property of the Month is a 3-bed flat in much sought-after Marlborough Mansions.

We reported a UFO “sighting” in last week’s newsletter. The spotter turned up as did a plausible explanation (see comments).

Jubilee Line commuters are the second worst paid. This and other “fun facts” on the tube.

Tweet of the Week

What have I missed since March 24th?

West Hampstead’s cheapest property is relatively its most expensive… and is really really small.

By contrast, Stephen Fry’s former house – a stunning 5-bed property with its own internal tree – is back on the market for just under £2.5 million.

In the week when gay marriage became possible, local vicar Fr. Andrew Cain was featured in The Daily Beast about his own church-defying stance on gay marriage.

St James' nails it's colours to the mast  via Fr Andrew Cain

St James’ nails it’s colours to the mast via Fr Andrew Cain

A man was jailed for a string of burglaries in and around Maygrove Road last month.

After Lib Dem candidate Maajid Nawaz’s rambunctious performance on Newsnight, the Spectator suggested the Lib Dems might scale back support for him in Hampstead & Kilburn. The Lib Dem press office refuted the claim.

West Hampstead Life’s Election 2014 coverage kicks off this week. Keep your eyes peeled for more.

The psychotherapy school that wants to move into Fortune Green has won over local residents.

The Crediton Hill pebbeldash story that the Camden New Journal covered earlier in the month, made it to the Daily Mail. Any excuse for a photo of Emma Thompson.

West Hampstead used to have a magic shop – but it disappeared long ago!

As work continues on Maygrove Road, Handrail House has been demolished.

The 2nd whampsocial was another great success. The next one will be April 16th at Frida’s bar again. No tickets, just turn up. The tacos are great!

The planning application has been submitted for the 24-storey tower block at Swiss Cottage. More details on the local councillors’ blog. There’s a campaign opposing it already @swisscottageag.

NW6 Film Club is off to see The Double (Richard Ayoade meets Dostoyevsky through the medium of Jesse Eisenberg) on Sunday at The Tricycle. All welcome.

We spoke to the director and cast of The Kilburn Passion – a play commissioned for the Tricycle Theatre that will be performed by its Young Company this week.

An elderly woman was hit by a lorry on Thursday on the Finchley Road near Waitrose. She was taken to hospital with serious but not life-threatening injuries.

After Nautilus’s mention in Time Out a couple of weeks ago, this week it was Bake-a-boo’s turn to represent north London – for “best afternoon tea“.

A public memorial service will be held at St Martin-in-the-Fields in Trafalgar Square for long-time West Hampstead resident (and Nobel prize winning author) Doris Lessing, who died last November.

Dine2Donate – the recent event to raise money for local foodbanks -raised £750.

A UFO (oh yes) was spotted in West Hampstead earlier in the month.

The Culture Hub

  • The Past is Film of the Week. Full local listings and our recommendations here.
  • Andy Zaltzman at the Good Ship Comedy Club on Monday night is our “Why not try…” of the week.
  • The English Chamber Choir performing Handel at JW3 is our Gig of the Week. Check out all the other music offerings locally.
  • The Kilburn Passion is our Hot Ticket of the week – and West Hampstead Life readers get a discount.

Tweet of the Week

What have I missed since March 17th?

Fire crews rescued six people and a seventh jumped out of a first-floor window after a fire broke out in a converted house in Broadhurst Gardens. Police are treating the fire as suspicious.

An elderly woman died in the swimming pool at Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre.

As the weather gets better, why not try our 6-mile #whampwalk that connects Elstree & Borehamwood and Stanmore. It takes in a reservoir, the place where Churchill spent D-Day, and some deer.

Too big for the job, possibly. Too big for Sumatra Rd definitely! via Amanda Harper

Too big for the job, possibly. Too big for Sumatra Rd definitely! via Amanda Harper

More evidence that West Hampstead is one of – if not THE – best connected place outside zone 1.

Local author Jeff Norton talked about why he likes West Hampstead and the importance of getting youg kids reading. And zombies. And margaritas.

Talking of margaritas – the next #whampsocial is on Wednesday night at Frida’s bar, downstairs at Mamacita. Not sure whether to come? Read what people said about the first one!

There was a great article about Kilburn and Poundlands in The Independent.

And another, in Huffington Post, about trying to buy a flat in Kilburn.

Three men were stabbed in a street fight last Sunday night in Kilburn.

Very disappointing to see someone’s tagged the Billy Fury mural.

From April 3-5th, the Tricycle Young Company presents The Kilburn Passion – a new play written for young people about life in Kilburn. West Hampstead Life readers can save £1 on tickets by using the promotional code WestHamp (advanced booking only; limited offer).

One Sixty continues to generally impress, though it seems they underestimated their own popularity and need another (or larger) smoker to keep up with demand.

In a week when Twitter made it easy to find your first ever tweet, mine turned out to be on a topic still close to everyone’s hearts.

DJ Yoda at Love & Liquor is Gig of the Week. Check out this all the upcoming local music offerings here.

Gritty British drama Starred Up is the Film of the Week. All the new releases, recommendations and full local cinema listings here.

Camden Cyclists presented their wishlist of cycling-related road changes in the area at their monthly meeting.

Tweet of the Week
Less comedy and more cautionary tale this week

What have I missed since March 10th?

The much anticipated new smokehouse restaurant, One Sixty, had its soft launch. Preliminary reports (including from yours truly) were very positive. Walk-ins start from Tuesday.

Jimi Hendrix didn’t just play West Hampstead; the woman who brought him to the attention of his manager was from Cholmley Gardens!

Edward de Mesquita, Hampstead creperie owner and erstwhile Tory council candidate for West Hampstead, is in a very serious condition in a Paris hospital after a car crash.

“This house in West Hampstead always puts on a lovely floral display”
by Mairéad Roche

As Camden undertakes its annual tree removal program, cutting down dead or dying specimens, it may have inadvertently solved the area’s litter problem.

The Metro’s property section had a big and very positive piece on West Hampstead (and some kind words about West Hampstead Life).

The new greengrocer on West End Lane, replacing Picasso’s, has eschewed a fancy, clever name.

Fortune Green’s Nautilus featured in Time Out as the best fish & chips in north London.

Talking of Fortune Green, this Sunday is Love our Green Sunday – more on this and other Friends of Fortune Green events here.

West Hampstead Women’s Centre celebrated its 25th anniversary.

The Accurist building on Blackburn Road may well be turned into a block of 25 flats (mostly one-bed).

UKIP is expecting to field council candidates in all local wards in May’s local election. In 2010 it had just one candidate in one ward (Swiss Cottage).

The 18-storey tower blocks in South Kilburn are coming down as part of the huge redevelopment there.

It’s like Hampstead without the wankers“, local author Susie Steiner on West Hampstead.

Back in 1949, the Kilburn Empire tried to stage a boxing match between “Battling” Barbara Buttrick and Bert Saunders. The fight was pulled, but Buttrick went on to pave the way for women boxers. Sadly for up-and-coming boxers male or female, there’s a strong rumour that Gloves Boxing Club is closing.

A man was stabbed in the leg in a “mass street fight” in Kilburn.

Scarlet Johansson’s Under The Skin is the Film of the Week. All the local screenings listed here.

The gig of the week is raising funds for UNICEF. Check out this and all the local music events coming up in the area.

The first #whampsocial was a big hit (not least the £5 cocktails). The next one is March 26th at Frida’s bar.

Whampdinner at Guglee was also great success, though quite what The Black Lion thought it was when they reserved us space in the bar beforehand is anyone’s guess.

Building work on St James’ to give it a dual use as a post office will start on March 24th.

The Crediton Hill pebbledash drama was put to bed as the planning inspector overturned an appeal. The pebbledash must return.

Tweet of the Week

What have I missed since March 3rd?

Colour Division, West End Lane’s print shop, celebrated its 40th anniversary.

Property News: Is the housing market in West Hampstead “bonkers”, or ultimately good for London? Comments already coming in!

What’s the connection between London Zoo’s first hippo and West End Lane?

Wonderful "helicopter view" of West Hampstead on this glorious day via Keith Moffitt

Wonderful “helicopter view” of West Hampstead via Keith Moffitt

There’s a new whampevent – #whampsocial – it’s a casual drinks evening that we’ll try and run every couple of weeks. First one is this Wednesday. See you there.

If you want to look round Kilburn’s famous State building, it’s now open to the public every Wednesday from midday to 2pm.

Camden agreed to freeze council tax for another year as it passed its budget in a full council meeting.

A care centre on Shoot Up Hill is seeking a reprieve from Camden, which will pull its funding from next autumn.

If you remember the man in the chicken suit from a few weeks ago… here’s the final advert made for Bristan.

Tom went to Guglee and Whampreview went to Mamacita.

Brinkworth Dairy was voted Customers’ Favourite Stall at the farmers’ market.

The Grand Budapest Hotel is Film of the Week. Check out all the local listings, including Mark’s “Must-See Movies”.

There’s regular comedy improv night every other Tuesday in the Lower Ground Bar – we spoke to Andrew, the man behind it.

Fin City, a new fish & chips shop, has opened in Kilburn to a raptorous welcome.

Local author Susie Steiner’s latest book came out in paperback. We reviewed it.

Facts of the week

  • Kilburn is the only London Underground station without any of the letters of “West Hampstead” in it.
  • You can get to exactly 100 destinations from West Hampstead’s three stations.

Tweet of the Week

What have I missed since February 24th?

West Hampstead Square construction starts on March 10th. Expect lorries galore and disgruntled locals at 8am on Saturday mornings.

Lots of the estate agents’ boards have come down. One of the remaining offenders removed all its boards on Saturday, but some agents are still not playing ball. All the photos here!

How many passengers do you think pass through West Hampstead’s three stations every year? I’ll give you a clue… it’s a lot.

"That awkward moment when you find a bird of prey dissecting a pigeon on your parents' doorstep". Photo via Nico Lennon

“That awkward moment when you find a bird of prey dissecting a pigeon on your parents’ doorstep”. Photo via Nico Lennon

Crediton Hill residents have been asked to be vigilant after a couple of unwelcome incidents.

A #whamper ran a marathon… in the Sahara. All to raise the profile of the charity she runs.

The lastest plan for Gondar Gardens was surprisingly rejected by Camden. It will no doubt go to appeal again.

Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel is our next Film Club event on March 9th at the Tricycle.

What do locals think of West Hampstead? More than 120 comments have now been left on the Neighbourhood Development Forum’s mapping tool.

Nymph()maniac Volumes 1 & 2 are the Film(s) of the Week. Check out all the local listings and, yes, Gravity is STILL playing at the IMAX.

Girls in Trouble at JW3 next Saturday is this week’s Gig of the Week.

Camden is planning to replace playground equipment at Sumatra Road open space over the next couple of months.

Amid a flurry of complaints about new shisha café Monte Cristo, it transpires that it doesn’t have planning permission. Camden has asked the owner to submit an application within three weeks.

Worried about the impact of HS2? The Kilburn Lib Dems have written a good overview and there’s a public meeting on March 18th.

Lettings agent Black Katz has joined Twitter @blackkatznw6.

The rumour mill says that Picasso’s is going to become an organic greengrocer.

A sneak preview tasting of the food at One Sixty (aka the Smokehouse) suggests it will do well. It’s due to open in a couple of weeks.

Swiss Cottage post office pulled down its shutters for the last time and the new branch within WH Smiths opened.

Father Andrew Cain, St Mary’s and St James’s openly gay vicar, has caused a stir by announcing his engagement to his atheist partner.

Swiss Cottage gyratory was one 33 junctions TfL plans to improve for cyclists. Details were thin on the ground.

Tweet of the Week

What have I missed since February 17th?

WiFi has arrived at West Hampstead (and Finchley Road) tube stations.

Flats in the yet-to-be-built 163 Iverson Road development (on the site of the former garden centre) are already on the market. A two-bed in “The Central” will set you back a frightening £900,000.

Spring is already springing with sightings of ice cream vans and  daffodils  on Fortune Green.

Evening in West Hampstead by David Turney

Evening in West Hampstead by David Turney

We looked back at George Tombs, former stationmaster at West End station (before it was renamed “West Hampstead”) and whose life was punctuated by tragedy.

This week also saw the 70th anniversary of the Dennington Park Road bomb in WW2 that killed most of a wedding party.

Finally, in history, er, news… one tweeter found this image of the former Finchley Road Midland station (the O2 centre would be just to the right).

Got parents or friends coming to stay but can’t afford £900,000 for a spare room? We’ve given you a rundown of all the local accommodation options.

First Capital Connect came third from bottom in a passenger survey of the country’s train operating companies.

Stranger by the Lake is the Film of the Week. Full local listings here (including an encore screening for Blue Jasmine – hotly tipped for Best Actress).

Cool Shakes at La Brocca is Gig of the Week, and there’s plenty else coming up too.

A Crediton Hill resident is copping flak for removing pebbledash from her home. File under “turnup for the books.”

Consultation for the final draft of the Neighbourhood Development Plan closes Friday. Find out more on its website.

There was a good turnout for the Area Action Group (aka “local public meeting”). Topics covered were: local policing (general unhappiness over new model), Neighbourhood Development Forum (general moans about not having a butcher), health provision (general confusion over what was being talked about), and Liddell Road (general fed-upness over process).

A new strip of tarmac was laid on the Thameslink bridge to try and stop huge puddles forming (and whampers being splashed by evil drivers).

This Wednesday, the top of Broadhurst Gardens (jct with West End Lane) will be closed for resurfacing.

Demolition is well underway at Handrail House on Maygrove Road.

Kilburn and Swiss Cottage (but not West Hampstead) popped up in this photographic collection of 25 Londoners going to work.

A couple of people reported that Tesco staff and caught and the lost a thief from the West End Lane store. Police hadn’t heard anything about it. Oddly.

Mill Lane Bistro made it into Harden’s Top 5 French restaurants in London under £50.

West End Lane florist Flowerstalk is on Twitter @UKFlowerstalk, and West End Lane Cars has a shiny new website.

Tweets of the Week

Not one, but two Tweet of the Week winners this week – and both photos.

What have I missed since February 10th?

More estate agents pledged to remove their boards from West End Lane – and indeed they began to be taken down. Do sign the petition if you want to ensure they can’t come back.

The trees on Ballymore’s West Hampstead Square site were removed, despite the petition to save them. One tree on Network Rail’s land adjacent to the site has been granted a Tree Preservation Order.

Preliminary drawings for the new Overground station were released. Expect more details over the coming months.

Concept drawing - station front

An update from Waitrose, which now plans to open its Little Waitrose “in late summer” (in the Pizza Express site, if you didn’t know).

The Show is this week’s Gig of the Week – check out all the other live music coming up in the area.

The new Thameslink trains were unveiled… in model form. You’ll have to wait a couple of years for the full-size versions.

Kids from Emmanuel School had a go at defining love.

What did our new book reviewer make of Hampstead thriller Deep Shelter?

Tom’s been eating out again – this time at The Alliance.

West Hampstead has largely escaped unscathed from the bad weather, but a wall did collapse in St Cuthbert’s Road in the strong winds of Friday night.

Meanwhile, the wall that collapsed last week at the bottom of Holmdale Road gardens should be replaced “brick by brick” say residents.

In light of the challenges facing Maygrove Road residents during the road closure, residents have started a Twitter account (@MaygroveRoad) and Facebook page.

A busy WHAT meeting on Monday discussed air polllution – more on this in a few weeks.

Some graffiti on Gondar Gardens caught the media’s attention.

Whampbooks was a great success again – thanks to West End Lane Books for hosting and discounting!

Her is the Film of the Week. Full local listings here.

Tweet of the Week

What have I missed since January 27th?

The “Save the Trees” petition that’s trying to prevent Ballymore chopping down the trees at West Hampstead Square has gained some momentum, but is it all a futile exercise?

Maygrove Road is now partially closed for three months, but the council and developers have agreed to ease some of the restrictions after a public outcry over the lack of notice.

The West Hampstead bag has made it to Ariana (the original Manhattan restaurant of which Kilburn’s Ariana II is a spin-off) and to the Vince Lombardi trophy.

Photo via Eugene Regis

Photo via Eugene Regis

Camden launches its free public WiFi service and West Hampstead is in the first wave.

There was a big public meeting about the final draft of the Neighbourhood Development Plan. It spanned, basement excavations, “skyscrapers”, trees (of course), toilets and much much more. Full recap here.

The online mapping tool that lets you feed your views back into the planning process has had a major overhaul. Register now and start commenting.

We looked at yet more famous musicians who’ve lived in the area, including Ginger Baker, Chaka Khan and the Appleton sisters.

Tom’s Diner revisited The Arches. The prawns were “proud and glowing” and Tom shared a dessert!

Out of the Furnace is the Film of the Week. Check out all the local films here.

Wolf Club Lunar Society’s single launch is the Gig of the Week. Full local music listings.

Which pub quiz is on when? Answer: Look at our round-up of all the local options.

Billy Bragg was in West Hampstead on Friday filming a programme about skiffle-meister Lonnie Donegan. Bragg found time to pop into Wired for a coffee.

The Respect Party says it will stand in Hampstead & Kilburn in 2015

The West Hampstead Women’s Centre has joined Twitter @WH_WomensCentre.

A 48hr tube strike is planned from 9.30pm on Tuesday (and another one same time next week). Jubilee Line may run Stanmore-Finchley Road service). Thameslink, Overground and bus services will all operate.

Tweet of the Week

What have I missed since January 20th?

At very short notice, Maygrove Road is to be partially closed for three months from Thursday. A lot of people are unhappy about the communication process.

Tonight, there’s a big public meeting to discuss the final draft of the Neighbourhood Development Plan before it disappears into the Camden consultation process. This is your last major chance to have a say before the referendum.

A lorry repeatedly hit a corner of 156 West End Lane (aka the Travis Perkins building) on Wednesday causing some damage.

West Hampstead cake

Photo via Jessica Myers

Edward de Mesquita apologised for not being media savvy, but the rumour on Sunday night is that he’s now stood down as a council candidate for the Conservatives. 

If you remember the mugging on Aberdare Gardens recently (and possibly related incidents), the men believed to be responsible are in custody.

The West Hampstead gym guide has been updated for 2014. Find all the info on where’s good, how much membership is, and where the best towels are!

Camden rejected the Lib Dem request to reconsider the Liddell Road decision from before Christmas regarding the removal of the businesses there to make way for a school, flats and office space.

In a sudden intense spell of bad weather on Saturday, half the tube station sign came down.

Whampreview went to Zest at JW3 – but what did we think?

The NWC Club (formerly Legacy) at Swiss Cottage has had its closing time cut to midnight, and capacity reduced to 250 after a string of problems and complaints.

The new Thameslink trains will be on display at West Hampstead on Feb 13th as part of a public roadshow.

Inside Llewyn Davis is the Film of the Week. New releases and full local listings here.

On Feb 9th, NW6 Film Club is going to see Oscar-nominated Dallas Buyers Club at The Tricycle.

On Feb 13th, it’s another “Books, booze and bargains” event at West End Lane Books.

Good news for fans of the Clifton in St John’s Wood. It was apparently sold to a Malaysian lawyer for £3.2 (£400k over the asking price), but he’s believed to plan to let it as a “going concern”.

The much maligned Tesco on Fortune Green Road is to be refitted from Feb 24th.

On Friday, an art exhibition celebrates the centenary of Kilburn Grange Park.

West Hampstead in the news
The Alice House featured in the Londonist “Top 10 gay first date venues“.
Is West Hampstead the next Marylebone High Street, or the first West End Lane?

Tweet of the Week

Bridge cafe menu

What have I missed since January 13th?

One of the Conservative Party’s West Hampstead candidates in May’s local council elections came up with some controversial quotes in an interview with the CNJ.

Meanwhile, Al Jazeera discussed 2015’s Hampsted & Kilburn election in some detail, including another surprising quote from a different Conservative candidate.

The Odeon cinema has been sold… but fear not, nothing’s going to change.

Bridge cafe menu

via @seldomrecords “A light breakfast option in West Hampstead”

A drone spotted over West Hampstead was taking aerial photos of Travis Perkins site.

Escott’s upholsterers has bid a fond farewell to West Hampstead after more than 110 years.

We looked back at C. Bowler, Mill Lane’s watchmaker until the 1990s.

The Neighbourhood Development Plan is in its final consultation phase. It’s only the second London NDF to get to this stage. There’s a public meeting about it on January 27th.

A substation problem knocked out a chunk of West Hampstead on Wednesday night.

Wolf of Wall Street is our Film of the Week. Check out full listings here.

Two new exhibitions opened at Camden Arts Centre; all the latest local arts events are listed here.

Camden is preparing for its annual transport meeting – if you have a question you’d like to raise, you need to let them know in advance.

Kilburn’s BJ Fisheries and the yet-to-open Kilburn Ironworks both joined Twitter.

Tweet of the Week


What have I missed since January 6th?

Aqua Pharmacy on Mill Lane will be relocating – the other Mill Lane pharmacy isn’t happy.

Jazz Cycles and Escott’s upholsterers on Mill Lane both closed, while Alison Davidson opticians opened. Headmasters – another West End Lane hairdressers – opened.

Mamako opened where Spiga had been. Tom went to investigate (it took a while).


West Hampstead busker, huge amplifier & professional rig.
Photo via Brian Wernham

There was a break-in at The Wet Fish Cafe, the safe was stolen and there was £2,000 worth of damage done.

A new bakery/café opened on Belsize Road with a strong patisserie pedigree.

South Hampstead High School has applied to extend the time it occupies its Lymington Road temporary site.

Our Safer Neighbourhood Sergeant has joined Twitter.

Could West Hampstead property prices rise 9-12% this year?

The Property of the Month is a £750,000 apartment on Goldhurst Terrace.

The next wave of sales at West Hampstead Square is starting. Prices now starting at £420,000.

The Sunday “vintage” market will restart on February 9th.

Film footage of West End Lane in 1957.

If you are the sort of person who signs petitions, there’s one to try and save the trees on the Ballymore/Network Rail site.

Two men accused of the murder of Sabrina Moss in Kilburn last August appeared at the Old Bailey. They were remanded in custody and will stand trial on June 2nd.

Fire crews put out a flat fire on Crediton Hill, no-one was hurt. The fire was reported by a pupil in the Lymington Road temporary school. The Daily Mail went big on the story.

Belsize Fire Station closed as one of 10 fire stations across London to be axed.

A minor electrical fire on Abbey Road/Priory Road knocked out power and internet services for some households on Thursday evening.

The American School in St John’s Wood was evacuated. The student newspaper’s report was more accurate than the BBC’s.

12 Years a Slave is our Film of the Week. Full (new look) listings here.

Although the rubbish problem in West Hampstead has eased, Swiss Cottage is still suffering.

Not enough people in West Hampstead want to play squash, apparently.

An oversized To Let sign has gone up at the former Old Bridge unit on Broadhurst Gardens.

Cllr Maya de Souza could be the Green candidate for Hampstead & Kilburn.

West Hampstead in the news: Time Out reports on the Smokehouse arriving; The Metro interviewed actress Angela Griffin; The Evening Standard magazine talked to actor Jeremy Irvine.

Tweet of the Week

What have I missed since December 23rd?

You missed Christmas for a start! Happy New Year and all that. If you didn’t get a chance to read our various reviews of 2013, then I suggest you focus on this one (which links to all the others).

Oh yes, and West Hampstead Life‘s changed. Hope you like it. It’s still in testing phase and we know it’s a bit on the slow side, but we wanted to get it up and running. There’s lots more to do with it, but you’ll need to bear with us for a few weeks.

New West End Lane hairdresser Headmasters opens very soon and has two weeks of offers to get kickstarted. Still need to change the awning though.


A 17 year-old girl from Kilburn went missing. Police are very concerned about her.

The rumour from December was true: A smokehouse is opening in the Me Love Sushi site, with a big name backer.

In the stormy weather of Christmas Eve, the West End Green Christmas tree blew over. If you haven’t got rid of your Christmas tree yet, where can you recycle it?

We announced the winners of Tweet of the Year and Photo of the Year

Local councillor Russell Eagling’s impending marriage to former parliamentary candidate Ed Fordham made it onto Channel 4’s Big Fat New Quiz of the Year.

On New Year’s Eve (after an suitably amazing final sunset of 2013) buses were held up on West End Lane when an Audi drove into a parked BMW outside La Brocca. No-one was hurt.

Angela Lansbury was made a Dame in the New Year’s Honours. She was educated at South Hampstead High Schoool.

It’s the New Year, so TfL prices are going up – and there are proposed changes to station staffing. What does it mean for locals?

The NDF will publish the proposed final draft of the Neighbourhood Plan this week (with the consultation running until the end of February).

We’ve got more on the Kilburn thunderbolt of 1877!

Tweet of the Week

What have I missed since 2013?

What happened between the all the spectacular sunrises and sunsets in West Hampstead in 2013?

Local MP Glenda Jackson formally announced she wouldn’t stand for re-election in 2015. Catch up on all the political stirrings of the year.


A big burst water main closed West End Lane for a week. it was the worst of the many many water problems in the area – including three in that same week.

Thames Water failed to offer a solution. It wasn’t until July that we heard from Thames Water that there’s a very long-term plan for replacing the pipes. Half of the remaining old pipes will be replaced between 2015 and 2020, the other half between 2020 and 2025. In reality, one imagines they’ll largely be replaced as and when they fail over the next few years.

A man shot himself in the foot in the Golden Egg pub on Kilburn High Road. The pub never seemed to recover and in September it reopened under new owners as The Earl Derby.

A local binman stopped a potentially bad accident when he moved his lorry to block a runaway post office van.

If you’ve never been to the (gents) toilet by West End Green, someone took a video so you can see what you’ve been, er, missing.

The Black Lion in Kilburn turned off its beer taps in protest at its brewery owners beer pricing. It was a good publicity stunt, but has it hurt the pub’s trade?

Kirstie Allsopp made waves while she was filming in West Hampstead this week, with a call for Hillfield Road residents to tidy up their street. One local saw my tweet of the news that Kirstie & Phil were coming to West Hampstead, followed up with the Location Location Location team, and promptly sold his house via the programme.

The Jester Festival – West Hampstead’s own summer fete – drew big crowds, even when Andy Murray was winning Wimbledon.

The mystery of the cucumbers dominated silly season this summer. The national press finally picked the story up (although confused West Hampstead with Hampstead). In fact the story refused to die – and meant a quick appearance by me on the BBC London breakfast radio show.

Mark Carney, installed as governor of the Bank of England, chose to live in West Hampstead prompting much speculation as to whereabouts he might spend his ample housing allowance. He’s since been spotted in The Wet Fish Cafe and Mill Lane Barbers.

Some residents in Fordwych Road have started guerilla gardening.

TfL confirmed that the Overground station will be redeveloped next year (this should include lifts).

We looked at all the schnitzels in the area – but which did we think was best?

Sad news that the body of Richard Gent, who went missing more than a year ago from West Hampstead was found near Cricklewood. A scholarship has been set up in his name.

Everyone got their green wheelie bins delivered, which meant residents no longer had to separate their recycling.

Teething problems with the new rubbish collections became major headaches when Veolia’s teams struggled to adjust and the area became a dumping ground. Camden was forced to launch a special campaign, which seems to have had a positive impact in its first few weeks. If you want to know what happens to all our recycling, I went to the Lea Valley to find out.

Lymington Road based Hampstead Cricket Club 1st XI won its league for the first time ever. The 3rd, 4ths and Ladies team also all won their leagues.

Waitrose subtly announced its intention to move into the Pizza Express site. Check out the full round-up of shops and restaurants news.

It was 50 years since David Bowie’s first professional recording, which took place at Decca Studios in West Hampstead.

There was a tragic incident on Kilburn High Road, when two women were shot, one fatally, outside Woody’s Grill in the early hours in what appears to have been a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Eight men have been arrrested in connection with the murders, with two in custody awaiting a full trial.

In other crime news: A German teenager pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of Douglas Hutchison, aka Professor Whitestick, in West Hampstead last year. He has been detained in Broadmoor indefinitely and is likely to be extradited to Germany where he is wanted in connection with a murder there.

There was an explosion of blue graffitti in and around Maygrove Road, which kept reappearing all over the area for a few months.

JW3 opened on Finchley Road with much fanfare. The reaction off the smaller London Jewish Cultural Centre in Golders Green has not been widely reported.

The new Emmanuel school building opened – many locals object to its use of grey rather than red brick, but it’s up for a Camden architecture award.

Sales began for West Hampstead Square. All the development news of the year is here.

WHAT celebrated its 40th anniversary.

Students arrived in the new Blackburn Road accommodation and became some of the wealthiest renters in West Hampstead

Student stats: 62% female, 40% postgrads, 58% from overseas (49 different nationalities), and 10% have bikes!

A bench, of all things, proved controversial.

The St Jude storm left West Hampstead relatively unscathed, though there were a few trees down and some minor damage.

It turned out it was cheaper to rent in Barcelona and commute to London than rent in West Hampstead. All the property news of the year is here.

There was a spectacular fire on West End Lane that did minimal damage and a spectacular fountain on Fairhazel Gardens that was the result of a repair gone wrong.

Long-time local resident and Nobel Prize winner Doris Lessing died. She was 94. Here she is being told she’s won the Nobel Prize in 2007 outside her West Hampstead home (I love that an artichoke figures prominently). West Hampstead wasn’t just her home, it also featured in her writing.

The week First Capital Connect announced that more trains will now stop at West Hampstead, a northbound train on Friday completely forgot to stop at West Hampstead at all.

Camden introduced a 20mph limit on all its roads (this excludes TfL roads in the borough, such as Finchley Road)

The King of Kilburn met the Queen of the United Kingdom as Bradley Wiggins received his knighthood at the palace.

The West Hampstead Business Association relaunched and Mayor of London Boris Johnson came to talk to local business owners.

Stats of the year

  • One person enters West Hampstead tube station every second during the peak of rush hour.
  • The population of “Greater West Hampstead” (as I refer to it) was 33,751 according to the 2011 census. One person is a heavy metal worshipper.
  • From July 2011 to March 2013, borrowers ran up unpaid library fines at West Hampstead of £3,950.43.
  • In 2012, West Hampstead tube station was used 9.71m times, well up on 2011’s 8.32m (remember all those closures). West Hampstead Overground was used 2.88m times and Thameslink 2.78m times.
  • Hampstead & Kilburn has the UK’s second highest number of people paying income tax (67,000), paying the fifth-highest amount of income tax per head (£21,300).
  • Once they reach 65, women in Camden have the highest life expectancy in the country – 88.8 years (the borough ranks 14th in the country for female life expectancy at birth).
  • West Hampstead & Fortune Green had 1,330 more households in 2011 than in 2001, but 570 fewer cars.
  • West Hampstead ward  is better qualified than Fortune Green ward, but in most ways, the two are remarkably similar.

What have I missed since December 16th?

Thieves struck at both St James’ and Emmanuel Churches (odd coincidence, or same person), stealing wallets and purses during Christmas concerts.

Two more shopping days before Christmas – we put the West Hampstead Christmas shopping guide on Pinterest too.

Ed Miliband paid a flying visit to Kilburn to talk about fixed-odds betting terminals.

Aldred Road’s annual Christmas lights
Photo by Simon Inglis

The businesses on Liddell Road talked about life under the threat of being forced to relocate.

Camden has threatened to fine a group of locals who turned a fly-tipping site into a community garden.

In a week of bad weather, a clipping emerged of a thunderbolt that struck Kilburn in 1877.

The Christmas week local film listings are up.

The next NW6 Film Club event will be Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom at The Tricycle on January 5th (7pm), more details soon.

Over the Christmas holiday, there’s no Jubilee Line between Finchley Road and Waterloo from Boxing Day to December 30th, and no Overground at all on Boxing Day. There is – as usual – no Christmas Day tube service.

The O2 centre has opted for a non-traditional tree!

There was a great turnout in foul weather for #whampxmasdrinks – the poor old Black Lion struggled on despite having no gas with which to cook that night.

The borough-wide 20mph speed limit came into force.

Monte Cristo, opening in Fortune Green where Londis was briefly, is going to be a shisha café.

Tweet of the Week

What have I missed since December 9th?

Ballymore announced, with minimal fanfare, that Marks & Spencer will be its anchor commercial tenant in West Hampstead Square.

In a Buzzfeed moment, we looked at The 12 Best Christmas Presents You Can Buy in West Hampstead.

Is the latest planning application for Gondar Gardens the final card to be played in this long-running game?

Ok, so it’s Hampstead Heath – but great photo by Sally McKay

The West Hampstead Business Association had its launch event – but what is it, and why should local businesses join?

If you haven’t got your Christmas tree yet, here’s where you can pick one up: Mill Lane Garden Centre (where proceeds go to a good cause), Homebase, outside Waitrose, Achillea Flowers, Kilburn High Road, and Swiss Cottage farmers’ market.

There are still a few chances to get your Christmas carol fix.

Thursday evening is my annual #whampxmasdrinks – the office party for locals. Starts 7.30pm at The Black Lion on West End Lane. Just turn up – we’ll be on the left as you walk in.

Camden responded to criticism over the Liddell Road redevelopment scheme, but has the council done enough to prove that this scheme is going to create jobs overall? The local councillors have requested to call in the decision.

This Tuesday, sample free kebabs at Adam’s Grill.

Fortune Green has started to attract wildlife, of a somewhat static kind.

Property News discussed licensed rental agents.

The King of Kilburn met the Queen of the United Kingdom as Bradley Wiggins received his knighthood at the palace.

Scroll down to #15 for a Christmas blast from the past from Kingsgate School.

Lupa suddenly got renamed “Pizza Amante”. They still say Lupa when you ring up though.

If you bought biscotti at the Christmas Market a couple of weeks ago, you helped Emma Niemis raise £85 towards her target for volunteeting in Ecuador next summer. Contact her if you want to know more.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug is @NxNW6‘s Film of the Week. Full local listings here.

A new café appears to be opening on Fortune Green Road (which the owners seem to mistakenly think is in Hampstead).

The NW6 Free School campaign produced stats showing how many secondary schools local students attend.

The West Hampstead fire brigade joined in the London-wide strike on Friday evening.

The Clifton pub in St John’s Wood, and the Old White Bear in Hampstead have both been sold and are expected to be converted into private houses.

Tweet of the Week

Remember the Guinness ad with the guy waiting for the tide so he could surf? I’m waiting for the C11 bus. It’s kinda the same. But more shit
— Matthew Darcy (@matthewdarcy7) December 9, 2013

What have I missed since December 2nd

Camden gave the go-ahead to primary school buildings in Liddell Road, despite a dispute about the number of jobs that could be gained or lost through redevelopment. In a Twitter conversation later than night, councillors agreed they would look into this, though of course the decision still stands.

Several local buildings (and two parks) feature in the Camden Design awards shortlist – including Emmanuel School, somewhat controversially.

An open letter to Tesco’s Fortune Green branch manager (and accompanying photos) elicited an encouraging response from the supermarket chain.

Photo via Mark Stonebanks

An eighth arrest has been made in the Sabrina Moss murder investigation.

Italian restaurant Spiga has closed. Apparently it’s being replaced by a south-east Asian/Thai restaurant.

Nebraska is @NxNW6’s Film of the Week and NW6 Film Club returned this Sunday.

Local councillor Flick Rea collected her MBE from the palace.

The ice rink at JW3 opened.

Tom’s Diner gave The Black Lion the once over.

The next planning application for Gondar Gardens has been submitted by Linden Wates (this is the third – one accepted and one rejected so far)

Ballymore has agreed to a proper community liaison working party and to look in more detail at how the north side of the West Hampstead Square site might be “greened up”.

Tweet of the Week

Post box on Honeybourne Rd boarded up do to “health & safety issue”, the mind boggles! West Hampstead #whamp
— Sandra Pavlou (@SandraPavlou) December 5, 2013

What have I missed since November 25th?

Boris Johnson came to West Hampstead to talk to local businesses. Read the full story.

Robert Webb led a tirade against Tesco for the shocking stock levels in its Fortune Green branch.

West End Green’s Christmas tree is bigger than usual, but the high street ones remain somewhat, er, vertically challenged (or “tasteful” as Cllr Keith Moffitt described them).

It’s beginning to look a lot like autumn.
Photo via @CleaSR

Police are warning people to be vigilant after a spate of aggressive robberies targeting women as they get out of their cars at night.

The West Hampstead Christmas market was a success, and local businesses that took part on West End Lane threw themselves into the occasion admirably.

Next weekend it’s the Emmanuel School Christmas Fair (with some unusual raffle prizes), and another Christmas Fair on West End Green.

The Alexandra & Ainsworth estate made it into the Guardian’s Top 10 council estates as voted by readers, having surprisingly missed out on the “official list” published the week before.

Emmanuel School’s new building on Mill Lane is up for a Camden Design Award.

JW3 is going to have an ice rink from December 8th-January 12th

Share your views on local planning and development issues, with a new interactive map-based website.

The controversial proposal for Avenue Road in Swiss Cottage has a website.

Blackburn Road was resurfaced and cleared of roadworks, making access to the student block much better.

Kilburn has a new financial health centre run by the Kilburn Fair Credit Campaign.

La Secret Boutique, once of the basement of LoveFood, then of Fortune Green, is now moving into the former Shaketastic outlet on West End Lane on December 4th.

Saving Mr Banks is this week’s Film of the Week. Full local listings and details of next Sunday’s Film Club event here.

After having the collection box swiped a couple of weeks ago, locals have generously given £130 to West End Lane Books’ Epilepsy Action fundraising efforts.

Christmas trees are available outside Waitrose, from Homebase and from the Mill Lane Garden Centre, where all proceeds go to charity.

Tweet of the Week

Police on horse back through the middle of west Hampstead, Nice to see but a pain if you’re trying to get somewhere and some what medieval!
— Ollie Rayner (@Ollie2rayner) November 29, 2013

What have i missed since November 18th?

A fire on Friday night damaged a West End Lane property, but no-one was hurt.

The relaunching West Hampstead Business Association announced that Boris Johnson will be coming to meet local business owners this Thursday afternoon.

A standpipe blew in Fairhazel Gardens, causing a spectacular fountain.

Photo via Don Williams

We looked back at Doris Lessing’s incorporation of West Hampstead into her writing, and the moment she was told of her Nobel Prize, outside her house.

The Jubilee Line is one of five tube lines that will run 24hrs on Friday and Saturday nights from 2015. TfL also confirmed that all ticket offices will close across the network, although stations will be staffed at the ticket barriers.

More Thameslink trains will now stop at West Hampstead, and Sunday services wil extend further south. Ironically, a northbound train on Friday completely forgot to stop at West Hampstead.

A thief made off with the collection box in West End Lane Books. The staff had been raising money for Epilepsy Action.

Police are appealing for witnesses after an attack on Tuesday evening at about 6.30pm around the stations. Call 101 if you can help.

A new antenatal class is starting at JW3 [sponsored]

Local historians Dick Weindling and Marianne Colloms gave an excellent talk at West End Lane Books about the history of Decca Studios and Klooks Kleek club, and also published the second part of their piece on local musicians.

WhampWalks took the 328 bus to Chelsea and walked to Richmond to get the Overground back home. It’s a lovely 12 mile walk with lots to see.

How many times have you spotted West Hampstead and Kilburn in films and TV programmes?

One of Paramount’s West Hampstead bags has made it to Antarctica.

Next Saturday is the West Hampstead Christmas Market, with lots of local businesses also participating in-store. It’s also the Beckford School Winter Fair.

Local estate agent Parkheath is offering kids (and teachers) high-viz jackets for the dark winter walk to school!

Blue is the Warmest Colour is NxNW6’s Film of the Week. It’s also the next NW6 Film Club film on December 8th at JW3.

The craft/vintage market on Sundays outside Thameslink has changed its hours to 11-3.

The first residential Christmas tree is up! Those of you waiting a couple more weeks can get yours from the Mill Lane Garden Centre from next Saturday.

The Winch is looking for parents, carers and social enterprises who want to start projects focused on helping children aged 0-5.

This Thursday evening, Virginia Berridge, chair of WHAT, will be talking about her new book… not a history of local planning, but something from her professional life – a history of the changing perceptions of drugs.

Tweet of the Week

Citizens of #Whamp: you astonish us with yr fabulousness. Man: ‘I don’t want to buy book I want to give money to replace stolen charity box’
— West End Lane Books (@WELBooks) November 22, 2013

What have I missed since November 11th?

Long-time local resident and Nobel Prize winner Doris Lessing died on Sunday. She was 94. Here she is being told she’s won the Nobel Prize in 2007 (I love that an artichoke figures prominently). West Hampstead wasn’t just her home, it also featured in her writing.

Jim “Carson” Carter has joined Emma “Oscar-winner” Thompson in the fight to save the trees by the Ballymore site.

A police chase had a fatal conclusion that caused chaos in Tuesday’s evening rush hour.

One of many glorious sunset photos from Wednesday.
This one by Simon Inglis

The 12th Whampgather was another rip-roaring success on Thursday. Thanks to everyone who came. We raised more than £500 for The Winch’s Youth Forum. Thanks also to all the businesses that donated prizes.

At the West Hampstead & Fortune Green Area Forum, TfL and Metroline explained why the 139 runs empty along Mill Lane, while Camden officers put forward a convincing case for their new Clean Camden campaign.

The Abbey Area regeneration programme stutters on.

The newest pizzeria in West Hampstead went under the whampreview microscope.

There was a Remembrance Day service in Hampstead Cemetery.

The Guardian reported on Camden council’s innovative use of data in solving problems.

The Friends of Fortune Green have launched a blog – the first entry talks about the Ladies Who Lunge.

A friends group is forming for the new Minster Road nature reserve – there’s a meeting this week if you’re interested in taking part.

The Butler is @NxNW6’s Film of the Week. Check out the full local cinema listings.

West Hampstead’s tiny Christmas trees have been attached to the lampposts.

Watch a fantastic video of films and TV shows shot in NW6.

Conservative Chris Philp, who just missed out on becoming our MP in 2010, has been nominated for the safe Tory seat of Croydon South.

Tweet of the Week

I remember when #whampgather was a dozen people off Twitter sitting awkwardly in the corner of a pub. Now it’s all wristbands & cloakrooms.
— Blake Connolly (@blakeconnolly) November 14, 2013

What have I missed since November 4th?

Camden launched a big crackdown on fly-tipping and littering but it’s still not clear why the regular rubbish and recycling service is so bad.

This Wednesday, grill Camden about a range of local issues – including the rubbish problem.

Revised proposals for 159 Iverson Road have cut the number of flats by 10 after Camden deemed the original plan too dense.

Itsy-bitsy spider via @dali_llama

Sunday marked a year since the car accident on West End Lane that killed Desreen Brooks and left Amy Werner in a critical condition.

On the Ballymore/Network Rail land, we now have a clear indication of which trees are safe for the time being. The Sunday Telegraph has picked up on Emma Thompson’s letter to Ballymore. The company has, I believe, not yet responded.

Camden has published the list of its trees destined to be removed. Most are dead or dying and should be replaced.

The Camden New Journal had all the animal news this week – the untimely passing of Jean the Highgate wallaby, and this amazing story about the cat who dialled 999.

Nautilus made the Sunday Times’ “Britain’s top 130 restaurants under £50” list; though how you’d spend £42pp there is a mystery.

Once they reach 65, women in Camden have the highest life expectancy in the country – 88.8 years (the borough ranks 14th in the country for female life expectancy at birth).

Another stat for you: West Hampstead & Fortune Green had 1,330 more households in 2011 than in 2001, but 570 fewer cars.

Looking for some commercial space in West Hampstead – the Sherriff Centre’s spare space (after the post office moves in) is up for lease for £16,000 a year. Meanwhile, if you’ve always fancied running a cafe, that’s also up for grabs.

West End Lane barbers Geezers reopened as Esquire Grooming, apparently run by a couple of former Men’s Lounge hairdressers. On Fortune Green Road, Crystalis Hair & Beauty opened.

Local MP Glenda Jackson (former transport minister) voted in favour of HS2, despite the local Labour party opposing it.

Doros Ahmed, owner of Kilburn curryhouse Ruchi, was one of the winners of the prestigious Bangladesh Caterers’ Association Caterer of the Year awards.

Apparently, the Old Bell on Kilburn High Road is closing. Another nail in the coffin of the old-school Kilburn pub.

Further up the road, next to Belvedere Traditional, a milkshake bar is opening.

The Property of the Month is a 4-bed garden flat in Greencroft Gardens at £1.65m.

Property News: Could oversupply of rental properties cool sale prices?

This Sunday, a weekly vintage/craft market started. It’s 10am-2pm on the Thameslink forecourt on Iverson Road.

Gravity is @NxNW6‘s Film of the Week.

Want to know what West End Lane looked like in 1969 – check out the opening few seconds of this Randall & Hopkirk Deceased episode.

Scottish crime writer extraordinaire Ian Rankin graced West End Lane Books to sign copies of his latest Rebus story, “Saints of the Shadow Bible”.

Small & Beautiful is under new ownership, but what’s the food like?

The Iceland in Swiss Cottage featured in a BBC2 documentary about the company.

Friends of Fortune Green has joined Twitter. Twit-twoo.

Tweet of the Week

Awesome to see people being fined/warned outside West Hampstead tube for littering.
— Josh Reich (@Reich_Josh) November 7, 2013

What have I missed since October 28?

Local resident Emma Thompson has joined the debate on saving (some of) the trees at West Hampstead Square. Will Ballymore reply to the double Oscar winner?

There was some damage and disruption in West Hampstead last Monday morning as the St Jude storm hit London.

Camden responds to the rubbish crisis in West Hampstead, and promises a new initiative to clamp down on fly-tippers.

A storm-felled tree on the Lymington Road estate.
Photo via Blake Connolly

Filming began apace on Kingsgate Road – aka Marchmont St – for BBC film Pride. Dominic “McNulty” West and Andrew “Moriaty” Scott both spotted on location.

What has WHAT ever done for us?

British Pathé has an excellent short silent film of the Queen Victoria’s Rifles marching up Kilburn High Road in 1931.

The next West Hampstead & Fortune Green area action group (aka “meeting for locals to get up to speed with what’s happening) will be on November 13th.

The West Hampstead Christmas market website is up. Look out for more local businesses getting involved on the day to make this a real West Hampstead shopping day.

The Alexandra Palace fireworks returned this year after a break, the big local free display is in Roundwood Park in Brent on Tuesday.

Short-Term 12 is @NxNW6’s Film of the Week. Full local listings, including highlights of the UK Jewish Film Festival.

A map appeared showing the Luftwaffe’s targets in West Hampstead during the war. Not surprisingly, it’s “all the train lines”.

Jack Bruce, John Paul Jones, Lemmy, Lulu and Screaming Lord Sutch – just a handful of musicians who’ve called West Hampstead home. The Kilburn History blogpost coincides with a new book – “Decca Studios and Klooks Kleek” – launching in West End Lane Books on November 18th.

Learn practical gardening skills for free at the West Hampstead Women’s Centre.

The rumour that Tesco is to open where Angeles Szechuan restaurant was on Kilburn High Road looks to be more than a rumour now.

Paramount is once again participating in the Wrap Up London campaign, collecting winter coats from people who might have one spare to give to people who really need them. Coats can be donated until November 11th.

Discussion continued over the architectural merits of the two designs for the Mario’s block.

Next Saturday, the Brent Symphony Orchestra is performing in St James’ Church.

Camden council has been blocked from imposing “double council tax” on homes left empty for extended periods.

A great video appeared, “Secrets of the Jubilee Line“. Well worth watching.

The People’s Centre for Change on Shoot-Up Hill is launching some new events for adults and children with disabilities, and their carers.

Oscars Den snuck into the Daily Mail in the run-up to Halloween.

The Alexandra & Ainsworth estate recently had an open day.

Most of the pubs went in for some ghoulish decorations this week, but The Black Lion wins the prize.

The Salt House on Abbey Road has reopened under new management.

Tweet of the Week
Two Tweets of the Week – one for each of the major events:

Housemate left kitchen window open (idiot!) and the wind has blown my cafetiere onto the floor & smashed it #ukstorm #firstworldproblems
— Davies (@daviesinthecity) October 28, 2013

To the man in West Hampstead dressed as a rubix cube: you are my hero #missedconnections #halloweencostume
— Rachel-Eireann N (@Rachel_Eireann) October 31, 2013

What have I missed since October 21st?

The Mario’s block redevelopment plans could go traditional or contemporary. Have a look at the pictures and read more about the proposals.

Camden threw out the proposal to turn the empty units in Alfred Court on Fortune Green Road into a private school.

West Hampstead’s rubbish problem isn’t getting any better – how can Camden clamp down on fly-tipping? Can a Keith Moffitt walkabout have an impact?

Another impressive sunset. Photo via James Taylor

A would-be #whamper worked out that it would be cheaper to live in Barcelona and commute daily to his London city job than to rent in West Hampstead. The story was picked up widely by the media and promptly misunderstood by almost everyone.

I’ve updated the article on the new proposals for Gondar Gardens with better pictures and more reaction.

Police released a CCTV image of a conman who broke into the home of a 93-year-old West Hampstead woman.

There’s still time to return the survey (or fill it in online) about your views on West Hampstead.

Adam’s Grill opened – still with that obnoxious flashing sign… but what’s the food like?

Poco Pizza – operating out of Paya’s premises – flyered the area with its menu. Some pizzas are not for the faint-hearted.

Tom’s Diner reviewed the #whampdinner at Banana Tree.

Visitor parking permits are going entirely online. Not everyone’s impressed.

A sign went up on Fortune Green to commemorate its designation as a Queen Elizabeth II field. Meanwhile, this Sunday there were some owls on Fortune Green and now a new owl sculpture!

Part of Kingsgate Road has been turned into a street ca. 1984 for Pride, a Bill Nighy, Imelda Staunton and Dominic West film.

Camden has asked for architects to tender for the proposed redevelopment of Liddell Road.

Could playwright Joe Orton be next in line for a Kilburn Historic plaque?

The Selfish Giant is NxNW6’s Film of the Week. Full local cinema listings here including all the Halloween film specials at the main cinemas, and in St James’ Church.

The Garden Friends group is looking for some volunteers on November 9th.

Tweet of the Week

Saw Ken Livingstone in Finchley Road Waitrose yesterday. Now my mum thinks West Hampstead’s full of ‘celebs’.
— Misabelina (@Misabelina) October 23, 2013

What have I missed since October 14th?

The third Gondar Gardens proposal from Linden Wates isn’t radically different from the previous ones – but it may just be different enough to get the green light.

Whampreview gave its verdict on Bellaluna. Thumbs up or thumbs down?

The redevelopment of the Mario’s block on Broadhurst Gardens could still be either traditional or modern in its facade. Plans are for 39 apartments, and the building would be one storey higher than it is today.

Just a giraffe in a car. Standard. Photo via Mairéad Roche

The Overground was severely disrupted for most of the week after a derailment near Camden Road. Normal service should resume in time for the Monday morning rush hour. 

Kilburn ward councillor Mike Katz, having been the wrong gender to make the Hampstead & Kilburn Labour shortlist, is now having a tilt at Brent Central.

In a week where a Guardian article about London property set tongues wagging, this little snatch of overheard conversation shows who’s investing in West Hampstead.

An unfinished drawing of Iverson Road in 1940 turned up in the offices of a Kilburn plumbing supplies shop. “Police interference” was cited for it not being completed.

Local councillors set out their position on the proposed primary school on Liddell Road, which was also the topic of lively debate at this month’s NDF meeting.

The NDF dropped flyers into every property in West Hampstead and Fortune Green wards. It’s really worth filling in the form and dropping it off in the library or complete it online.

Finchley Road post office looks set to move into WH Smith’s next year. Though there is still a consultation stage.

#whampgather tickets came available… and in less than 24 hours, all 250 of them were snapped up. There’s no waiting list, but I may be able to release a few more depending on cancellations nearer the time.

Poco Pizza (which replaced Paya) was giving away free pizza slices on Friday. I saw only one verdict: “Very tasty.”

Here’s the most detailed review of the Czech restaurant for some time (even mentions yours truly).

Captain Phillips is @NxNW6‘s Film of the Week. Full local cinema listings here. Meanwhile, how does the new JW3 cinema measure up?

An easy-to-use ward-level map of 2011 census data, makes it easy to compare neighbourhing areas.

West Hampstead snuck into a silly Evening Standard piece about popular Amazon products in different parts of London. We live up to Nappy Valley stereotype by being the best customers of a posh teether.

A photo popped up of Shirley Bassey in her husband’s record shop on West End Lane at what is now Art4Fun. (Read more about this.)

How was the SkyRide around the borough borders?

Stats on students in Blackburn Road: 62% female, 40% postgrads, 58% are from overseas (49 different nationalities), and 10% have bikes!

The NW6 School campaign wants parents and other interested parties to fill in a survey about what kind of school provision they think the area needs.

Sir Bradley Wiggins’ old school, St Augustine’s in Kilburn, was rated outstanding by Ofsted.

The WI is going burlesque on November 7th. Women only!

Although I was trying desperately not to mention THE BOOK that was released this week, I should at least acknowledge that long-time collaborator Boz Boorer bought his copy from West End Lane early doors. “I can’t believe I was at the local bookshop at 8.59 this morning”, he tweeted.

The Kilburn History blog looked at some tales of poison from the area in the 19th century.

Amaan’s Grill on West End Lane is up for sale as a going concern, £24,000 a year + a “substantial premium”. On Mill Lane, the unit next to Monsters of Art is also available to let (for £15,000/yr).

Swiss Cottage Safer Neighbourhood Team reports crime slightly up compared to last summer. In related news, Superman was spotted using an ATM on Finchley Road on Thursday. Later that day he was spotted being arrested.

The first Women’s Business Network social event took place in The Gallery. More are planned for next year.

Next Sunday, Friends of Fortune Green is hosting a birds of prey event along with a (less fascinating, but presumably very worthwhile) bulb planting session.

Frankie & Benny’s is now slated for an O2 opening – understanding is in place of Rossopomodoro, which had been planning to move there.

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We have Wembley on our doorstep, a great world venue, yet all I read is #whampers complaining about crowds/football there, @WHampstead – wow
— John Mennis (@JfmJm) October 15, 2013

What have I missed since October 7th?

Chez Chantal is to become a Headmasters hairdressers. More serious research into the gaps in the West Hampstead market there. Maybe it has set its sights on stealing Bank of England governor Mark Carney away from Mill Lane Barbers. Micro Logic on Fortune Green Road is apparently also set to become another hair & beauty operation.

Illustrious magazine The Economist wrote about the opening of JW3.

The bench on Hemstal Road now has a companion bin!

Several of you captured this delight on Maygrove Road.
Photo via Dan Hizzai

There’s one day left to vote in the Property News poll.

Maajid Nawaz, the Lib Dems’ parliamentary candidate for Hampstead & Kilburn, has claimed to be behind the EDL’s founder, Tommy Robinson, decision to leave the organisation over its extremist views (the EDL’s, not the Lib Dems).

Le Week-End is NxNW6’s Film of the Week. Full local listings here.

After the cucumbers come the bagels. Oy vey.

Why there will never be a bus shelter at the northbound stop on the Thameslink road bridge.

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In a pub in West Hampstead and youngish girl just walked alone and ordered a shot of tequila, as one does on a Sunday.
— Tomás Romanov (@tomasromanov) October 13, 2013

What have I missed since September 30th?

Four more men were arrested in connection with the murder of Sabrina Moss; one has been charged.

Mario’s on Broadhurst Gardens is finally set for redevelopment – but the whole block will have to come down first!

A very impressive online historical map of the area reveals all sorts of curiosities, though my favourite part is seeing how Sidings estate got its name (hint, use the horizontal slider).

Flying pig spotted over West Hampstead by Lara Geary

The developers hell bent on building on Gondar Gardens are drawing up a third plan for the site.

Paya look set to re-open as Poco Pizza – clearly some extensive market research there into what people really felt we needed in West Hampstead.

Is a new bench aimed at the elderly becoming a magnet for antisocial behaviour?

Confusion abounds regarding the trees on the Ballymore / Network Rail land, but those freight trains will keep on coming.

A blue plaque has been put up in honour of Sir Bradley Wiggins – sadly not actually in Kilburn, but at Paddington Rec.

Even local celebrity Robert Webb has taken to sticking the boot into the Fortune Green Tesco Express.

Was great to see a healthy turnout of #whampers for last Monday’s comedy night at The Good Ship. Look out for the astonishing Abandoman later this month.

This amazing song by comedian Jay Foreman squeezes in the name of every tube station, but as befits our status in the world, West Hampstead also creeps in as a backdrop to the video. Blink and you’ll miss it.

Tom reports back on Kilburn newbie The Earl Derby.

The Neighbourhood Development Forum garnered some positive press coverage in the Camden New Journal, while the Ham & High reflected on the impact a new Waitrose would have on property prices.

Next Sunday there’s a special charity quiz at The Black Lion in aid of the RNIB’s Reading campaign.

October’s Property of the Month is a 2-bed flat with a garden on West End Lane.

The landscaping of the path behind the new Blackburn Road student block is a marked improvement on its previous state.

Reckon you’re a pool shark? The Railway’s got a competition on Thursday, but you need to sign up before Tuesday.

As the Jewish Community Centre JW3 revs into action, we looked at its range of fitness courses. Meanwhile, there are new over-50s exercise classes at the library on Monday and Wednesday mornings, in conjunction with the West Hampstead Community Centre.

The WHAT 40th anniversary exhibition launches on Monday 7th in the library and runs for six weeks. The Monday event is immediately followed that evening by “Burma Revisited” – a talk by a Crediton Hill resident.

On Friday, there’s a talk on globalisation and power and animated birds (!) at the Tin Tabernacle in Kilburn.

The tannoy at West Hampstead Thameslink has been muffled after long-suffering residents complained.

Thursday was National Poetry Day and Fortune Green’s artist-in-residence penned “Water“. A quick shout on Twitter for some local verse brough forth a wide range of standards. I decree Liam Purcell the winner!

@WHampstead I want to live in Hampstead With the rising middle class And walk across the hallowed heath With a perky local lass
— Liam Purcell (@Dubliner1) October 3, 2013

If you’re interested in opening a new restaurant, the Elephant Walk site is on the market again. Rent is £30,000 a year.

A new exhibition opens at Camden Arts Centre on Thursday that’s perhaps a bit more accessible than usual.

Camden council has to find another £25 million in savings.

West End Lane Books confirmed that Scottish crime writer extraordinaire Ian Rankin will grace the shop on November 5th for a book signing. Expect healthy queues.

The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology is NxNW6’s film of the week. Full local listings here.

The West Hampstead Hockey Club (which actually plays in Brent Cross) now enjoys two new all-weather pitches.

Mill Lane tea-room Bake-a-boo has ditched its trademark pink exterior.

In the never-ending “reimagined” tube maps, West Hampstead has become footballing star Juninho. Finchley Road got to be Matt Busby, though why Stéphane Henchoz wasn’t Swiss Cottage is beyond me.

Oh yes… and keep the evening of Thursday November 14th free in your diaries (and maybe take the 15th off work). #whampgather

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Man walking down West End Lane in @WHampstead loudly whistling Deck The Halls. NOT YET?!
— aktaraja (@aktaraja) October 3, 2013

What have I missed since September 23rd?

The funeral was held for Sabrina Moss, the woman shot and killed on Kilburn High Road last month.

JW3 – the new Jewish Community Centre on the corner of Lymington Road and Finchley Road – opened its doors to the public for the first time this Sunday. And a lot of the public turned up to look at it.

Waitrose has talked about its “long-standing ambition” to open in West Hampstead – an ambition that should be realised.

One of the more spectacular sunsets
(via Graham Salisbury)

Monday Sep 30th: Come to Good Ship Comedy for an impromptu whampevent. It’s only a fiver in, and Andy Zaltzman is headlining.

Adam’s Grill, the new kebab place a couple of doors down from the station, is still being fitted out. The owners have painted it gold and stuck up a flashing sign for which I believe they need planning permission.

Paya, the Chinese/Thai restaurant south of the tube station, has closed though the site has not been sold. One photo seemed to show a pizza oven being installed.

The pan-Asian street food restaurant set to replace Grilled O Fried has applied for its licence. It’s called Tomai, and is owned by the people behind Guglee.

The debate on the proposed free school began to get more fractious and divided, despite the attempts of campaigner Clare Craig to mollify people.

In a new section on the website, read about a half-day walk through Brent and Barnet that might just surprise you.

The new Emmanuel School building was officially opened, with various luminaries in attendance.

At a West End Lane Books talk about “Overlooked London”, we learned that Hellraiser was filmed in a studio in Cricklewood – it’s also the Halloween film screening at St James’s Church!

Whampdinner at Banana Tree was a great success. There’ll be another whampdinner in October, so keep your eyes peeled.

The Neighbourhood Development Forum is upping its engagement efforts. There were workshops this Saturday that I know some of you attended, but there’s more to come.

The Earl Derby pub opened in Kilburn (taking over from The Golden Egg). A series of soft launch evenings appeared to go well.

WHAT is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

There was a picket line outside West Hampstead fire station on Wednesday during the national fire brigade strike.

In shock news, Tom went out for dinner but didn’t order gnocchi. Italy’s ambassador to the UK has requested talks.

The latest tube map to appear, translates (in various ways) stations into German. Change at West Heimhof for London Overground and National Rail services.

Blue Jasmine is @NxNW6‘s Film of the Week. Check out all the local listings and news of a drive-in cinema in Brent Cross.

There are still a few places left on this “Camden Orbital” easy bike ride next Sunday.

Mill Lane locksmiths AK Locksmiths has joined Twitter @AKLocksLtd.

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02Sainsburys, me: ‘r the new students boosting trade?’ Staffer: ‘yep, sold loads of plasma TVs’. Move over, baked beans. @WHampstead #whamp
— Simon Benson (@Simonjhbenson) September 25, 2013

What have I missed since September 16th?

The parents campaigning for a new secondary chool in West Hampstead set out their stall, and the responsible Camden cabinet member responded. Debate then ensued!

Barclays’ Swiss Cottage branch hit the headlines when it was the source of a cyber security attack that cost the bank £1.3m.

Kingsgate primary school is expanding – almost certainly to Liddell Road in the heart of West Hampstead, where 100 homes will be built and sold to pay for it.

Granny Drippen’s stairway to heaven (via Nicola Rosetti)

The NW2 Garden Friends have run into multiple dead-ends in their laudable attempts to salvage useful material from the old Hampstead Garden Centre site on Iverson Road.

Ballymore officially launched the sales for West Hampstead Square – people remain a little gobsmacked by the prices (studios start at £405k), 2-beds in the £750k+ range. Service charge is ~£2,800 for 2-beds (and even ground rent is £750!).

The sixth draft of the Neighbourhood Development Plan is online and waiting your comments. If you’d really like to get involved then come to one of this Saturday’s 2hr workshops. The NDF is very keen for new faces to come along, so it’s not just the usual suspects making all the decisions.

The ever-brilliant Kilburn History blog posted a lengthy article on music recording and production in West Hampstead and Kilburn.

The Sherriff Centre (the non-profit group that will run the post office in the church) is in talks with London Mutual regarding launching a credit union.

The BBC’s Watchdog programme uncovered some very dodgy dealings from Grattan Estates, a property rental company that operates partly around NW6. The story is in three parts: 1, 2, 3. Or just look at their “mugshots” here.

The owners of Golden Balls – a clothes shop that used to be where Shaketastic was most recently – won their lengthy battle with Fifa, which was sueing them for trademark infringement.

Meanwhile, the Shaketastic site now has a “sold” sign up – am still hearing it’s going to be a barber’s (which was what it used to be some years ago).

First Capital Connect was fined £75,000 for the incident in 2011 when 800 passengers were stranded between Kentish Town and St Pancras in stifling heat.

Hampstead & Kilburn has the UK’s second highest number of people paying income tax (67,000), paying the fifth-highest amount of income tax per head (£21,300).

New life is breathed into an old campaign: stop the 139 bus travelling empty down Mill Lane.

The Salt House on Abbey Road has been taken over by Metropolitan Pubs/Greene King (the same group that runs the North London Tavern and West End Lane’s Black Lion). It’s closed for a full refurb until the end of October.

The farmers’ market celebrated its first anniversary (with cake, of course).

Bill Nighy’s Q&A at the Tricycle was NxNW6’s Film of the Week (but was on Saturday!). All the films still to come are here. The area’s newest cinema – the screen at JW3 – launches with free screenings next Sunday and Monday.

Ciaran Kenny is visiting every station in London – and he’s already been to West Hampstead (downhill from here, Ciaran).

The Blue graffiti that’s broken out in a rash on local streets of late, hit Fortune Green.

Read more about the Jubilee Line’s operation and how the trains are maintained.

Tom enjoyed some “potatoey” chips at the Black Lion in Kilburn.

If you’ve not seen them – there are some great 1920s aerial photos of the north-eastern part of West Hampstead online.

Powers, which closed a few weeks ago, is to become “Kilburn Ironworks”, a “prime eating and drinking establishment” (I think that means “bar/restaurant”).

The “kid from Kilburn”, Sir Bradley Wiggins, won the Tour of Britain. I tell you this purely to link to this blurry photo I took of him riding to victory on Sunday afternoon.

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If you’re the lady who took a cab from Mill Lane to Maida Vale, the turnip you forgot on the back seat is now back at George’s Fruit & Veg
— Mark Marfe (@TibuDelMar) September 21, 2013

What have I missed since September 9th?

Waitrose submitted its full planning applications, covering delivery arrangements and noise impact. All summarised neatly here.

There’s some confusion over the fate of the trees adjacent to the West Hampstead Square site, while it looks like those on the site will indeed be felled.

The fly tipping at Minster Road is getting worse. We’re still waiting for Camden to propose a more structured solution than responding to residents’ complaints.

Photo via Richard Olszewski

A map showing how London had evolved socio-economically over the past 10 years revealed that West Hampstead had more or less remained the same.

There was a break-in at Feng Sushi – apparently all that was taken was five bottles of cheap wine. There were also some attempted and actual burglaries around Maygrove and Loveridge Roads.

We met Maygrove Road’s very own Tom & Jerry.

Strictly Come Dancing professional dancer Kristina Rihanoff has apparently moved to West Hampstead.

This Monday, Locally Sourced hosts “A Conversation with Morris Beckman“, a founder of the 43 Group – an anti-fascist group set up by Jewish ex-servicemen. It’s at Brioche, starts at 7.30pm and is free.

The majority of the new students moved into their Blackburn Road accommodation.

Various parts of West Hampstead lost water intermittently during the week. Unless Thames Water can be persuaded to bring forward its pipe-replacement programme for the area, this will keep on happening.

Rush is @NxNW6‘s Film of the Week. Check out all the new releases and full local listings.

Zadie Smith’s NW is resolutely set (confined?) to north-west London… but is it a book more of its time than its place?

In their final match of the year, league winners Hampstead took on an all-star celebrity cricket team (including current and former England players) in the drizzle and won a last-ball thriller.

A drain cover exploded outside The Alice House on Wednesday. Firemen were quickly on the scene.

Starbucks was evacuated on Saturday after smoke was spotted coming from the front. The fire brigade was also called to an incident on Dennington Park Road on Saturday at about the same time.

The long-running debate about fire station closures lurched on, with another nail in the coffin for Belsize station. West Hampstead station, which held its open day on Sunday, is not under imminent threat of closure.

The Sherriff Centre – the organisation that will run the post office in St James’ church along with other social enterprise operations – may also host a credit union. The contract with the Post Office has now been signed so it’s all systems go.

St James’ Church will host a small film season around Halloween, kicking off with Hellraiser on All Hallow’s Eve itself.

A guy attempting to visit every Nando’s in the world ticked the West Hampstead branch off his list.

A member of the Baader-Meinhof gang was arrested in West Hampstead 35 years ago this Sunday.

I don’t like using the C-word at this time of year, but the West Hamsptead Business Association Christmas Market will be held on Nov 30th from 10-4 on West End Green. There are a limited number of stalls available, which are are primarily for local traders and crafts. For more information on stalls, or if you would like to volunteer on the day please e- mail .

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Went to Dylan’s @WHampstead to complain about ants in my sons donut and saw that they had bigger issues w animals. pic.twitter.com/VAq261qhL6
— Maha Khan Phillips (@MahaKhanPhillip) September 11, 2013

What have I missed since September 2nd?

The man charged with Sabrina Moss appeared at the Old Bailey via videolink. This was a preliminary hearing and he will be back in court on November 19. The court heard how he used a Mac-10 submachine gun (a notoriously inaccurate weapon) and a shotgun. Police continue to search for witnesses.

Ballymore has confirmed that all the trees on its site will be removed, in accordance with its planning permission, despite strong pleas from locals to retain at least a couple of the trees. The flats (well, the studios) at West Hampstead Square start at £405,000.

Hampstead School made the front page of both local papers for different (yet perhaps related?) reasons. The Ham & High ran a story about the campaign for a local free school, in which a Labour activist had branded the campaigners “snobs”. The Camden New Journal meanwhile went with the story of the headmaster contacting police over the “anarchist tendencies” of a former pupil who ran a satirical blog about the school.

Lots of you spotted this aircraft u-turn at sunset on Monday
Photo via @jemimah_knight

A burst water main on Woodchurch Road knocked out water on Monday evening for some locals.

The dumping of rubbish around the area continues to be a problem, especially at this Minster Road location. Camden does come and clear it up when asked, but it seems a very inefficient approach.

September’s Property of the Month topped the £1 million mark – it’s on Greencroft Gardens.

Appropriately, this month’s Property News looked at whether the latest house price bubble could be about to burst.

Meanwhile, the man who may have the most impact on house prices, caused a different type of crash as he moved his stuff into his local home.

The short-lived Pizzeria Naila between Benham & Reeves and the Nisa corner shop is apparently due to reopen as…. a kebab shop. I’ll take bets on how long it lasts.

Meanwhile, another independent coffee shop is apparently sniffing around West Hampstead. Chez Chantal, Shaketastic and Picasso’s are all empty at the moment…

Tom gave his unique perspective on #whampdinner at La Brocca.

There was a very heavy police presence in the area on Thursday and Cllr Keith Moffitt saw “about 10 police officers ‘detaining’ someone”. Borough police said they “received info re a possible incident, and to ensure public safety, resources were allocated accordingly.” Many locals assumed it was linked to the Jewish New Year as the synagogue seemed to be the hub of police activity, though sadly Camden police didn’t elaborate further.

The Citizens Advice Bureau in Kilburn closed after 40 years of service apparently.

After appearing to admit electoral fraud, violinist Nigel Kennedy will not face prosecution as the relevant records have since been destroyed.

Powers Bar on Kilburn High Road confirmed that it had closed for good.

The Great Beauty is @NxNW6‘s film of the week. Full local listings here.

A parking enforcement vehicle was spotted slightly, er, infringing itself.

The three main candidates for Hampstead & Kilburn have finally all given their views on the Syria question.

Sarah Teather has decided to step down as MP for Brent Central before the next election.

The Brent/Camden partnership to improve Kilburn High Road has been quiet of late, but there are some developments in the pipeline, including a temporary “Kilburn university”.

There was a fire on Saturday night in West Hampstead Mews – literally on the street. The fire brigade arrived very promptly and put it out.

Even though the silly season has surely ended, a cucumber was spotted – albeit in Holborn rather than West Hampstead.

Tweet of the Week
Stiff competition this week with plenty of contenders, but in the end I’ve called it a dead heat between these two.

OH at WH station: “West Hampstead has to be the sixth best location in London”. Sixth? Where are these five supposedly ‘better’ places?
— Emily (@emilyeke) September 7, 2013

Me and @mueslilover just rescued a cat stuck up a tree in West Hampstead. #noneedtosaythanksjustservingthecommunity. Cat sauntered off.
— Seldom Records (@seldomrecords) September 5, 2013

What have I missed since August 26th?

One man will appear at the Old Bailey on Tuesday charged with the murder of Sabrina Moss. Detectives are still appealing for witnesses though as more than one person is believed to be involved. Friends and family of Miss Moss held a vigil on Saturday to mark one week since she was shot on Kilburn High Road.

Virtuoso violinist Nigel Kennedy has admitted electoral fraud in a newspaper interview. Chris Philp, who lost the election by 42 votes, is calling for him to be investigated.

The crusade continued against estate agent signs that stay up long after the property has been sold or let.

Photo via Richard Milestone

It was 50 years since David Bowie’s first professional recording, which took place at Decca Studios in West Hampstead.

Maajid Nawaz, Lib Dem candidate for Hampstead & Kilburn, penned an op-ed in the FT about the Commons vote on action in Syria. Labour candidate Tulip Siddiq said “no rash decisions should be made” . Tory Simon Marcus has been silent on the matter.
This Saturday’s free Fortune Green film screening was another big success. Comfortably more than 100 people watched, sang along to, and generally guffawed at The Blues Brothers.

Has the Abbey Area development stalled?

A scholarship has been set up in the name of Richard Gent, the West Hampstead actor who was found dead near Cricklewood having been missing for more than a year.

One of the odder comments on the website implied that length of living in the area gave residents extra rights to leave rubbish outside.

A photo of West Hampstead in 1978 appeared. It showed the Bridge Cafe in existence in 1978, along with a rail replacement bus service! Another from 1977 showed a 28 bus (not 328) to Golders Green and the Golden Gate takeaway. My favourite was of a C11 out of a Tonka toy set outisde the Black Lion.

A Dominos motorcyclist was knocked off his bike on Thursday, and a cyclist appeared to have been knocked over on Sunday.

Lymington Road based Hampstead Cricket Club 1st XI won its league for the first time ever. The 3rd, 4ths and Ladies team also all won their leagues.

Hampstead & Kilburn was one of the most expensive “per voter” constituencies in 2010.

Grilled O Fried is to become “toomai”, a pan-Asian street food restaurant/take-away.

The garden wall at the Czech bar collapsed suddenly. No-one was hurt, but apparently a squirrel was running along it at the time. Meanwhile, the plastic Czech chef got a mention in Londonist’s “Ten London Notices That Make Us a Bit Nervous” list

The Railway wants to put awnings up. For its smokers?

Powers Bar has apparently closed for good – waiting for confirmation of this.

Check out all the new film releases on the website.

The fifth #whampbooks on Thursday was a great success with another record turnout, free wine and an amazing cake (that somehow I didn’t get any of).

Tweet of the Week

Dog owners who bother to put their dog’s shit in a plastic bag but then leave the bag on the pavement…there’s no such thing as Shit Pixies
— Mark Marfe (@TibuDelMar) August 29, 2013

What have I missed since August 19th?

Two women were shot, one fatally, on Kilburn High Road in the early hours of Saturday morning. Two arrests have been made, but police are still appealing for witnesses. It appears the two victims were “in the wrong place at the wrong time”.

Sabrina Moss, who died
after being shot in Kilburn

Waitrose is moving to West Hampstead… but into which building?

Will that satisfy the constant craving for a butcher?

A quick poll on where you get your meat from showed two-thirds buy from supermarkets in person, and 11 percent use a high street butcher already.

Rubbish and recycling problems persist as do water supply problems. It’s time to see some action from Camden on both issues, including fly tipping.

A minor flood delayed the West End Lane sewer repair works, but they did eventually conclude this week… until the next time.

A man was jailed for handling card skimming devices used to steal bank details at West Hampstead tube station.

Don’t forget it’s #whampbooks this Thursday evening. Free wine and 20% of all stock.

West Hampstead got away marginally better than Kilburn in this synaesthesia tube map.

It’s the last few days to name the seven West Hamsptead Square tower blocks (hint: we’ve already had two submissions of the names of the seven dwarves).

In other Ballymore news, is it possible to save any of the trees on the construction site?

Check out all the new film releases and full listings for local cinemas.

There are plenty more events planned for Kilburn Grange’s centenary celebrations.

There’ll be an open morning for the 1 Mill Lane nature site on Sat 14th September.

Tweet of the Week

Heard a loud animalish noise outside and immediately thought it was a bear. Probably not since this is West Hampstead.
— Kate Ward (@kateward10) August 20, 2013

What have I missed since August 12th?

It’s not clear whether Abercorn School wants to move into Fortune Green or not – what is clear is that a large number of locals are opposed to the idea.

Camden’s Kilburn ward will be getting support and funding as part of an initiative to bridge the digital divide.

You’re all getting bored of the lengthy roadworks on West End Lane to repair the sewer. The end is nigh (until the next time).

The Scots descended on West Hampstead for a football match>
Photo via @adam_m_phillips

We’re only a couple of weeks away from the arrival of students in West Hampstead – I crowdsourced some tips for them (and took some photos of the expensive flats they’ll be moving into).

Mamacita and Wired are both looking for baristas. Mamacita requires “excellent milk work” , while Wired needs someone who can “demonstrate milk control and texturing ability“. Someone who can manage not to burn an Americano would suit me.

Property News turned its attention to the rental market, with a look at the shift in the balance of power between landlords and tenants (and you can vote in a poll too) [sponsored].

Fancy getting fit and raising money for The Winch? We’re trying to put together a Team Whamp for next year’s Ride London event.

The Kilburn History blog looked at artists the Detmold twins, who worked at the Sherriff Road Studios between 1902 and 1905.

A woman was robbed of her £15,000 Rolex in Kilburn.

Check out all the new film releases and full cinema listings in the area.

Eriki, the Indian restaurant on Finchley Road, is becoming “India Per Se” Same owners but new “casual dining concept” apparently.

There’s a rumour that the short-lived pizzeria Picasso on West End Lane is going to become… yes, a pizzeria. It’s only a rumour.

It was the 31st anniversary of a brutal unsolved West Hampstead murder. “The case is not cold.”

La Brocca hosted the first whampdinner, which was a great success. There’ll be another in September – remember that mailing list subscribers get priority.

Tom’s Diner gave the lowdown on Hidden Treasure.

Rouge Lounge is trying to get its licence changed so it can open after 8pm, and serve alcohol and hot food.

Hampstead Ladies cricket team won the North London Women’s League.

Tweet of the Week

Girl wearing crash helmet, no bike in sight, strolling down west end lane. Whampstead has become more perilous than I thought.
— Lisa Goll (@LisasShare) August 15, 2013

What have I missed since August 5th?

There was some debate about the prevalence of estate agent signs in the area. I ran a poll that showed 83% think they are eyesores, and 17% “helpful”.

St James’ Church was finally officially awarded the contract for the Post Office. Expect it to open in the spring.

The Mexican restaurant where LoveFood used to be is called Mamacita and the downstairs bar is called Frida’s. Both had a soft launch this weekend. Full opening from next weekend.

Sunsets over the railway (via @MadameGarlick)

It’s controversial, but it’s going ahead. Here’s your chance to name the tower blocks at West Hampstead Square (for real!) and win a meal for two.

A new playground is being laid at Beckford School

Could a live music scene thrive in West Hampstead/Kilburn like it used to?

Secret Boutique, which used to be dowsnstairs at LoveFood had its official launch party at its new Fortune Green address.

Ladudu’s name finally gets the recognition it, er, deserves.

August’s Property of the Month is in the Greek Streets [sponsored]

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa is @NxNW6‘s film of the week. Get the lowdown on all the latest releases and local screenings.

#whampbooks returns for a fifth edition on August 29th. Meet some locals, drink some wine, save some money.

It seems that Szechaun restaurant Angeles on Kilburn High Road has closed – the rumour is that it’s going to become a Tesco.

Tweet of the Week

Overheard @whampstead: 2 guys studying pic on Billy Fury Way: “He looks like Justin Bieber”.
— andy sarner (@bubela) August 11, 2013

What have I missed since July 29th?

Camden’s parking fine surplus stands at more than £20 million, but minicabs on Solent Road continue to park illegally.

A man was charged with the mid-July robbery at the Western Union branch in Swiss Cottage.

In a week of storms, a lightning strike knocked out some rail infrastructure and caused delays to the Thameslink line.

A storm’s a comin’ (via Emily Jones)

The cucumber story still hasn’t died – TimeOut picked it up.

Problems persist with rubbish and recycling collection and some residents are taking umbrage at the sheer number of bins on our streets.

Health Town – a healthfood/supplements shop – opened on West End Lane.

The West Hampstead community noticeboard was smashed, and repaired.

The Blues Brothers will be the August 31st Film on Fortune Green.

We added David’s Deli to the “Best Schnitzel in West Hampstead” round-up.

A burst water main in Finchley Road caused a couple of days of traffic chaos

Which estate agent topped the “most productive in London” list (it means most income per employee)?

The planning application has finally been submitted to turn the ground floor of Fortune Green’s Alfred Court into a private school.

Tom’s been eating prawns (what else!) at Guglee.

Only God Forgives is @NxNW6‘s Film of the Week. Full local listings here.

Don’t forget there’s free swimming at Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre this month for locals.

The Alliance joins Curled Leaf as a Field2Fork Co-op collection point (and is open late!).

Tweet of the Week

1 photo; 3 houses; 9 recycling bins – 5 in one garden! Unsightly. Glad I stuck with the boxes and bags. #WHampRubbish pic.twitter.com/8fbyZ1h2QP
— Steve (@SteveWHamp) August 2, 2013

What have I missed since July 22nd?

The cucumber story refuses to die – and meant a quick appearance on the BBC London breakfast radio show.

The marketing suite for West Hampstead Square has opened and you can see the model of the development.

Camden council has decided to set a 20mph limit in borough after consultation.

Papa John’s gets the NYC treatment from Elliott Percival

A cyclist was badly hurt in a collision with a lorry on the Finchley Road on Monday.

How hygienic are West Hampstead’s cafés, bars and restaurants?

So many hair salons, but so few get recommended. What gives?

Since the change in rubbish collection days, residents have been reporting lots of problems and missed collections. Camden is apparently working to resolve this and you can report missed collections here.

Camden residents can swim for free at Swiss Cottage this summer.

Secret Boutique, which was in the basement of LoveFood, is moving to 60 Fortune Green Road (where the florist used to be). It’s due to open in the next week or so.

Can Camden council take a leaf out of Whitehorse in the Yukon?

A new street for West Hampstead? An early proposal in yet another set of planning guidelines for the area.

Frances Ha is @NxNW6‘s film of the week. Full local film listings here.

Tweet of the Week

@WHampstead That’s right, people on WEL, just keep holding down your horns. That’s not irritating and will DEFINITELY make traffic move.
— Emily Turner (@KineticEcstasy) July 22, 2013

What have I missed since July 15th?

The mystery of the cucumbers dominated the early part of the week – and the national press finally picked it up at the end of the week (although confused West Hampstead with Hampstead).

We now know who the three main Hampstead & Kilburn candidates will be for the next general election.

We rounded up all the schnitzels in West Hampstead… but which was the best?

A cucumber that didn’t survive. Photo via Sam Field

There was a violent armed robbery in Swiss Cottage on Friday. Police are appealing for information.

The rash of blue graffiti around Maygrove and Iverson Road has angered locals.

The pavement by the yet-to-open marketing suite for West Hampstead Square was widened and some trees put in.

The proposal for 159-161 Iverson Road exceeds the affordable housing quota – almost unheard of!

Chris Philp, former Tory PPC for Hampstead & Kilburn, is behind a new property fund that has invested in 163 Iverson Road.

Sad news that the body of Richard Gent, who went missing more than a year ago from West Hampstead was found near Cricklewood.

West End Lane has been chaos for traffic this week with a collapsed sewer still being repaired and at one stage a 328 bus being involved in a prang.

It’s the final week of the competition to win tickets to the Kenwood House concerts.

Starbucks on West End Lane has had a refit.

Some Ashes legends turned up at Hampstead Cricket Club for a Five Live Ashes special.

Starting next Saturday, the Friends of Fortune Green has a series of events for Love Parks week.

You can still vote for the next Film on Fortune Green on August 31st.

My Neighbour Totoro was NxNW6‘s film of the week. Full local listings in a bumper week for new releases.

Kilburn ranks outside London’s top 20 most dangerous neighbourhoods. No great surprise to those of us who go there regularly.

Local cllr Russel Eagling and former Lib Dem PPC Ed Fordham got engaged after Ed’s tireless work championing the equal marriage bill paid off. The engagement even made it into Hansard.

Cumberland tennis club’s women’s team won the national team tennis title for the first time.

Tweet of the Week

Search for West Hampstead shows ‘West End Lane Toilets’ as area’s most significant landmark…despite property prices pic.twitter.com/mijLaVkOtw
— David Galbraith (@daveg) July 17, 2013

What have I missed since July 8th?

A new Overground station will be built next year – read about this and lots more local transport updates (including a fairly definitive answer to whether Boris Bikes will ever make it to West Hampstead).

Cllr Tulip Siddiq won the Labour nomination as the party’s candidate for Hampstead & Kilburn in the next general election.

Cucumbers are being left in prominent places all over West Hampstead – and no-one knows why…

A mystery cucumber via @EugeneRegis

Two local councillors won’t be seeking reelection next year, but for two very different reasons.

Wired reopened on Broadhurst Gardens, and changed its Twitter handle to reflect its new address

It’s costing £5,200 a week to keep the offices above Travis Perkins empty. Surely someone’s got some better ideas until the building is sold?

WIN: we have three pairs of tickets to give away for the Kenwood House Live by The Lake concerts.

Roadworks caused disruption all week on West End Lane and could continue for some times after the cellar of 210 West End Lane flooded.

The Kilburn Festival appeared to be a big hit – aided by the hot weather.

The Winch’s drama group – funded largely by whampgather raffle ticket sales – staged it’s end-of-term show The Winch Got Bare Talent.

Meanwhile, the Tricycle announced its new theatre season and a change to its seating policy.

Local actor and writer Michael Simkins will be reading stories from his latest book “The Rules of Acting” at West Hampstead Library on Tuesday July 16 from 7.30pm. 

Cumberland tennis club’s women’s team reached the team tennis finals for the first time ever – helped no doubt by the presence of former British No. 1 Anne Keothavong

Everyone got their green wheelie bins delivered (you no longer need to separate your recycling). Camden will collect the old green boxes if you have no more need for them.

Pacific Rim is @NxNW6’s Film of the Week, while The Bling Ring was Sunday night’s Film Club screenngs. Full local listings here and a [sponsored but useful] post here about how to save money when you take the kids to the cinema

Someone got a bit carried away with a blue spray can and a stencil in and around Maygrove Road.

Someone is wearing a canvas pith helmet at West Hampstead station. For this crime, I decree that summer is cancelled with immediate effect.
— Pete Brown (@PeteBrownBeer) July 9, 2013

What have I missed since July 1st?

Mark Carney, new governor of the Bank of England, will be living in West Hampstead – but he’ll struggle to spend his housing allowance here… even if you call this West Hampstead.

Fancy some guerilla gardening? It’s all the rage in Fordwych Road and there’s a talk about it on July 11th.

Floral Fordwych Road treepit

The Jester Festival was a big hit with large crowds in the blazing Saturday sunshine and a very healthy turnout on a Murray-affected Sunday. Hello to all of you who came to see us on the West Hampstead Life stall, was great to meet you.

Wired is back. The popular pop-up coffee shop that lived on the now-demolished parade of shops opposite the tube has reopened on Broadhurst Gardens next to Rock Men’s Salon. It’s still in soft launch phase I believe.

At Tuesday’s Area Action Group meeting we heard from Thames Water that there’s a very long-term plan for replacing the pipes. Half of the remaining old pipes will be replaced between 2015 and 2020, the other half between 2020 and 2025. In reality, one imagines they’ll largely be replaced as and when they fail over the next few years.

The Travis Perkins building (aka 156 West End Lane) is officially on the market, but all that office space could be empty for three years.

A 29-unit development is on the cards on Iverson Road, or could it be merged with the proposed development for the old garden centre site?

Property News returned: could West Hampstead become a ghost town?

Twitter: is there nothing it can’t do? One local saw my tweet of the news that Kirstie & Phil were coming to West Hampstead, followed up with the Location Location Location team, and promptly sold his house via the programme.

A campaign for a new secondary school in West Hampstead is now up and running.

James Corden was in West Hampstead on Wednesday morning giving a pep talk to Greene & Co. in the guise of Smithy.

The Jewish Cultural Centre officially moved into its swish new “JW3” premises on Finchley Road. The centre doesn’t actually open for another couple of months but the celebrity guests are already lining up.

A motorcyclist sustained “life changing injuries” in Kilburn on Tuesday. There was what seemed to be a far less serious incident on Sunday evening on West End Lane/Dennington Park Road apparently involving a car and a pizza delivery bike.

The Bling Ring is @NxNW6‘s Film of the Week, and is also the next NW6 Film Club screening on the 14th. Full cinema listings here.

GBK made headlines for all the wrong reasons when a local sanpped a picture of mould on his burger bun.

Kilburn ward councillor Mike Katz was controversially deselected by Labour, meaning he won’t be standing for the position again next year. Meanwhile local MP Glenda Jackson, often accused of being invisible both locally and nationally, asked a question in PMQs this week.

#whampreview is becoming #whampdinner (and mailing list subscribers get priority now).

The Fortune Green & West Hampstead Safer Neighbourhood police teams opened a Twitter account: @FGWHlocalpolice.

Tom’s Diner embraced the halloumi at David’s Deli.

The Kilburn history blog had two sad stories of post-natal depression in 19th Century NW6 and an investigation into the local connection to Foyle’s bookshop.

The short-lived Londis on Fortune Green Road went down in a blaze of glory with a buy-1-get-2-free sale on absolutely everything.

At this Sunday’s Kilburn Festival, you can make a wish on a bubble to support speech & language therapy.

It might frustrate local drivers, but there’s still something undeniably charming about the Abbey Road zebra crossing.

The controversial Willesden Green library development is being marketed abroad with the lack of affordable housing as a selling point. Local campaigners aren’t happy.

Tweet of the Week
Congratulations to Sam who has achieved the first consecutive Tweet of the Week wins. Take that, Andy Murray.

Put your shirt on, man. It’s Finchley Road, not Playa d’en Bossa.
— Sam Cookney (@Sam_Cookney) July 5, 2013

What have I missed since June 24th?

Camden’s recycling policies change as of today. Read about the new system, and see where your waste goes.

The new Local Policing Model has also come into effect. West Hampstead has two contact points, each open for three hours a week.

Remember the fishtank in the O2 that was clogged up with algae? It’s clear again.

O2 fishtanks via @TheHampsteadCat

@secretwhamp took over the old Love Food Twitter account in advance of opening what we’re being led to believe will be a Mexican restaurant of some sort.

The Wet Fish Café celebrated its 10th birthday on Sunday.

The Golden Egg on Kilburn High Road is becoming the @EarlDerbyPub.

The amusement arcade next to Poundland on Kilburn High R oadhas won an apppeal to move to the unit north of the O2 shop on the corner of Quex Road.

The ever-excellent Kilburn History blog published two late-19th century tales of the effects of alcohol (in Kilburn).

Nibbana’s sign has fallen off even before it’s opened.

Do you think Fortune Green should become a conservation area?

West End Lane Books put up its six readers’ shelves.

The Act of Killing is @NxNW6’s Film of the Week. Full local cinema listings here

Kilburn Older Voices Exchange is holding a two-hour “film festival” on Thursday July 4th at Kingsgate Resource Centre, 208 Webheath. It will screen Older Voices – getting around Kilburn High Road, showing how local residents with disabilities navigate a busy high street, and a selection of films from KOVE’s archive.

In 2012, West Hampstead tube station was used 9.71m times, well up on 2011’s 8.32m (remember all those closures). West Hampstead Overground was used 2.88m times and Thameslink 2.78m times.

The rumour is that the small Shaketastic site opposite the Overground is going to become a barber shop.

Come along next Sunday (you can come before the Murray v Djokovic match) and say hello to West Hampstead Life at the Jester Festival.

Tweet of the Week

.@alicehousewh is pumpin’. Never realised #whamp was so happening of a Saturday night. Beats St John’s Wood. There, I said it.
— Sam Cookney (@Sam_Cookney) June 29, 2013

What have I missed since June 17th?

At a meeting held by Camden’s borough commander, we learned that the West Hampstead police horses will be here for some time to come, but there remained a lack of clarity on the staffing levels of the local Safer Neighbourhood Teams. West Hampstead will have two contact points, however, one on West End Lane and one in Fortune Green. Hampstead police station, which had hoped for a repreive, will close its doors as of this Monday.

A new dry cleaner (yes, another one) opened where Hampstead Food & Wine used to be, on the corner of Sherriff Road and West End Lane.

And a new men’s salon (yes, another one) opened in Fortune Green.

Kilburn State sunset via @CWDingwall

The fire brigade was in action on Thursday evening on Smyrna Road

A woman appeared to be holding some sort of pagan festival outside Waitrose this week, although as this photographer noted, the wind kept blowing the flowers away

Before Midnight is NxNW6‘s Film of the Week. Full local listings here.

The Australian cricket team were training at the Lymington Road home of Hampstead Cricket Club on Thursday.

Kirstie Allsopp made waves while she was filming in West Hampstead this week, with a call for Hillfield Road residents to tidy up their street.

Learn more about Alexandra Road, deemed “some of the most exciting council housing of modern times.”

In other local history news, read about the “Lost” Metropolitan line stations around St John’s Wood and Swiss Cottage.

Win tickets to The Good Ship’s July 4th “Born in the USA” covers night (see sidebar)

This Tuesday, local historians Dick Weindling and Marianne Colloms (they wrote all the books) are giving a West End Lane Books talk about their new book Bloody Camden. The talk is in the library not the bookshop. In the meantime, catch up with their latest post of strange happenings in Kilburn.

The Jester Festival (July 6/7) needs volunteers – especially on the Sunday. Please contact if you’d like to be a part of West Hampstead’s very own village fete!

Tweet of the Week
Stiff competition this weel, but the winner by a nose was:

Was just abt to inform my yank punter,that nw2 was cricklewood more than it was west hampstead,but the £5 tip sorta silenced me 😉
— johnroney (@jr71) June 22, 2013

What have I missed since June 10th?

Yet more water disruption. A leak on Greencroft Gardens knocked out water for a few hundred homes on Thursday, and on Saturday there was a major leak on St Cuthbert’s Road. On July 2nd, Thames Water is sending a brave representative to the local Area Action Group meeting.

Fortune Green councillor Flick Rea was awarded an MBE in the birthday honours list. Congratulatory messages came from across Camden’s political spectrum. Read our profile of her from February.

Russell Eagling, one of Flick’s fellow Lib Dem councillors in Fortune Green, has announced he won’t be standing for re-election next year.

One of the Lego tube maps, captured by @gitfinger

The electrical store on West End Lane is morphing into Nibbana, which seems to a spa/natural remedies/nutrition and supplements operation.

West Hampstead is ever so slightly better qualified than Fortune Green, but in most respects, the two wards are almost identical.

West End Lane Books wants to know what your fantasy bookshelf would contain – and if it likes your suggestions, it’ll make it a reality in the shop.

Man of Steel is @NxNW6‘s Film of the Week (we had a great #whampfilm event on its opening night at the Odeon). Full local listings here.

There was a shooting in Kilburn, in 1889.

Meanwhile, in 1955, The Spectator wrote a piece about the Irish in Kilburn suggesting that West End Lane was a far duller place than the High Road (still true!)

On Saturday, a small group of locals “walked the wards” as part of the Neighbourhood Development Forum engagement plans. We visited lots of spots I’m sure most of you don’t know about, and some – like Mill Lane Garden Centre – you might have forgotten about. Full report (with lots of photos) this week.

The larger Sainsbury’s in Kilburn is applying to extend its alcohol licence to midnight around Christmas and New Year.

Tweet of the Week

Czechoslovakia House in West Hampstead: still the best place to get a Budvar and schnitzel before a trip to Wembley
— Richard Bussy (@richbussy) June 15, 2013

What have I missed since June 3rd?

Developers lost their appeal against Camden’s rejection of a 27 unit proposal for Gondar Gardens.

What was the outcome of #whampforum? Full write-up and handy factsheet here.

View from the top of the student building on Blackburn Road
(via @WHampsteadNDF)

The O2 centre assured us that the fish in the tanks were fine and that the broken filter was fixed.

Paramount won a couple of prestigious estate agent awards.

You can now buy Oyster cards at the Thameslink station.

Plans for a waste recycling plant in Iverson Road have hit a hurdle.

Fancy a “cup of tea and a rant” with Glenda Jackson?

Old Bridge, the eastern European deli on Broadhurst Gardens held a closing down sale on Sunday.

Here’s a story about community, neighbourliness and NW6.

Siam Sanctuary, a Thai massage place, has opened where Sew was. It has a website and is on Twitter @SiamSanctuary.

@ZENW6 is trying to compile the definitive list of local hairdressers based on your opinions. Do tweet or mail her with your thoughts.

Behind the Candelabra is Film of the Week. Full local listings.

The Noahs Ark Hospice shop opening at 287 Finchley Road urgently needs volunteers. Call Amy on 020 8449 8877 for details

There’s a new [sponsored] Property of the Month feature on West Hampstead Life.

This Thursday, Guardian film critic Peter Bradshaw will be signing his first novel at West End Lane Books.

If you fancy joining a local netball team for a social league then tweet @madamgg72

Robert Yates, who was found dead in the street two weeks ago, was a well-known Camden punk star.

Seems like Kilburn Grange Park is extremely popular with joggers – or is this case of misleading data?

Tweet of the Week

@whampstead A sodding classical quartet are rehearsing on SUNDAY MORNING in the flat above me! #theregoesmyliein #onlyinwesthampstead #damn!
— Matthew Darcy (@matthewdarcy7) June 9, 2013

What have I missed since May 27th?

The website for West Hampstead Square, the new development opposite the tube, went live as the marketing suite was assembled.

There was a tremendous turnout for the free outdoor screening of Back to the Future on Saturday night. More than 200 people brought their picnics and watched Michael J Fox navigate the 1950s.

Tim Sommer, the German teen who killed Douglas Hutchison last year, was sentenced. He will be detained in Broadmoor indefinitely and likely extradited to Germany where he is wanted in connection with a murder there.

Another Labour candidate, Indra Adnan, threw her hat into the ring for the Hampstead & Kilburn nomination.

The Black Lion in Kilburn held a wake on Saturday night as it switched off its draught taps in protest at the price it had to pay for the beer.

Police are looking for help in identifying the man who was hit by a train on Tuesday evening by West Hampstead Thameslink.

NW6 Film Club will be on June 9th. It’s a screening of the Globe Theatre’s production of Henry V and Film Clubbers receive a discount.

Byzantium is @NxNW6’s Film of the Week. Full local listings here.

A woman was arrested for drink driving after a man died in a car crash in Kilburn. It’s the third fatality on the road in 18 months.

The police helicopter helped officers on the ground after a would-be burglar was disturbed around Sumatra Road on Tuesday. Meanwhile, a satnav was stolen from a car on Messina Avenue.

Locals can get a discount on preview performances of The Tricycle Theatre’s Bracken Moor (see top-right of the page for details).

I know you’ve all missed the roadworks on West End Lane but don’t panic, they’re scheduled again for Sunday June 9th.

Schnitzel (the new chicken and aubergine restaurant in West Hampstead) has a Facebook page.

Meanwhile, Tom’s been eating at Sirous.

Kirsty & Phil are planning to make another visit to West Hampstead.

A new hairdresser is on the brink of opening. Funmi, as it’s called, is a company specialising in natural hair extensions.

As the sun finally made an appearance, ZENW6 decided it was time for a pedicure.

We learned how much it costs to advertise inside the Overground station.

It was standing room only at West End Lane Books as I interviewed local author Leo Hollis about his book “Cities Are Good For You”. He’s not keen on conservation areas y’know!

People are getting concerned about the state of the water in the O2 centre’s aquariums. Apparently the filter is broken, but the fish are deemed to be ok!

Four giraffes went down West End Lane on Friday. They were heading for Abbey Road.

A planning application has been submitted to turn the empty shop next to Jumanji pets on Birchington Road into a restaurant.

West Hampstead Hockey Club is holding its first open day of the summer on Saturday June 8th at Preston Manor High School in Wembley. Contact Vicky Simister on .

Tweet of the Week

In a poncey bar in West Hampstead. There’s a long table of Watford fans eating tapas in silence. It’s like a surreal gentrified Last Supper.
— Duleep Allirajah (@DuleepOffside) May 27, 2013

What have I missed since May 20th?

Lib Dem worthy James King wrote about the closure of Kilburn’s Citizens Advice Bureau.

There was a great turnout for #whampforum as we filled the Den at the Alice House. The conversation was lively – a full report to follow.

Photo via @anthonymroberts

West Hampstead will get free Wifi – but not for a while yet.

There are some updates on forthcoming roadworks on West End Lane. 

Camden’s going to put a bin by the C11 bus stop on Canfield Gardens to stop nearby gardens getting littered.

Emmanuel School featured briefly on Channel 4’s Ben Earl: Trick Artist. Catch up on 4OD (starts 20’41” wade thru the ads).

The new owners of the LoveFood site will be operating an “independent, antipodean restaurant/cafe”. They “love West Hampstead”.

Last Saturday a man was found dead in Kingsgate Rd, police aren’t treating it as suspicious

Vertigo is NxNW6’s Film of the Wee. Full film listings here.

Tweet of the Week

Just tried to unlock my front door with a sandwich. Thank goodness it’s a Bank Holiday weekend.
— Elizabeth Jenner (@MissCellany) May 24, 2013

What have I missed since May 13th?

There’s a third name in the hat for the Labour nomination for Hampstead & Kilburn. Meanwhile, could Swiss Cottage ward councillor Don Williams be heading for Westminster (North)?

If you’ve never been to the (gents) toilet by West End Green, now you can see what you’ve been, er, missing (winner of oddest video of the week award).

There was yet another water outage on Tuesday evening. Thames Water is sending a representative of to the next local Area Action Group meeting. Flak jacket to be provided.

West Hampstead Square (as it will be called in 2015)
Photo via @Daniel_Percy

The local Neighbourhood Development Forum was officially recognised by Camden council. It also has a new logo.

At Thursday’s fractious Section 106 meeting, it seemed that it was agreed that Camden would put £50,000 towards moving the post office into St James’ Church.

The large development opposite the tube is to be known as West Hampstead Square (not West End Square, which had been mooted during the consultation phase). The marketing suite won’t open until September though the hoardings on the site should start going up soon.

Want to know more about the changes in West Hampstead? Don’t know what Section 106 is? Feel excluded from community meetings? Bored of political point scoring? Come to #whampforum on Tuesday May 21st and find out more about local developments, and how you can help shape the future of the area. Starts at 7.45pm at The Alice House. It’s for people who don’t like sitting in a cold community centre for two hours while other people rant about their pet peeves.

Tragus confirmed that it’s looking to re-lease the Me Love Sushi site rather than open one of its own brands there. Meanwhile, there’s a great collage of closed shops and restuarants to give you pause for thought.

Camden launched a public Wifi service, but West Hampstead won’t get online until Phase 3 at the end of the year.

Look! A (useful?) map of all the pubs in NW6 that are, that have been and that ever will be.

The Great Gatsby is @NxNW6‘s film of the week. Full listings here.

Congratulations to Jordan who won the Zipcar competition and Sultana who won the Balcony Gardener competition.

Read burger afficionado Sam’s review of the Alice House.

There’s been some surprise that the menu at new food outlet Schnitzel consists entirely of chicken and aubergine.

Guglee’s head chef has made it to the semi-finals of the Craft Guild of Chef’s National Chef of the Year competition.

West Hampstead WI is on the lookout for “local arts groups, darts groups, lonely hearts groups”.

Be excited, yours truly has got a stall at this year’s Jester Festival on the Sunday. Do come and say hi. The line-up of events for the festival is also taking shape.

Tweet of the Week

Man on the 139 bus spraying deodorant in his face. People like to live dangerously in #WHamp
— Nick Vose (@NickVose) May 18, 2013

What have I missed since May 6th?

ShakeTastic, Me Love Sushi, Picasso’s and Blue Daisy have all closed, while Minkies, Curled Leaf, Tiger Stores, a new sweet shop and Spice Tree all opened. What’s happening in West Hampstead?

There are plenty of changes afoot at the Thameslink station too.

Developers have submitted an alternative proposal for Midland Crescent. More on this later in the week.

Want to know more about changes to West Hampstead, share your ideas, and find out how you can actually have some impact? May 21st 7.45pm at The Alice House is #whampforum. It’s for people who don’t like sitting in a cold community centre for two hours while other people rant about their pet peeves. More details this week.

Photo via @arewenotben

What did we make of Ruchi when we went for #whampreview?

Lately has had a makeover of sorts.

Win a year’s Zipcar membership (worth £59) and £50 driving credit.

The main contenders for Labour’s candidate for Hampstead & Kilburn began to square up. Tulip Siddiq has Neil Kinnock in her corner, while Sally Gimson has her own list of supporters.

Meanwhile, Camden’s Conservatives have named Claire-Louise Leyland as their new leader, taking over from Andrew Mennear who will become deputy leader.

Asda was filming an advert in the Mill Lane area of West Hampstead on Saturday.

A flashmob descended on West Hampstead Mews to promote local designer Nicola Quilter’s skirts.

Star Trek Into Darkness is NxNW6’s Film of the Week. Full local listings here.

Squatters took over Handrail House and held a rave.

Locals can get £6 off tickets for the Kenwood House Live by the Lake concerts. Just enter your address when you buy.

Scope had a Camden Town vs West Hampstead Apprentice-style competition.

A tree fell over on Dennington Park Road, though the only serious damage was to an estate agent sign.

Tweet of the Week

Just saw 3 schoolkids tell off a friend for littering. “It’s a nice area; pick it up” Only in #Whampstead
— James Coatsworth (@j_coatsworth) May 10, 2013

What have I missed since April 29th?

Demolition started at 187-199 West End Lane, and the strip of shops was knocked down on Saturday morning. The shops themselves will become a marketing suite for the next two years, while the site overall is becoming, as most of you know, a large residential development with some public space and some retail. The best summary article is here, though scrolling through these pages will give you the full story.

The remains of Café Bon via @cyberdonkey

A planning application also went in for the first of what may well be many material changes to the 187-199 development. This one seems to flatten the facade of the buildings, more details next week.

The Jubilee Line is going to close for more weekends. You can read the basic story from the BBC  or the really detailed story. Eithe way it’s annoying.

A German teenager pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of Douglas Hutchison aka Professor Whitestick in West Hampstead last year. He will be sentenced later this month, and is also wanted in Germany in connection with another murder.

There was a robbery on Thursday night at Sainsbury’s on West End Lane (perhaps coincidentally, there was one at the Salusbury Road branch in Queens Park on Tuesday too).

A proposed 138-room student development by the O2 centre has run into a major problem.

There were several reports of people rifling through rubbish bags “in a suspicious manner”. A reminder to shred anything that could be used for identity theft.

If St James’s Church is going to take over the post office, it needs £50,000 from Camden council in Section 106 money. An investigation by the Ham & High suggests the council has a S.106 surplus in excess of £20 million.

On May 23rd an eminent geologist will be talking about the impact of basement excavations on groundwater (in Pond Street).

The deadline to design a logo for the local development forum has been extended to May 13th.

The Standard announced what was common knowledge locally – Fiona Millar won’t stand as Labour’s Hampstead & Kilburn candidate

Kilburn Grange celebrated it’s 100th anniversary and here’s how it looked in 1925.

From July 2011 to March 2013, borrowers ran up unpaid library fines at West Hampstead of £3,950.43.

Blue Daisy announced the expected closure of its West End Lane store.

The Look of Love is @NxNW6’s Film of the Week (and was Sunday night’s NW6 Film Club screening). Full local listings here.

Google Street View has gone inside (!) the Black Lion on Kilburn High Road.

Godzilla marched on Hampstead on Saturday afternoon. It was art y’know.

Social, the clothing store on West End Lane, is on Twitter @SocialUpLondon.

Tuesday was the 4th anniversary of the @WHampstead twitter account (and the Dutch queen abdicated and it was someone’s birthday, but the main event was #whampday).

Coming up
7th (&14th) CV & job seekers skills training workshop at West Hampstead Womens Centre 020 7328 7389 for details
14th: Swiss Cottage ward Safer Neighbourhoods meeting 7pm Crossfield Centre
22nd: Swiss Cottage ward Area Action Group 7pm Crossfield Centre
30th: WEL Books event with me talking to Cities Are Good For You author Leo Hollis

Tweet of the Week
Some strong contenders this week, but Jen wins the accolade

There’s man on Finchley Rd honking his horn at 4 cars in front to move. The 4 cars are parked. The man is still honking. 2 mins have past.
— Jen (@MissiMartinez) May 3, 2013

What have I missed since April 22nd?

The public meeting about Kilburn High Road raised lots of issues, but proposed few answers.

Elections must be rolling around again – West Hampstead Conservatives reopened its Twitter account after a three-year gap, it also announced its six candidates for the council elections in 2014 for Fortune Green and West Hampstead wards (all young men) and, on Saturday, both the Tories and Labour had stalls opposite each other on West End Lane. Labour also launched a local Twitter account.

Minster Rd blossom via @ArshiLarshi

The Neighbourhood Development Forum needs a logo – can you help?

ZENW6 stepped up to the plate to try Movers & Shapers.

A new waiting room is being built on Platform 1 of the Thameslink station.

The premises last occupied by Grilled O Fried is apparently “under offer”.

Was it Love? Tom’s Diner went to Me Love Sushi.

Whampreview at Ruchi was a success – write-up to come this week.

Babur Empire on Mill Lane is reopening as Spice Tree, and is on Twitter @officialspicetr.

Schnitzel, which has replaced Pita up by David’s Deli, has gone for a bold orange & black colour scheme.

There’s a spring jazz festival happening at La Brocca.

The next NW6 Film Club screening will be The Look of Love on May 5th.

Good Vibrations is NxNW6’s Film of the Week. Full local listings here.

Coming up
4th: Dawn Chorus walk @ Fortune Green
5th: NW6 Film Club “The Look of Love” @ Tricycle Cinema
30th: WEL Books event with me talking to Cities Are Good For You author Leo Hollis

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The photocopier at my local Post Office really knows how to tell it like it is. @whampstead twitter.com/KatyaHerman/st…
— Katya Herman (@KatyaHerman) April 25, 2013

What have I missed since April 15th?

Demolition signs are up on 187-199 West End Lane. At least those shops won’t stand empty for too long!

The discount shop on the corner of Kilburn High Road and Gascony Avenue submitted a revised plan to convert into a fast-food outlet after the initial plan was rejected largely for “odour reasons”.

Meanwhile, an application has been submitted to turn the empty Holland & Barrett on Kilburn High Road/Belsize Road into a café.

If you can come up with a better name for Camden CAMHS you can win an iPod. First you’ll need to know what CAMHS is.

How do we solve a problem like the High Road? A public meeting discussed just this – full report this week.

Evil Dead is @NxNW6‘s Film of the Week. Full local listings are available here, and the next NW6 Film Club screening will be The Look of Love on May 5th.

Coming up
22nd: WH & FG NDF meeting 7.30pm St James’ Church
23rd: Library services drop-in surgery 4-6pm @ WH Library
25th: Whampreview @ Ruchi
5th: NW6 Film Club “The Look of Love” @ Tricycle Cinema

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“This is Finchley Road; change for the Metropolitan Line” Why can’t the Metropolitan Line just accept me as I am?
— Amy Butterworth (@butterworthamy) April 17, 2013

What have I missed since April 8th?

Local MP Glenda Jackson made waves with her strident attack on Thatcherism in the House of Commons.

Pastry and ice cream emporium Chez Chantal has apparently closed for good. Meanwhile the word is that LoveFood’s next incarnation will be as a café in the day and winebar at night.

@GayaNoble‘s was my favourite pic of this week’s double rainbow

A private West Hampstead nursery spent £300,000 on a refit to accommodate the areas “baby boom”.

Time Out ran a short piece on coffee in West Hampstead, in which it managed to confuse Loft and Wired and got a typo in Loft’s address. Good work.

Meanwhile a piece in The Standard suggested that West Hampstead was “an area of hidden value waiting to be unlocked”, while pushing the £1.5 million penthouses in the Mill Apartments.

West End Lane was closed for the first part of the week as Thames Water carried out another set of pipe then road repairs.

Apparently a topless woman was being photographed reading a paper outside the tube on Tuesday.

The Place Beyond The Pines is NxNW6‘s Film of the Week – full local listings here.

Simon Marcus, Tory PPC for Hampstead & Kilburn, has joined Twitter.

Local newspaper the Camden New Journal is up for a Regional Press Award as is its star writer Richard Osley.

Coming up
15th: W.Hampstead Business Assoc. social @ The Black Lion 6.30-8.30pm
17th: Kilburn AAG Gaumont State, 7-9pm
22nd: WH & FG NDF meeting 7.30pm St James’ Church
25th: Whampreview @ Ruchi

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After last week’s dearth of good tweets, #whampers were back on form this week

Finchley Rd fruit man shouted something about his pears being cheap then hugged me today. Up the hill there is no hugging.
— Hampstead Cat (@thehampsteadcat) April 10, 2013

What have I missed since April 1st?

A local binman stopped a potentially bad accident when he moved his lorry to block a runaway post office van.

The Neighbourhood Development Forum proposal received 125 responses, with only five opposed.

Photo via @bruminthecity

Property News looked at the local impact of government schemes to stimulate the housing market,

Another burst water pipe knocked out water supplies for some residents on Saturday and led to road closures on Sunday.

Ideas for revitalising Kilburn High Road will be discussed at a joint Camden/Brent public meeting on April 17th.

There’s a West Hampstead Business Association social event on April 15th (6.30-8.30 at The Black Lion).

Aldi opened its doors in Kilburn.

The Mill Lane Open Space is now housing newts and frogs.

Trance is @NxNW6‘s Film of the Week, full local cinema listings here.

Anyone interested in having a stall at the Jester Festival on 6th/7th of July should apply by e mail to . Stall spaces sell out very quickly and numbers are limited.

Coming up
15th: W.Hampstead Business Assoc. social @ The Black Lion 6.30-8.30pm
17th: Kilburn AAG Gaumont State, 7-9pm
22nd: WH & FG NDF meeting 7.30pm St James’ Church
25th: Whampreview (details tbd)

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Nothing tickled my fancy this week sadly

What have I missed since March 25th?

West Hampstead police station will stay open, but the front counter will close. The Safer Neighbourbood Team base on West End Lane will host the contact point, which will be open for two hour sessions midweek and on a Saturday (the report says one-hour sessions, but the police have said they don’t feel that’s enough).

The 11th whampgather was another great success (even if the music wasn’t quite what we’d all expected) – more than 150 people turned up and we raised more than £580 in the raffle, which will go a long way towards funding a term of The Winch’s drama programme.

Spring in Fortune Green (via @sergiofeldmann)

A sign in LoveFood says it’s being refurbed, but its former chef said that it had closed due to the high business rates. Secret Boutique will still be there apparently.

Peppercorns re-opened at 260 West End Lane while the entrance to the 187-199 West End Lane site was sealed off so demolition of those strip of shops may be starting soon.

The owners of Klooks Kleek – the music venue that used to operate above The Railway – had a reunion (read more about local musical history).

There are two adult cycle training sessions at Sidings Community Centre in April.

Camden rejected Aldi’s application to serve alcohol from 7am in its new Kilburn High Road store.

The next NW6 film club screening will be Danny Boyle’s Trance on April 7th. In The House is NxNW6’s Film of the Week

A Fortune Green woman who ran brothels and was convicted of money laundering has been asked to pay a £1.3m fine if she wants to stay out of jail.

North-west London was ranked Britain’s 7th unhappiest place to live.

Sean Connery used to live in both Kilburn and West Hampstead.

Coming up
5th: West Hampstead SNT drop-in surgery, SNT base West End Lane
7th: NW6 Film Club, Tricycle, Trance
22nd: WH & FG NDF meeting 7.30pm St James’ Church

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‘All of these hairdressers are such a waste of space.’ Overheard in W. Hampstead, London this afternoon. The man was bald.
— Mairéad Roche (@Merazad) March 29, 2013

What have I missed since March 18th?

There have been 150 collisions on Kilburn High Road in the past three years, so what’s being done about it?

There was a collision on Fortune Green Road by the junction with Mill Lane when a driver who appeared to witnesses to be drunk apparently drove into some parked cars. No-one was injured and people on the scene say the driver tried to run away.

Around 100 people turned up to hear the West Hampstead Medical Centre’s updates on changes to the admission system and other changes to practice management.

It snowed (photo via @RicksterLondon)

Aldi’s new branch on Kilburn High Road has applied for an alcohol licence starting at 7am. Not everyone’s enamoured of the idea.

This Saturday there’s a London Walks guided walk of West Hampstead, it starts at 2.30pm from the tube station and ends up (as so many of us do) in the cemetery. It’s £9 for adults.

Whampgather is this Thursday. It’s sold out, but if you’d like to come and haven’t got a ticket then keep your eyes peeled on Wednesday and Thursday as there may be late-availability tickets, depending on cancellations. If you are coming, see you at The Alliance!

Health food store Peppercorns reopens on Tuesday at 260 West End Lane with 10% off everything for the first two days.

The Thameslink station was commended in the Civic Trust Awards.

The Wet Fish Cafe is getting a little frustrated with no-shows (and I know one or two other restaurants have been saying the same).

Compliance is NxNW6’s film of the week. Full listings here (and don’t forget #nw6filmclub on April 7).

If you’ve got a spare £29 knocking around and you want a hug, then there’s a cuddle workshop (yes, really) in West Hampstead in late April.

Coming up
28th: Whampgather XI
5th: West Hampstead SNT drop-in surgery, SNT base West End Lane
7th: NW6 Film Club, Tricycle, film tbd
22nd: WH & FG NDF meeting 7.30pm St James’ Church

Tweet(s) of the Week
Couldn’t decide between these two, so it’s a tie this week:

I see Uranus on kilburn high road has changed its name to Oranos, probably for the best…
— Matt (@Maccles77) March 24, 2013

Apparently a woman is giving birth at Willesden Junction Overground station. What a way to be welcomed into the world.
— Blake Connolly (@blakeconnolly) March 22, 2013

What have I missed since March 11th?

A man shot himself in the leg, in the toilets of the Golden Egg on Kilburn High Road.

Labour finally recommended an all-woman shortlist for its Hampstead & Kilburn candidate to replace Glenda Jackson leaving local councillor Mike Katz disappointed.

Photo via @dannymcg

Games Exchange on Broadhurst Gardens closed a couple of weeks ago after the bailiffs were called in. Could it be the new location for coffee shop Wired?

Conservative PPC Simon Marcus raised hopes that West Hampstead police station might stay open in some form, however, local councillors wrote that the entire situation is immensely confused.

West Hampstead’s branch of Nando’s featured prominently in this advert article in the Telegraph.

The full planning application was submitted for a 138-bedroom student block next to the O2 centre on Finchley Road.

The Gondar Gardens appeal saga moves closer to its final phase.

West Hampstead got a double-page spread in local glossy magazine Fabric.

The local twitterati tried to come up with the perfect collective noun for estate agents.

A new addition to the Hampstead & Kilburn Now & Then Flickr page shows a much bigger change in the buildings than usual.

The pavement outside the Alice House is being widened.

The Paperboy was NxNW6’s film of the week. Full local listings here.

What was the final verdict on Stoker by NW6 Film Club members? (next film club night April 7)

What did we all make of Hana at the last whampreview?

Tom’s Diner checked out the fish & chips at The Black Lion.

For a round-up of local ghost stories, check out the Kilburn History blog.

There are, as I write, two tickets left for whampgather on March 28th. Everyone there who buys a raffle ticket will also get an easter egg.

If a bus terminates early, you CAN get a transfer ticket.

There’s a public meeting on Tuesday for patients of the West Hampstead medical centre.

Camden’s changing the way it manages parking bay suspensions [pdf].

Coming Up
19th: WH Medical Centre public meeting 7.30pm at library
21st: Kilburn Festival AGM 7.30pm at Kingsgate Community Centre
28th: Whampgather XI
5th: West Hampstead SNT drop-in surgery, SNT base West End Lane
22nd: WH & FG NDF meeting 7.30pm St James’ Church

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Fascinating insight into #WestHampsteadMan: #MrTickle outselling all other #MrMen cards 2 to 1 here!
— West End Lane Books (@WELBooks) March 14, 2013

What have I missed since March 4th?

It looks like Minkies might finally be opening at the Overground station.

In Property News, are relaxed planning regulations the worst of all worlds?

Whampgather XI tickets went on sale for the March 28th event – I’ve allocated more this time, and there are still a handful left.

The Kilburn History website dug up a story of forged money from the 1930s.

Here’s an enjoyable very short film about the Abbey Road zebra crossing.

On Thursday a man died after being hit by a train at Kilburn Park station

Camden agreed to “pause” the development of Dynham Road after residents objected in a council meeting.

Side Effects in NxNW6’s film of the week. Full local listings here. Meanwhile, here’s what NW6 Film Club thought of Stoker.

There’s a new “NCT Mummy & Me group” every Monday 1-3pm at The Black Lion, West End Lane for parents, babies, and parents-to-be.

Coming up
16th: Camden Arts Centre’s Big Bamboozle
21st: Kilburn Festival AGM 7.30pm at Kingsgate Community Centre
28th: Whampgather XI
5th: West Hampstead SNT drop-in surgery, SNT base West End Lane

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What have I missed since Feb 25th

A meeting about where developers’ community contributions should go produced more heat than light.

There was a bomb scare at Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre on Thursday that turned out to be a hoax.

Sunset over Thameslink
via @ksh73

Peppecorns has launched a website, and is definitely moving to 260 West End Lane.

Ruchi – the best traditional curry house in the area in my view – also has a new website.

West End Lane Books has made the shortlist for the independent bookseller of the year.

The Wet Fish Café was used as a film set for “Dead Love”, an indie horror film.

South Hampstead roadworks are set to continue for a couple more weeks.

There’s a public meeting on March 7th about the proposed closure of West Hampstead police station.

Stoker is @NxNW6’s Film of the Week and the second NW6 Film Club screening. Full local cinema listings here.

Did you know about local councillor Flick Rea’s RADA training?

In the first of a new series introducing the local residents associations, we looked at Fordwych RA.

Hampstead & Kilburn was not on Labour’s initial list of London constituencies with all-women shortlist.

The Belsize fire station closure looks to be on ice for the time being.

Here’s a tube geek photo taken in 1985.

The Institute in Kilburn is participating in National Learn to Play Day on March 16th.

Coming up
4th: West Hampstead SNT drop-in surgery, SNT base West End Lane
7th: Public meeting on police station closure, Library 6.30pm
28th: Whampgather XI
5th: West Hampstead SNT drop-in surgery, SNT base West End Lane

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What have I missed since February 18th?

Emily Frith stood down as the Lib Dem’s parliamentary candidate just a month after being selected. The local Tories dived in for the kill, while Emily herself explained that the new position she’s taken is her “dream job”

Simon Marcus, the Conservative PPC, told me how he’s trying to ensure a police presence is retained in West Hampstead and Hampstead

A week of lovely sunsets. This one via @_litchic

West End Lane finally reopened on Monday evening after almost a week-long closure. Then there were problems at Cleve Road as well.

A succession of burst pipes should mean West Hampstead moves up Thames Water’s upgrade priority list. Hopefully everyone involved can learn some lessons from this latest debacle.

Camden launched its consultation on introducing a 20 mph zone across the borough. It has sparked plenty of debate.

Camden is also consulting on introducing cafés in some parks, including Fortune Green, Maygrove Peace Park and Kilburn Grange.

Work began on excavating an air raid shelter on Fortune Green.

There was a public meeting about how Section 106 money is distributed in the area. There was a strong view that more transparency was needed. Full write-up this week.

I went to see what happens to all the recycling we put in our green boxes. Full write-up next week.

NW6 film club returns next Sunday (3rd) at the Tricycle and the film is Stoker. More details during the week.

The Road: A Story of Life and Death is NxNW6’s film of the week (it’s partly filmed in Kilburn). Full cinema listings also available.

West Hampstead Overground now has Wifi via The Cloud as a permanent feature.

First Capital Connect came bottom of a survey of rail passengers’ satisfaction levels.

Tom’s Diner checked out some local breakfasts.

Look out next week for the write-up of this Thursday’s Whampreview at Hana.

Got something you want some advice on – or maybe need a new perspective? Open Space is a new idea coming to West Hampstead.

West Hampstead Women’s Centre is looking for some volunteers to help with its community garden.

Next Sunday, there’s a charity spinathon at the Virgin Active Cricklewood in aid of the MS Society.

Brent council approved the controversial planning application to redevelop Willesden Green library.

See what West Hampstead looks like from the top of the BT Tower.

Coming up
25th: NDF meeting 7.30pm (venue tbc)
3rd: NW6 Film Club: Stoker
4th: West Hampstead SNT drop-in surgery, SNT base West End Lane
4th: Fordwych RA meeting, Davina House, 7.30pm
28th: Whampgather XI
5th: West Hampstead SNT drop-in surgery, SNT base West End Lane

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